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Home Schooling Benefits

Updated on July 18, 2016

There are plenty of benefits that come when parents send their children to a public school. What those parents do not realize is that homeschooling their child has more benefits for both the child and his/her parents. Hopefully, I can help to illustrate the opportunities that homeschooling brings to families, as well as the future of the children.

Home instructors’ have more independence and are able to have educational, physical, emotional, and religious freedom in the home. It allows for parents/instructors to be able to know what is being put into their children’s heads. Homeschooling also allows for closer relationships within the families and stability during difficult times. With not having to wake up early and head off to school or the bus, one can sleep in, preparing them for the day with being well rested. It is also nice to be able to get a hug just at the right time and when you need one because, the kids are always there.

Of course, Minnesota has some rules/laws about homeschooling. Home instructors’ must meet one of six requirements: “1. Hold a state approved teacher’s license, 2. Be directly supervised by a licensed teacher, 3. Successfully complete the teacher competency exam, 4. Provide instruction in an accredited school, 5. Have a baccalaureate degree or, 6. Have the child/children annually assessed according to state guidelines (” According to, “Minnesota does not have any particular requirements as to days of study per school year, but they do recommend that homeschoolers cover the following subjects of study: reading, writing, literature, fine arts, math, science, history, geography, government, health, and physical education. It also does not have any mandated teacher requirements or standardized test requirements.

There are some disadvantages to homeschooling. Time restraints would be one, along with financial restraints. Some parents look forward to sending their kids off on the buss every morning and having time to themselves when children aren’t running around the house. Kids who are homeschooled are limited to playing sports. Along with considering that their children may be “under socialized.” Most of all, social status sometimes is a huge factor in a parent’s eyes, homeschooling is outside the “social norm”. But “73% of parents who homeschool their kids are dissatisfied with the American school system (”

Currently, my husband-to-be, Ben and I do not have children. During out time of engagement we have done some premarital counseling. We were instructed to talk of children and rearing our future little ones. To understand fully why we have to contemplate this all, you must know somethings about us.

My mother worked 1-4 full time jobs at a time. My dad had a full time job and did some stuff on the side. My parents did not have time to stay at home to teach us. Therefore, one would assume that I went from kindergarten to graduating in public school. Do to jobs changing the family moved around.

Going through a couple of different schools was tough. Being bullied. Having to learn new teaching styles. Having to try to adjust to the move while adjusting to a new school and so on. A few years before graduating we moved to a small town where I went from a straight A student to being a straight D/F student. This school pretty much told me that I should forget everything that I had learned prior to being there. I was thrown in classes that I had already taken 2 years before. I had a horrible public school experience.

My lovely, wonderful fiancé was home schooled. His mother always states that there were hard times when trying to teach 4 growing boys but, she wouldn't have done it any other way. Ben and his brothers have come out as mature, smart, well-rounded men.

Being that, like I stated before, I had a horrible experience in public school. Factoring in that my hubby was home schooled. We have decided homeschooling our future children is the way to go for us. It isn't always going to be easy. It is a learning experience for everyone, you being the parent, and your child.


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