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The chains of lives: the fight for the survival of species part 2

Updated on July 12, 2014

After I wrote the hub “The seat of God: The fight for the survival of species” in which it was suggested that the genes may be the seat of God where the changes are made that led to evolution or creation as one may want to call it. The various species fight for their survival in any given environment and they can only survive in an environment they are adapted, at least, to an extent that would permit their survival and they try to resist any changes that would be a disadvantage or a threat to their survival.

This is the case even when such species lives in other species and cause harm to their host. Then if we consider the chains of lives starting from the microscopic species to the macroscopic species, we shall appreciate the efforts made by various species to enable them survive in any given environment.

These could be adaptation or morphological changes within species found in various environments which enable them to exist in such an environment. Just as desert or aquatic plants and animals have mechanisms that help them to survive in such environment.

In these chains of lives which I consider necessary for the survival of species because virtual all species seem to depend on something for its survival. For instance green plants that photosynthesize depend on the sun energy for its survival while most other species directly or indirectly depends on the plant.

Some species in the microscopic world depends on man and other animals for their survival and some of them do cause harm to man and other animals. Unfortunately, these species tend to fight for their survival by using various mechanisms like resistance to antibiotics among others. It follows that such species needs man or other animals for their survival not minding that they may cause harm to their host and may even kill their host in the process.

It is because of the harm they cause to their host as a means of their survival and the struggle by their host (immune system and other mechanisms) to fight back and prevent being harmed in an effort to continue living that result in a struggle for survival among species.

The chains of lives and the dependence of one life on another are such that even the microscopic species like bacteria can be affected by viruses like bacteriophages. Therefore it means that while we are fighting the bacteria, the bacteria, on their own, may be fighting those viruses that infect them and such is life because life seems to be made in a manner that species may have to fight for their survival and only the strong will survive and continue its existence among species and within species. The struggle for survival is like a chain because one life depends on another but it seems Mother Nature has a natural means of creating a balance in the struggle so that no one gets hurt to the extent of being eliminated. That means may have been upset and broken by some of man’s activity in nature and man has to find ways to restore the natural equilibrium in these chains of lives.


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