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The Two-Minute Executive Psych Test

Updated on October 8, 2013

Required Prior To Testing...

Before testing begins:
a) Print out below test on standard white 8.5"x11" dimension paper.
b) Provide test subject with a #2 pencil.
c) Visual countdown timer must be utilized, set to two minutes.
d) Ensure test subject understands all and is comfortable prior to beginning.


1. Read everything before beginning.

2. Next, write your FULL NAME in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Next, CIRCLE the word "NAME" in the second sentence.

4. Draw five small SQUARES in the upper left-hand corner of the paper.

5. Next, put an "X" in each SQUARE mentioned in Item #4.

6. Draw a CIRCLE around each SQUARE in #5.

7. Next, sign your name UNDER the title of this page.

8. After the title above, write "Yes", "No", "Uncertain".

9. Next, put a CIRCLE around Item #7.

10. Next, put an "X" in the lower left-hand corner of this page.

11. Next, draw a TRIANGLE around the "X" you just made.

12. Draw a BOX at the end of this sentence; in that box multiply 70 x 9.

13. Next, draw a CIRCLE around the word "paper" in Item #4 above.

14. Loudly call out your FIRST NAME when you get to this point of the test.

15. If you are certain that you have followed the directions, say "I Have!"

16. Next, draw a BOX to the right of this sentence and in that box add these three numbers: 107 + 214 + 278.

17. CIRCLE the answer to Item #16.

18. Next, COUNT BACKWARDS, in your normal speaking voice, from number 5 to number 1.

19. Punch THREE small holes in your paper with your pencil point here . . .

20. Next, UNDERLINE all EVEN NUMBERS on the left side of this page.

21. Finally, upon reaching this point, loudly say "I am the leader in following directions!"

22. Now that you have finished reading carefully, accomplish only Items #1 and #2 above.

How to Gain Insight Into VP's (and Above) Every Time

When I advise senior arts & entertainment executives, I begin consultation services by printing my simple, 22-Question initial assessment (provided here), and passing it across to them, face down.

I next hand them a #2 pencil, and flatly state: "When I tell you to begin, you will have only two minutes to answer twenty-two questions completely."

I then produce a countdown timer, already preset to two minutes.

Finally, I ominously declare: "You must score only two of these questions correctly... But I'm not disclosing which two. Do you understand and are you comfortable?"

After they acknowledge all of the preceding, I remind my them that 'show business' -both figuratively and literally- ends in 'business' 100% of the time. Therefore, as top executives, all decisions are executive decisions, thereby requiring 100% attention to detail 100% of the time.

Finally, I declare: "On your mark... Get set... Fail!"

I hit the timer and watch the comedy show begin.

If you take the assessment, please inbox me with which two questions on the assessment are -what you feel are- the two most critical questions.

Further, share with me your thoughts on this method of psychological sabre-rattling.


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