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The Yeti myth

Updated on January 5, 2013

The mystic yeti

The creature yeti- no one has seen but people believe it exists
The creature yeti- no one has seen but people believe it exists | Source

The Myth Of Yeti: Is Yeti Buddhist ?

People sometimes claim that they have seen Yeti and heard it's talk " Kak-kak-kak-KAI-ee''. People have divided opinions about the existence of Yeti. Some people say that Yeti is an animal but more man like creature than monkey like creature. Yeti is said animal of shy nature which does not attack. A rumor is that to protect crop (Barley) from yeti people in the Khumbu region poisoned out of which many of them died in the first decade of 20th century. (roughly more than 100 years ago).generally it is taken bad luck to encounter Yeti.

People in the Himalayan Region claim Yeti as a Buddhist. Tibetans claim yeti as a descendant from a monkey god who was an incarnation of Chen-resigs; who married demoness who lusted after him and they had six children with long hair and tails. He fed them sacred grains, gradually the hair and tail grew shorter, then feel away entirely. Some possessed the virtue of their father while some possessed the vices of the mother. The courageous and virtues are yetis.

There is another myth about Yeti dominat in Everest region of Nepal. Legend says a monkey converted to Buddhism lived as hermit in the Mountains and was loved and married by a demoness. Their offsprings are the " man-thing-of –the-snow", the Yeti. Sherpa people believe that Yeti are the gurdains of the Dolma (Tara), the feminine aspect of chen-resigs.


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