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The Wise Old Man a Character Essay

Updated on October 1, 2013

They say the face is a character summary...maybe...

A recent picture of Tusitala Tom
A recent picture of Tusitala Tom

This essay is really a summary of how we all see ourselves

Welcome to The Wise Old Man a Character Essay.

An old man sat on the veranda enjoying the sunshine out front of the little town’s general store. He saw a furniture removalist’s van drive by. Someone was moving into town. Next day he was approached by a stranger. “Hi, old timer,” the stranger said. “I’m new here. Can you tell me what the people are like in this town?”

"What were the people like in the town you just came from?" answered the old fellow.

"Pretty awful, actually. There were pick-pockets, car thieves, muggers, and con men for the most part. Yep, pretty awful."

"Well, said the old man, "You'll find this town is filled with those sorts, too."

Another day, another newcomer

A week later the old man saw another removalist’s van go by. Someone else was moving in. And sure enough, outside the general store another fellow stopped to ask:

“Hi, there mister.”

“Good day to you young feller.”

“Say, I’ve just moved into town. Can you tell me...what the people are like in this town?” “What sort of people were in the last place you lived in?” “Oh, marvelous. Do anything for you. Wonderful people! They were kind, considerate, helpful. I was sorry I had to leave.”

 “Well, son, you’ll find this town filled with people like that, too.”

Same town, two very different answers

What is going on here? Same town: two very different answers. The old man knew what you and I should know. I’m talking here of Psychological Law Number One. This psychological law is as infallible as Newton’s Law of Gravity. The famous psychologist, Doctor Roberto Assagioli defined it this way: Images or mental pictures and ideas tend to produce the physical conditions and the external acts that correspond to them. Or put simply in layman’s terms: We bring into our lives that which we think about most.


If we choose to see the best in people, that is what we will see

To put it another way: As we think in our hearts so shall we be. And the world presents us with an accurate reflection of how we think. So if we choose to see the worst in people, that’s what we will see. And if we choose to see the best in people- we will receive the best.

It’s up to you what you choose...

I hope you enjoyed this character summary in The Wise Old Man a Character Essay.

Keep smiling.



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    Education 7 years ago

    I agree!

  • D.G. Smith profile image

    D.G. Smith 7 years ago

    liked this one a bunch