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The Universe of thought (Life as it unfolds)

Updated on October 18, 2015

The Universe of thought.


The Universe of thought (As Life unfolds).

The Universe of thought.(as Life unfolds).

Table of Context.

Chapter One. The accumulation of Knowledge.

Chapter Two. Social issues.

Chapter Three. Norms and habit.

Chapter Four. Childhood.

Chapter Five. Be faithful in your ways.

Chapter Six.Parenting.

Chapter Seven.Our believes are shaped by the religion we follow.

Chapter Eight.What would we like our children to be.

Chapter Nine.Our actions have consequences.

Chapter Ten.Stay true to self.

A long, long time ago.

It all started with time.
The story of life.
Crafted by evolution‎.
The sun would rise, that is known as the dawn of a new day.
At the break of dawn the birds start to chirp ‎and sing the glory of the morning.
Human beings wake up, take a bath, have breakfast, and prepare for the day ahead.
Adults go to work, from 8am to 5pm.
Children go to school, to prepare them for a career and brighter future.
The pets are left in the care of the nanny with enough food water and they play in the
garden all day.

As the sun sets around 6pm.
We return home after a long, hopefully productive day at work.
Children come back from school, complete their homework, what ever they have
learned for the day.

We prepare dinner, hopefully have our favorite foods.
A little bit of vegetables, pumpkin, cabbage, as well as carrots.
starch, rice, pasta or pap depending on which race colour creed culture
and continent you reside in.

We watch the television, catch up on the news, which keeps us up to date with what is
happening in the world around us.
Politics, traffic, currency, breaking news and current affairs.

At night the moon basks in the Heavens surrounded by the stars.
Most animals and human beings rest and go to sleep preparing for a new day.

Chapter One The accumulation of Knowledge.

All forms of life are born.
Meaning you being is born into a particular species.
Human beings give birth to children.
The animal Kingdom, carnivorous herbivores and reptiles.
Plants vegetation and fruits.
There is a male and a female.
The male is dominant, bigger in physical structure and protects the young and female
The female gives birth to the young, after mating successfully and has been
impregnated by the male of her choice, attributes like strength and health the male

The basic ‎elements of survival.
Shelter, food, mating for the species to survive from generation to generation.


A long long time ago when all forms of life had carnated ‎into the plant earth.
Plants, vegetation, trees and fruits blossom and sprout in the natural habitat provided
by mother nature.
All they basically need to survive is fertile soil, good terrain, sunshine and water.

The animal Kingdom.
Carnivorous, predators lions, cheetahs, leopards, eat other game for survival
such as springbok,‎impala and antelopes.
Carnivorous hunt for food in the wild.
They mate and raise their off spring in the wild.
They live and sleep in the wild, under trees at night, laying in high grass and bushes
during the day taking a occasional break from hunting.

Rhino, buffalo, elephant eat plants, twigs and leaves for survival, drinking water at
lakes, dams and streams.
They mate in nature.
They raise their young in the wild.
Herbivores sleep in the bushes at night.
Resting under trees during the day.

Human Beings.

Primitive human beings.
Humans lived in caves.
Mated within their tribes.
Raising their young around the natural habitat, depend‎ing of the geographical
location of the tribe.
We know know that Africans originate from Africa.
Europeans, Eastern and Western ‎Europe.
Americans, North and South America.
Asian, the Chinese ‎and Indian.
The world around us.

The 4 symbols of natures wealth.

The Earth.
The soil allows plants,trees, ‎and vegetation to grow.

We co‎ok our food in water.
We bath in water to cleanse our bodies.
We use water for sports,swimming‎.
Steam and coal in the industrial industry is also created with water.

Wind (Air)We breathe air to survive.
The spirit or soul primarily takes the form of air.

Fire.The sun is the primary source of fire for the earth and the universe.
Human being learned how to make fire with twigs and sticks‎ initially, gradually we
evolved and learnt how to cook our meat, starch( rich, pasta, and pap) as well as

Human beings no longer live in caves.
Live in houses which we call our homes which are made from bricks, grass, mud
steel‎ and wood.
We have heaters in our homes for when it cold in winter.
We have fans to cool the room temperature ‎for when it is hot is summer.
We wear cloths.
Pyjamas when we go to sleep, wearing a gown and slippers when we wake up.
Shorts and a t shirt when we are at home.
Suits a shirt a tie and formal shoes when we go to work, meetings, weddings
or funerals.

