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The Up's and Down's of Online Classes

Updated on May 11, 2013

Colorado Technical University Online Degree Program Overview

My Experience with Colorado Technical University Online

Online classes have been described as being more flexible, and easier because it's completed at the students on pace, but in actuality, online classes can also be more tedious, and trying considering that you normally only have instructor chats twice per week, and the items which are discussed in those chats are identical to the items which are already in the syllabus.

So to put online classes in a better perspective, and clarify that sure, online classes can be more flexible and much easier if you are a student who has time management down to a science, one who can manage family, work, and chores, as well as finances, and any other issues which I may have failed to mention.

The reason that I chose Colorado technical University Online is probably because I have been a student here for going on 7 years, and counting. I began attending CTU in 2007, with a degree program of Associates degree in Information Technology, then in 2009 I continued on with my Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an Information Technology Concentration, then in 2011 I continued on with my Masters in management with an Information systems Security Concentration, I loved it so much that I'm graduating in 5 weeks from now and I intend to return with a PhD in IT or a double Masters in Human Resources as there is a very big demand in this field at this time.

All together now I have been attending college for 11 years and I'm loving every minuet of it, I also have 4 years at a Computer career center. I decided to share my experiences with online classes with the world because I have noticed that throughout all of my recent education I have stayed fast to straight A's, without even realizing it which means that I have in some way mastered the art of many things, I have mastered the art of researching information and then translating it into assignments, I have also mastered understanding what it is that the professors are expecting from me and going above and beyond what it is that is expected of me.

I have mastered the art of discussion board responses, I have also learned many tricks of the trade and by this I mean how to not be penalized for late assignments, which search engines are the best to research information for assignments and which are considered exceptional for citations and references. I have also discovered that I enjoy helping to educate others when it comes to teaching what I have learned over the years.

You see online students either have to love or hate learning, and understanding the art of education, some individuals learn because, it betters their chances for a greater position in their employment or job field, while others self educate, because it's very stimulating, and that is me, I’m very much stimulate intellectually through higher education, there is nothing greater then education for me.

I have been referred to as a career student and in the beginning I must admit I was very offended by it, but now it's an honor to be referred to as a career student, considering I have a perfect 4.0 GPA from all of the years of my devotion to education.

My overall goal is to be a college professor someday, assisting others in following their dreams, regardless of their reasoning’s for wanting to better educates themselves.

Online Classes

When I began online classes 7 years ago at CTU, with no understanding of the instructors expectations of me, I found it to be very hard, that blended with a great deal of trial and error. Here is how it works, you read the syllabus, if you know what is good for you, you will definitely attend the instructors chats, so that you know exactly what it is that they are expecting from you, in most cases the reason that student continue to receive bad, low, to mediocre grades, is because they are not listening to what it is that is expected of them, a sort of communication issue.

As with everything in life, there are expectations, and never get it twisted, not any two instructors will ever think alike, they are separate entities, with their own acquired taste, and expectations, with this being said just because you have read the syllabus does not mean that you know how, or what needs to be submitted within that assignment.

Which is why it is absolutely mandatory that you attend at least one or two instructor chats, this is the only way to ensure that you have a full understanding of what it is that is expected of you by your instructor.

Another important factor which I have had to learn through trial and error is action, reaction and consequence, as with everything in life your immediate action will definitely cause an immediate reaction, and then you must ask yourself, can you live with the consequence?.

Grades, no one can predict what type of grade they will receive once an assignment has been submitted, but I have come as close as anyone to being able to predict my grades from the instructors behaviors, by this what I mean is online classes are like a game of chess, you make your first move (Submit the assignment) The instructor makes their moves (Grades the Assignment) then you wait to see if the grade is satisfactory to you.

An A+ or A – means that the instructor really liked your work, so now you almost know what they expect of you. Learning to read the syllabus, this is not an easy task, in fact it’s down right trying, because once you think you have it down to a science it dawns on you, that you have overlooked a portion of the requirements and that will cost you a portion of your grade (Sad, Mad Face) : (.

This is why it is so important to pay close attention to the syllabus, at the very beginning of a new class do yourself a favor and go straight to the instructor files, read what he or she has written in regards to what it is that they expect of you, BEWARE – if you read anything that begins with I will not tolerate, I do not except late assignments under no circumstances, go quickly to student advising and request a new instructor, because this person is going to fail you for sure.

The reason that I say this is because, we are all human being and things almost always happen, if you have to work overtime, or your job takes you away from access to the internet then chances are you will have late assignments and sometimes there is no way around it, but if you have a zero tolerance instructor, then you are most definitely doomed from the get go.

