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The Wonders of Water

Updated on October 24, 2009
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glass of water (kuzdra
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rainbow in the water (xk8jag200

Shape yourself like water

Tell it to the waters

Go with the flow, like the water.

I was totally moved by my father’s outlook in life that if ever he have problems that are heavy to carry, he just go to the riverbank and tell the waters or the streams about it. Really, it is very therapeutic. And as if the river or the seas could understand. Let loose yourself and shout at the top of your lungs about your anguish and desperation; not to the person you hated most, but to the waters.

Some elders in the barrio said and manifested that they used to bring offerings to the nature in order to give them bountiful harvests and of course, water for irrigation (from the river, brooks or streams).

That was long ago. New generation seldom believe this notion. Long drought, and other unexplainable phenomena are happening in our world. Would it be the effects of our negative reactions to the belief of our elders in the land?

Body of Water

Our physical body is composed of sixty-five per cent (65 %) water and the rest: muscle. flesh and bones. We suffer dehydration if we lack enough of water in our body and the effects can lead to death.

It is very important to maintain the said percentage of water in the body. If a baby has more water inside the brain, the infant will suffer hydrocephalus that can also lead to death.

The composition of water in our body is really a wonder. If we lack or have an excess of it, we will suffer from worse complications.

Water Therapy

The buoyancy of water reduces the “weight” of a person by 90%!!!

This means that the stress of weight-bearing joints, bones and muscles are similarly reduced. Water rehabilitation can encompass all of the components of fitness:

  • increase cardiovascular fitness
  • increase muscle strength
  • increase muscle endurance
  • increase muscle flexibility

According to Arizona Sports Physical Therapy Center, the resistance of water is perfect for a strength-training workout because the water itself provides the resistance.

One of the greatest benefits of water is its effect on flexibility. Water is a welcome environment for performing stretches that might otherwise be difficult on land. Because the effects of gravity are lessened, these patients can move their joints through a wider range of motion and achieve long term flexibility.

Coconut Water Therapy

Being in Asian country, the Philippines' countryside is abundant with coconut trees. All Filipinos already know the many uses of coconut. If you buy a coconut fruit, whether young or old, tell the vendor not to throw the water because of its medical content.

Natural science expert Dr Dhilip Kumar and Jagdev Singh, president of the Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association, both agreed that although coconut water could not cure diseases, it would help patients recover faster.

There is no vaccine against the virus that causes chikungunya, which has symptoms similar to that of dengue -- fever, joint pain, fatigue and mouth ulcers.
Jagdev said coconut water probably helped those down with chikungunya because it was extremely good in detoxifying the liver, an organ which helps to control body temperature.

Jagdev said the virus develops in the liver over a period of time. Since this is the organ that benefits from coconut water, the virus is thus suppressed by its presence.

My mother suffered a urinary tract infection (UTI) two weeks ago (as of this writing). I advised her to drink the water of young coconut. Well, the UTI was gone for just a day of water therapy!

Coconut water is full of minerals, which are important in fighting viruses. It helps against diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid among others.


The Color Spectrum

Color therapy, also known as chromatherapy, is based on the premise that certain colors are infused with healing energies. The therapy uses the seven colors of the rainbow to promote balance and healing in the mind and body.

It originated from Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine practiced in India for thousands of years. Ayurveda is based on the idea that every individual contains the five basic elements of the universe: earth, water, air, fire, and ether (space). .

Color therapy was also used in ancient Egypt and China. In traditional Chinese medications (TCM), each organ is associated with a color. In qigong, healing sounds are also associated with a color, which in turn corresponds to a specific organ and emotion.

Each of the seven colors of the spectrum are associated with specific healing properties.

Violet-promotes enlightenment, revelation, and spiritual awakening. Holistic healthcare providers use violet to soothe organs, relax muscles, and calm the nervous system.

Indigo- is also sedative and calming. It is said to promote intuition. Indigo may be useful in controlling bleeding and abscesses.

Blue-promotes communication and knowledge. It eliminates toxins, and is used to treat liver disorders and jaundice.

Green-because it is located in the middle of the color spectrum, green is associated with balance. Green is calming, and is used by Ayurvedic practitioners to promote healing of ulcers. It is said to have antiseptic, germicide, and antibacterial properties and is sometimes used by holistic color therapists to treat bacterial infections.

Yellow- is a sensory stimulant associated with wisdom and clarity. Yellow is thought to have decongestant and antibacterial properties, and is useful in stimulating both the digestive system and the lymphatic system.

Orange- promotes pleasure, enthusiasm, and sexual stimulation. Ayurvedic practitioners believe it has antibacterial properties and may be useful in easing digestive system discomforts (e.g., flatulence, cramps).

Red- promotes energy, empowerment, and stimulation. Physically, it is thought to improve circulation and stimulate red blood cell production.


I remember during the 70s, I was only child then, this Ayurvedic theraphy has a big following in our country, Philippines, because there was a radio program nationwide which was promoting the medical properties of water. It was called Water Toning. We even sing the jingle of the program "Tayo'y Mag-Toning" (Let's have Toning). The proogram will start around midnight and my father was hooked into it.

Toning water under the rays of the sun with corresponding colors outside the bottle containers deemed to be effective during those days.

For example, if you have a liver ailment (due to excessive drinking)or ulcer, you can heat water with colored green containers. It is believed that the green ray of the sun will be trapped into the water inside the bottle and can cure a person inflicted with that kind of ailment. For healthy blood, you can heat the water in a red-colored bottle for effective healing. Let it cool for an hour or two and then you can drink the toned water.

It has no adverse effect, my father told me and beleived to cure him. It's just a matter of believing.

(Source: Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia)


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      You're right, bacville. Our body is composed of 65% of water, too.

    • bacville profile image


      8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Water is one of the precious gifts from God.


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