We have kettles to heat our water so we can make coffee or tea.
Stoves to cook our food well and an oven to grill our delicacies when we desire.
We iron our cloths, and wash them by hand or with a washing machine.
We have toasters to make our bread, crisp and soft.

Our food comes from nature.(Our Diet)
We eat beef, cows sheep and goat.
Pork, bacon.
Eggs come from a chicken.
Rice, wheat, pap is harvested‎ by farmers according to their season.
We have sandwich spreads, rama or butter which is made from sunflower oil.
Peanut butter, jam, cheese.

Tomato sauce mayonnaise and salad dressing.
Potatoes, tomatoes fruits and vegetables.
We have snacks crisps, sweets and chocolates.
We store our foods in the fridge to keep it fresh.
Some canned food and cereals may be stored in cupboards as they have longer
perishable dates.

We purchase our food at super markets‎.
When we purchase our groceries in bulk generally at month end it is cost effective
saving and giving us value for our money.

A place we call home‎.
We live in our homes.
Our home is our sanctuary.
That is the one place in the world, you are allowed to be yourself
doing as you wish and please.

We bath, cook, braai, host our family and loved ones in our homes.
We listen to radio, music , watch television episodes and movies‎.
We relax and go to sleep in our homes.
We normally have a bedroom, which has our bed which we lay our whole body in.
A wardrobe for all our cloths, shoes and personal belongings.
A study where we have our books and computers where we can look for jobs
do research play games read emails or catch up.on current affairs.
A kitchen where we cook.
A lounge and dinning room where we eat.
A garden where we grow our trees, should we be blessed ‎finally we even may have
a swimming pool or even a tennis court.
A garage where we park our motor cars, bicycles and motor bikes.

Maintaining our lifestyle.
‎Experience is the greatest teacher.
Making the right choices.
Making peace with your past good and bad, helps our souls rest in peace.

‎We are born rich middle class or poor.
Yet at the end of it all, the wealth of our life is in our hands.

Lessons in life.
As children we should listen to our parents.
Go to school, do our homework everyday.
Follow the teachinges of our religion.
Love self, and acknowledge the exsistance of other souls.
Get a higher education should it be possible.
Start a career.
Learn the value of money at a tender age.
Save no matter how little your pennies.
Buy a home, so your family may have security, financially.
Build trust worthy and reliable relationships.
Start a family when you are mature and you have have accomplished your childhood
desires and dreams.
Plan your every move.
Not all your goals will be accomplished at the desired time, yet strive for perfection.

Chapter Two Social issues.

Lack of eduction is the root of all suffering.
When the family unit has been separated.
Mum and dad raising their off spring out of wed lock‎.
Meaning children look at celebrities, for r‎ole models, which is unrealistic.
A mother is nurturing and raising the young, from womb, infancy, youth, teenage hood to young adult.
The father installs disciple, leads by example, provides food, shelter ‎religious
social and resources for academic education.

The home is the foundation and building block of the family.
What is the home?
A dwelling place where the family inhabits and the children are raised.
The surrounding neighbourhood ‎determines the social class and monetary value
of the home.
Weather it is a safe surround‎ing.
Good private and government schools are near by.
Public transport, high way shopping complexes and malls.
Your home being close to work will save you a lot of time on the road, you save on
transport costs‎.
You are less stressed, and you have more time to spend with your children
or perhaps doing the daily recreational activities you love.

Where it all goes wrong.
In an ideal world.
We would all be married.
Have a home.
Have a mode of transport.
Have an education and career to support our lifestyle.
We would have educated children‎.
We would die in old age, when we have grand children.

This would be the NEW Heaven.

Although we all die, one day or one way or another.
fate or misfortune.
we as human beings have complicated society.

Social issues.
We need a shelter.

From a tender age our parents try to install good morals and principals
so we will not be shaken by the ills and hardships of this world.
Yet at the end of the day, we have our own minds and we make our own choices.
Yet what better does a child know, at a tender when they disobey the teachings ‎of
of their parents.
Being mischievous.
Not eating your vegetables.
Not saying your prayers or grace before eating.
Not completing your home work daily.
Missing school, to go play with friends, who at the time you are too young to
understand, that they do not have your best interests at heart.

Adversity( Fate)
Before you realise the reality of the harshness of life.
You have habits you can not maintain.
You reckless when it comes to nourishing ‎the feeling and heart of the woman you
are dating.
You have multiple sexual partners.
You have a child at a young age 18.
You did not get a chance to finish or attend university.
You now have to find a job and fend for your family.
You as a dominant male have ruined the life of the nurturing female, both are to blame
you had consensual unprotected inter course.

