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The Use of Afghanistan - 1980 - Present

Updated on April 1, 2015

The wrinkles of History

Studying the history of Afghanistan it is difficult to keep the centuries in order.
For thousands of years the people and culture have not progressed.
Whether 100 B.C. or 100 AD, whether year 1000 or 2000, Afghanistan is frozen in time. Internecine war, broken by Invasions, assassinations, internecine war....

In Two thousand years, (0 - 2000) the forty years between; 1933 to 1973 remains the longest interval of stability in the history of Afghanistan.

Forty years of relative peace was ended with assassinations. The usual state of chaos returned until 1979 when the Soviets invaded.

The Great Game Resumes

In an update of the 'Great Game' played between the British and Russian Empire, the United States filled in for the Brits, and the Soviets represented Russia.

The brief ten years the USSR was involved in Afghanistan was the most progressive in its history. If the United States had not armed insurgents and allowed the Soviets to modernise the county, Afghanistan might today have the semblance of a nation.

Unfortunately, missing all the warnings of history, the intervention of the United States insured that the usual chaos would reign. The Soviets, as all those before them, packed up and left Afghanistan in 1989.

The normal chaos continued until the Taliban seized Kabul in 1996. By 2000 it controlled 95% of the country.

Taking giant leaps backwards from the reforms begun in the early 1900s, the modernization by the Soviets, if it was not for September 11th, the Taliban would continue in control until overthrown by either an internal force, or as has happened, an Invasion.

America will learn, as did the Medes, Persians, Mongols, Huns, British and Russians, that Afghanistan will always be a graveyard for anyone stupid enough to enter.


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