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The Us in Me

Updated on April 28, 2015

The Right to be

In light of so many issues seeming erupting almost simultaneously to one another in this great home we call Mother Earth. It is really a wonder that things are happening as they are, is there a huge proverbial explosion of the cosmos? Is Armageddon yet upon us? I will not deny that in fact a new day is upon us, yet I will not exactly speak to it in that exact verbiage. What I will say is that we are living in a day and age when respect is few and far between. There is less acceptance and more judgment. There is less understand and more force between normal and seemingly minuet human interaction.

You can literally walk outside and the drama and as some of us use to refer as no home training you literally get a ring side seat to the chaos. The chaos that was confined from 12:30 to 3:00pm is now in our everyday lives. And the desire for more chaos, confusion, and uproar is ever growing. Reality television, which previously had been shunned, is now a very profitable business for a great number of television stations. The Neilson ratings and the numbers do not lie. I remember when one of the first reality shows came about there was the Anna Nicole Show and the Osborne’s.

They were America’s guilty pleasure, something you watched and maybe didn’t tell people you watched, but now they a topic of discussion. There are social media groups that are dedicated to the discussion of such shows. Willful and admit tingly I am a willing participate in some of the groups. I find it fascinating how persons literally from all walks of life find commonality through a television show.

There is a flip side to this I will admit, there are people that take it a step too far and utilize such social groups to bully and berate others. I have myself been involved in such ugliness. I have learned through experience that there are some which you can reel in when they have gone too far, but there are some maniacs out there too and not amount of good reasoning will ever make them see the light. Those you just let rant on and on, block them from the group, or ignore. Soon enough they will either leave or get kicked out. Now back to the issue at hand.

Let’s talk the Baltimore riots, one there are some organized riots out there, for noteworthy causes, but as media’s history have and always will be for the most part the loudest and most outlandish stories make the news and sell. So, will we see the newspaper, blogs, or social media plastered with the positive non-violence efforts, most likely not, why?? Chaos sells and positive progression is boring to most people. To be quite honest the most positive stories you hear about deal with people overcoming something such as cancer, or some type of illness. What if I were to say we as humans have an illness we need to overcome called indifference.

Yes, indifference and her sister intolerance. You see I was watching this show about these dancers called the prancing tigers and I surprisingly was introduced to my own biases and my own lack of tolerance. Yes, me… You see the prancing tigers are a homosexual elite dancing team. Surprisingly there is not yet been an avenue for them to find there place to belong in. They are not women or girls and they are literally men wearing feminine inspired dance attire and the whole shebang.

They wanted to perform at some highly publicized parades. Now they are from Alabama and as we all know too well the South is highly intolerant to this type of behavior or these types of individuals especially around what they deemed to be family friendly events. So, as you would have it, they were not allowed to be given a parade permit or spot, so they decided to dance on the sidewalk accompanying the band. They were followed by the police during the duration of their performance. What I found to be most disturbing were some of the people alongside the parade trail, they were screaming and yelling obscenities to the Prancing Tigers, in might I add the company of their own children.

While, I can agree that lifestyle is not for me and if I felt so offended and did not want my children to bear witness to their performance, they could have easily left or turned a blind eye. However, to choose and yes I said choose, to berate them not even two inches from your children what are you teaching them? You are teaching them a lesson that will follow them for as long as they live, be intolerant to difference and take it step farther and tear it down for goodness sakes.

Now that is the most ridiculous claim I have ever heard, how can tearing, berating, or attacking someone for their difference ever be for goodness sakes? They in my opinion are polar opposites and quite naturally adversarial to one another. As you become a parent you become a lot more aware how things that we say and do consciously and unconsciously become life lessons to our children, to which they will subscribe to full membership until they learn better or realize better. But what I fear if the awaken for their realization near happens because they are literally buried in the prison of our hate, indifference, and insatiable intolerance.

No one can judge that reality until it is present or falls upon us and our children. We have to consciously lead a life that our children can be proud of. Even in our mistakes we can culture a life lesson, we can grow and learn with them and together be more positive and productive people. We must realize we have a lot more in common genetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually that we might not like to admit. There is difference I will admit in us all, but if we singularly focus our efforts on that we will only see our difference and we will separate ourselves from the web of life that connects us all as human beings.

Regardless of our gender, preferences, religion, ethnicities, etc. We at the core of our being are beauty, we are human, and there is something to be said about us. Together we can accomplish much, divided we will always crumble. Divisive tactics may be profitable in terms of this capitalistic society, but they do not profit us on a basic social and essential human need.

We have to pour more into feeding that which feeds our soul and not that which served to entertain us. That which entertains us does not sustain us in our essence. Let’s not jump the gun and attack forever instead let us seek to understand those just a bit more. Life’s a journey my dear people you can ride the rides, flow with the coasts or buck up at every bump the choice is always yours. Peace.

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