I ask again, what does a young mind know about the depth and consequences of their
Actions, even at such a tender age of 18?
All that you do today shapes your tomorrow.
Life has just began, you have put so much responsibility on your shoulders and plate.
Where will you live?
Will you find a job?
Will the baby be healthy?
Will the baby be born in a private or government hospital?
Are you going to give the baby a meaningful name?
Give them a meaningful education.
Will you afford to give them a better quality of life them the one your parents have
Did you create your child out of love?
Are you and the mother of your child in love?
Do you share common goals?
Do you share common dreams?

Being Faithful?
We can not change the past, good or bad.
Yet we have the power today to shape our reality.
Does true love exist?
I really do not know?
Yet what I believe is that if we are faithful to our hearts and all that lies in our mind
and all that we treasure in our world everything in life will get better time.
No matter how dull, how hopeless the situation if we are cautious have faith and work
hard at building and grooming our tomorrow, nothing is impossible.

Yet if we live in the moment, never wondering and planning for the storms of tomorrow
we remain in the darkness of ignorance and circumstance.

What causes suffering on earth?
What is suffering?
What are the symptoms of suffering?
Lack of jobs.
Inadequate education and financial resources.

How are we to break this vicious cycle?
Learn from your mistakes.
Yet wisdom comes with time, age and experience.
We may not know the value of listening to values our parents are trying to install in us
no matter how little we may have at home, it has gotten us this far.
Let us be grateful, let us strengthen our inheritance and expend our land and asset

Some disease come with old age.
We can prevent most diseases by living a healthy lifestyle, watching what we eat.
Reducing our stress levels, by staying positive exercising or taking brisk walks.

Academically, we break boundaries by discovering new medicines, vaccines.Technology, inventing faster cars and fuel that burns longer and is eco and environmentally friendly.
Sports, new records are broken as we train harder.
Spiritually, the more we fast, and are true to our ways we gain wisdom and inner

It seems as though money would solve all our problems.
Some say money is the root of all evil?
Ask yourself what is the true value of money?
Money can get you a better education true.
Yet money will not make your child pay attention in class, do his homework willingly.
Money will not get you good grades.
Money will not make you a top student in class.

So what is the value the money?
Money is passed down from generation to generation.
It helped our parents buy a good home in which we were raised in.
Money helped our parents get us a good private education so we can be finally free
to materialise our dreams, that is priceless that is the value of money.

Money and morality go hand in hand.
Should we be corrupt our money will be used for evil.
Should we be diligent we shall prosper and make the world a safer and better place.

What ever dreams and desires we inhabit determine weather the money we have or
shall generate will be used for good or bad, the growth or destruction of our lives
community and global society.

Chapter 3 Habits and norms.There are good habits and self destructive habits.
Good habits.Being early for work.Working hard.Earning a honest living.Loving those that add value to your life.Eating healthy.Saving your money.As well as always think‎ing of the consequences of your actions.

Self destructive habits.Drinking and smoking excessively. As well as not knowing the value of what lies in your mind.Living beyond your means.Betraying the love of self by having multiple partners.

The burden of our choices, lead to generational curses.

Chapter 4 Childhood. All the scents and aromas of our childhood, replay in our adult life. our insecurities are like our shadow, a record of all we stand for. We have to live with the ramifications of our actions. The past can never be erased.

Chapter 5 Be faithful in your ways.

Chapter 6 Parenting.We live forever through our children, let us raise them upright, so they will not be
shaken by the ways of the world.

Chapter 7Our believes are shaped by the religion we follow.
Faith in self through the knowledge of God, ‎as well the love self protects our heart.
We all feel pain, get hurt, get hurt broken, the greatest loss is to betray self.

Chapter 8 ‎What would we like our children to become?

Anything they desire that will bring them life.

Chapter 9 Our actions have c‎onsequences. N‎o matter how insignificant we feel our life is, within our world our actions have a direct impact on our happiness

Chapter 10 Stay true to self.

Strive to better self.

Crafted by God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala16-17th October 2015 CAT 16h44 rested at 01h09am

Dedicated to Thembani Baby Joyce Tlailane.

May your journey on earth be filled with adventure

and lots and lots of knowledge.

Love Uncle Nathi.

Nkosinathi Ncala.


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