I have found CTU to be one of the most excellent colleges to attend because, the majority of instructors are geared towards providing quality education, also geared towards assisting their students with any areas necessary for the guidance that is needed.

As with every college be it online or brick and mortar, they will have their share of ratchet or non-caring instructors with attitudes like I’m only here to get paid, and I don’t care whether you pass this class or not, in fact I’m really going to make your stay here a living hell by failing every assignment that you submit.

Oh boy would I like to let a few of them have it right now, because now, they are in my play ground, and at my mercy. I can only do one thing for them, and you know who you are, and that’s pray for your souls.

I will remain professional and use tact; anyway, a perfect example of a ratchet professor is the one who taught EMBA690-04 and every student that he failed including myself will vouch for my next statement, I tried every attempt to reach out to this professor, because regardless to what assignment I turned in he gave it a very foul grade and I do mean foul.

I once attended one of his chats along with about 6 other students, and this instructors demeanor was very nasty, he wouldn’t answer any questions, his attitude was well if you don’t understand it then you never will, I was like OMG really, one student asked him when would he be available to explain in further detail what it was that he wanted from us, the student went on to tell the instructor that he had been calling him, and leaving him emails, then the student had pointed out that he had been trying to communicate with the instructor and had no luck in doing so.

I knew exactly where that student was coming from, as I too had been reaching out, trying to communicate with the instructor to no avail, the instructor quickly responded to the student with well I won’t be talking to you today either, get with me when you can get with me, I was like really OMG, this guy is a real butthead, so finally the student says well I guess I will just have to take it up with the dean then, and he quickly left the chat very angry, at that point I sign off too because, I knew then that we were fighting a loosing battle.

A word of advice to all instructors at CTU and anywhere else, your primary objective is and should remain to be teaching students, providing the adequate education that is necessary for them to go out into society and represent your college proudly, exhibiting the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen field.

College is suppose to be highly motivational, very educational and a very memorable experience for students, upon graduation we should be able to walk proud with the knowledge and education that we have gained from your educational institute, and go out and conquer any obstacle that may obstruct our path, not bow our heads in shame because we are placed in a job that we haven’t the slightest idea of our job responsibilities or duties shame on you sad excesses for instructors.

So for all of you wonderful instructor, some of which are actually in my friends list right now on campus, as I have expressed my interest in becoming an instructor or professor, and you have followed and guided me on my journey, I thank you so very much, it’s because of you that I stand proud, and hold my head up high as I’m proud to be a CTU graduate, only 5 weeks remaining, until I receive my Masters in Management Degree with a concentration in Information Systems Security.

I couldn’t have made it this far without you wonderful professor who guided me along the way, and for those ratchet ones who were filled with yourself, and who tried to tell me that I wasn’t anybody (BEWARE) the job I take, may be yours, because I love teaching I can’t imagine why you became instructors, oh yeah it was strictly for the money and the title.

Thank you everyone who reads this post, I hope this article either persuades you to come and join the elite students, or helps you in someway in and on you online journey to a better life through higher education.

Thanks again. Sincerely, Viv Darling, Please don’t forget to rate this page.

CTU - Colorado Technical University On-Line

CTU Online
CTU Online | Source

Good Grades Equals Good Instructor

Current Instructor at CTU Course EMBA6901-02 Same Assignments Resubmitted to New Instructor. There will be an Update to the Last two final Grades in this course
Current Instructor at CTU Course EMBA6901-02 Same Assignments Resubmitted to New Instructor. There will be an Update to the Last two final Grades in this course | Source

Colorado Technical Univeristy Online EMBA6901-02 Grades

The reason that I'm displaying my grades is because, this is a repeated class with the same assignments being submitted to the new class instructor.

In the new class I have received 9 A's thus far, I will also be displaying the previous grades for these same identical assignments, and I would like for you to be the judge, state your opinion of how the same course syllabus which has the same requirements can receive two different grades for the same submitted assignments by two different Professor at the same Online school.

Notice that for Phase 3 IP he refused to give me a grade for the assignment which I submitted and in turn it played a valuable role in the overall grade of F, also take a look at Phase 5 IP's grade nasty F, Compare the above grades to the below grades and then post your opinion.

Bad Grades Equals Bad Instructor

Bad Grades/Bad Instructor Previous Course EMBA6901-04 Same assignments resubmitted
Bad Grades/Bad Instructor Previous Course EMBA6901-04 Same assignments resubmitted | Source

A Few More Good Grades

Grade Book for INTD670-1104B-05
Grade Book for INTD670-1104B-05 | Source

More Good Grades

Grade Book for PM600-1201B-02
Grade Book for PM600-1201B-02 | Source

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