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The World Is Shrinking

Updated on March 11, 2014
Facebook, easily one the of biggest movements and establishments in networking. How many of us, look at our day; and view how the world was a century ago? Progress and communication was rather slow. The industrial revolution was well known for increa
Facebook, easily one the of biggest movements and establishments in networking. How many of us, look at our day; and view how the world was a century ago? Progress and communication was rather slow. The industrial revolution was well known for increa | Source

The Social Projects: Where's Jerry?

  • MySpace and AIM were one of the few first companies,specializing in communication with our friends and family in order to house these websites for us to socialize.
  • They needed servers [Di Benditto Group Image]. Servers replicate the computers that were once used 40 years ago. Computers acted as large storage units processing information. In today's modern world, we can build computers for this purpose alone.
  • These units have fast processing networking capacities, to handle the massive demand for network use. These computers solely run for our operations, known as “servers”.These two companies are the founders, of what is known today as social networking. Mark Zuckerberg, was the one to revision the way people socialized.
  • By successfully managing his project he manged to produce a successful enterprise, becoming one of the youngest billionaires.

The Network: The Crazy ideas.

The massive interest for the internet stirred up around the mid 90's.

Many entrepreneurs began to invest in projects, revolving around the “dot-com” group.The rush of ideas had many skeptics comment on their investments. Operating a service over the internet was new. Many ultimately failed by 2001.

When one think about the size of our population, we are nearing 7 billion if we haven't already hit that number in total population.Additionally, when you can view another culture through social media, one is experiencing their culture without ever visiting them first hand. Before the social platform began one needed to travel abroad. In many cases one would rely on landlines or email to talk. These social websites have made it easier to connect with all our friends and loved ones.


The Internet Project: Heavy Investments to Global Connection

  • Mark Zuckerberg and four other wealthy investors have started the “Internet Access Project”. Zuckerberg has estimated,that only 1/3rd of our global population has access to the internet. The project aim is to build structures, provide appliances, provide a cheaper service to include 4 more billion people.
  • The idea, is to get more people on the internet in countries, where service is limited or too expensive. The project will establish services to make accessing the internet, much easier.
  • The Internet Access Project is basically, a social catalyst on the cyber realm. If we could compare the rate at which the industrial revolution boosted our global population; to that of the social media growth we would find a sharper incline with the internet.
  • Ideas, businesses, social media, and communication are exponentially increasing everyday. Zukerberg has been quoted as saying: “I'm focused on this because I believe it is one of the greatest challenges of our generation”.

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Multiplayer: Re-visioning the gaming world

  • Before the big internet boom popular gaming consoles from Nintendo were mostly single player. On occasion,a game would come out where you could play with more people if you had several controllers. All together though, these systems were for the individual player.
  • Computers were one of the first devices to host multiplayer games. The pool of visitors in a given area, made it easier to put them all in one game. Many times, you could find yourself playing against someone across the globe.
  • The xbox console, as an example has done remarkably well in terms of online play. You can create a friends list for gamers you meet and know. You can even invite them to games while you are playing. The newest consoles, have now even implemented skype and netflix.
  • The mass growth of information applies to the gaming world as well. The wii and xbox have started the phase of capturing our physical movements as game controls. This could be the beginning of a new path in the gaming world.
  • In the near future elctronic games will become more interactive with us Perhaps one day, a gaming console will brings you to near life experience simulation effects, as better technology comes out every year, the boundaries are being pushed and pulled at.

To sum it all up

  • There has been a population boom from the industrial revolution.Additionally the technology boom is of the same essence too. The industrial revolution made it easier for our lives; traveling, construction, and agriculture. The information age has brought on an exponential increase in speed at which information is passed. Entrepreneurs across all business types, are increasing innovative ways we use the internet. Skype has allowed us to have face to face communication. Google has led us to find practically anything that exists on the web.
  • The internet is a massive web. Everything is intertwined and connected on the same platform. Giants like Facebook and Google, have dominated the web for sometime now. They bring the world together through information and ideas that can be shared more easily, and efficiently. Internet usage has changed the way we live our lives.
  • Projects like the “Internet Access Project” are huge milestones, for the history of the internet. Since the birth of the internet we have seen a rapid increase in it's usage for business, social, and entertainment. Communicating with someone who lives halfway across the globe, has become easy. We are expanding our network on a global scale. Only more expansion and growth can come from the ever increasing speed of ideas and information.

Global Networking

As technology evolves, the internet will change as well. We may see changes in the way countries use the internet, for their nation alone. China is known for its screening process on the internet. How we use the internet is important ! If we continue to have driven entrepreneurs dedicated to revolutionizing our lives we will soon feel like the world is pretty small almost in the palm of our hands.


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