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The Venus Project Uncovered

Updated on June 15, 2012

The Venus Project


The Venus Project is one of the most interesting concepts I had ever seen. It was created by Jacque Fresco, who is a designer, inventor, and philosopher. Jacque Fresco was making inventions on his own and for contract work. One day he decided that instead of doing working on one invention, why not work on redesigning our society. That is exactly what Jacque did, and has been working on his ideas for over 30 years and is now 95 years old.

Any system, whether it is a Democracy, Communist, Socialist, Fascism, or any other system of the past is corrupt. No one ever asks what causes corruption. If you take the time out and think about it the source of corruption comes from money. Money gives the incentive to be corrupt.

So lets talk about what The Venus Project is and what it wants to accomplish. Basically, it is a system without money where all the worlds countries join together and share all the worlds resources. All new cities are built to function with using the most efficient and advanced technology.

Since there is no money it will give the incentive to build only the best technology. Technology is held back, because there is no profit in the best product. So products are gradually made better over a long period of time. If we didn't have money holding us back we would be so much more advanced. Most crimes are committed because of money in some way, shape, or form. For example, if you sell drugs you trying to make money, you rob a bank or anyone it is for money. So money really is the root of all evil.

During the Great Depression in 1929, most of the stores had all the products people wanted but no one could afford it. We are able to produce endless amount of products for everyone in the world, but most people can't afford it.

The Venus Project wants to outlaw politics all together. Instead of looking to politicians for creating laws, we look to computers for solutions. That is right our government would be a intelligent computer system. Most jobs would be phased out because of these computer systems replacing them. The jobs that wouldn't exist, waiters, retail, construction, police, firemen, politicians, business, marketing, banking, and much more. This will free up most people to follow what they are passionate about. If you are stuck in a repetitive job for 18 years, you don't learn anything new and lose value to society. If you are free from working that repetitive job you are able to expand your knowledge without worrying about bills.

The Venus Project creates rounded cities. When use a round city it makes it possible to keep everything the same difference apart. The outer circle will be used for energy, the next circle would be farming, inside that would be housing, the next layer would be used for stores and food, and the main area in the center is the heart of the city the computer system that will let us know when anything is wrong, so we can provide a solution.

When I heard of this project it really caught my attention. Lets just say advanced aliens exist, do you really think they have some sort of money system? It is the only way to have a fair and beneficial system for all of the worlds people. When people are given the necessities of life, we are able to grow as a species.


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    • profile image

      Wade 4 years ago

      Hell yeah. Thumbs up.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      I discovered him in a documentary called "future by design" and realized how intelligent and humane his conception of societies was. Every thought he has is engineering design.

    • profile image

      Peter 5 years ago

      If I may comment...

      There would be no government (so I am a bit puzzled as to the mention of our government being intelligent computer system).

      As Fresco himself said, computers would be used for precision, heavy/full automation and intelligent/equal distribution/use of resources in the most efficient way possible so we can create abundance.

      Recycling technologies (which were available since the late 19th and early 20th century for industrial use) would be used heavily of course to produce energy and raw matter which can be used for our purposes, without even touching 'new/fresh' resources for some time to come (if ever), or we would use them in a minimalist fashion.

      I think that one of the problems certain people have with the idea is that they think the technologies don't exist to make it happen, or that its some kind of a 'utopia' or they confuse it with a variety of systems used in the past (isms) - all of which used money in some way.

      People need to be informed that we had the capacity to make these cities as Fresco designed them back in 1927, and of course, numerous advances in technologies ever since then allowed us to perfect them (even though technology itself IS held back by money and is NOT on the level it should be - or at least, it WAS developed, but released in gimped form - I always saw this premise clearly before becoming aware of the Venus Project).

      To this end, people definitely need to be made aware of resource based economy.

      However, in order to accomplish the transition, I think that first, we need to retrofit existing cities with renewable energy sources, provide for those in need, and recycle everything on a global scale to the highest and most efficient level as possible (which wouldn't take that long) - and all the while we can start by putting Fresco's ideas with his designs of cities into action (coupling them of course with ideas from other scientists and people who can contribute).

      Its definitely possible/doable. And it NEEDS to be done.