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The early civilizations of Indonesia part #2

Updated on April 5, 2013


Like i said in the part #1, To understand about the history of The Early Civilizations of Indonesia, there are 4 points that we need to understand. That is :

  1. The migration process of Deutero Malays race and Proto Malays race to Indonesia
  2. The influence from cultural development of Bocson-Hoabinh, Dong Son, and India with the development of early societies in Indonesia
  3. The early civilizations of the world
  4. Bronze Age in Indonesia

Since we already cover the The migration process of Deutero Malays race and Proto Malays race to Indonesia and The influence from cultural development of Bocson-Hoabinh, Dong Son, and India with the development of early societies in Indonesia in the first part, now we will focus on The Bronze Age of Indonesia. The early civilizations of the world will be cover in some other Article with different Tittle.

I don't have plan to cover the early civilization of the world since there is so much source of them. But maybe, after i run out of thing to cover here, i will start covering them. For now just enjoy this article about the Bronze Age in indonesia.

Metal Culture in Indonesia

Metal Culture in Indonesia consist of metallic copper culture, bronze culture and iron cultures.

1. culture copper

Indonesia's Culture of metal are called copper bronze age because age is not known in Indonesia. Metal culture in Southeast Asia called the Dong Son culture, the name of the populated areas in Indochina spread archipelago in the year 500 BC.

2. bronze culture

Bronze is a combination of copper with tin. Bronze tools manufactured using this two way :

a. bivalves method, made ​​using stone molds consisting of two sections, then tied together, molten metal is poured, and wait until frozen. Once frozen, the mold can be opened. This tool can be used multiple times.

b. cire Perdue method or wax casting method, is to create a model object of the wax, then wrapped with clay and topped with a hole, and then burn that layer of melted wax and let them out through the hole. From the hole was also poured molten metal until it is full. After the molten metal solidifies, clay model are solved and trimmed.

3. culture iron

After the bronze culture then comes the iron culture. Based on research, pre-literacy human already using iron tools. A variety of equipment made of iron, for example, the eye axes, knives, sickles and swords. Those tools were found in the Tuban area, Pacitan, and Madison. In addition, it was found metal object in tomb stone Wonogiri (Central Java) and Besuki (East Java).

Important Bronze Tools

Here below is an example of a few important bronze tools that came from bronze culture.

A. Nekara

Nekara is a musical instrument that is hung horizontally and struck from above. There are large size Nekara, with a height of 186 cm and a width of 160 cm, it is Bulan Pejeng Nekara in Bali. Small size Nekara called moko, are found in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. Another area where nekara is found are Sumatra, Java, Sumbawa, Bread, Selayar, and Kei.

B. Ax funnel

Ax Funnel is an ax which mouthpiece shaped like a funnel. There is a hole in the top and it is used to enter the shaft axes. It is therefore called ax shoes, function as normal ax. A long Ax funnel called candrasa. Ax Funnel for the ceremony has it's mouthpiece decorated with a variety of decorative patterns. Large funnel ax found in Makassar, Roti, Sentani (Papua), Tuban (East Java), and West Java.

C. Bronze Statue

It has various forms, there is a form of human and animal that looks simple. Small bronze statue found in the area of Bangkinang (Riau) and Limbangan (Bogor).

D. Bronze Jewelry

Among other things, bracelets, rings and necklaces pendant that can be found throughout Indonesia.

E. Bronze Vase

A kind of pot found in Kerinci, Sumatra.

Moko ( Small nekara )

a small nekara ( Moko ) that found in Alor Island, Nusa Tenggara.
a small nekara ( Moko ) that found in Alor Island, Nusa Tenggara. | Source

Bronze Statue

Bronze Statue from Bangkinang, South Sumatra
Bronze Statue from Bangkinang, South Sumatra | Source

Ok that's All

Well if you read part #1, reading the 2nd part might let you down since it is awfully short. At first i plan to also cover about the early world history, but in the end decide to postpone that plan since it is a lot and i think there is much source for that kind of information. So in the end, the 2nd part end up this short.

Worry not, i have other plan for the next hub i',m gonna write. Just wait for the next article. But i don't promise it will be a short wait though. It might a week before i could launch other article.

Thanks for reading and like before, please feel free to drop any comments.

By for now.


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