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The energy responsible for our existence - BINDING ENERGY

Updated on April 20, 2008

Have you ever wondered how we continue to exist in this world? How all the things around us exist with full glory. Whether its a small plant in a damp pot lying at the corner of your room or the majestic Alpine peak everything including us exists for a time, deteriorates and changes in to another form. Take plants for instance. They start out as a single seed which develops into a full grown plant. The plant after flowering for a particular time dies.

The fundamental thing which makes our existence possible is what physicists call "binding energy".

In order to understand the concept of binding energy let me refresh your memory. Let me explain how different atomic particles behave in certain conditions. In atoms we have electrons that revolve around a nucleus. Protons and neutrons inhabit nucleus.

Protons are positively charged and electrons are negatvely charged.

Now if we try to bring together two identical or even similar particles close together, they repel each other. On the other hand if we try to bring close together two oppositely charged particles they will attract each other.

So, now we are well aware that similar particles repel each other.

But, despite that we see that protons stay together in the nucleus. Not only that we see that there are so many different types of elements that have different number of protons in their nuclei. How does it work? Doesn't electrostatic repulsion repel the protons away from each other and break the nuclei? It does not.

It is the binding energy that stops this from happening. For every stable nucleus, there is a binding force within the nucleus which is greater than the electrostatic repulsion. This force is responsible for the stability of an atom. This force makes sure that atoms don't break loose and that is what keeps the world so vivid and rich in every detail by letting zillions of atoms of more than one hundred types of elements to exist.

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    • profile image

      Jocel 6 years ago

      @Shahid: You have come to a post unrelated from what you are asking. Better read "Natural Selection" and/or "Heredity".

    • Shahid Bukhari profile image

      Shahid Bukhari 6 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

      You are talking of Intrinsic Energy ... and as is the case ... you Accept, the inherent Polarity of Particles, as being Self-Contained and thus, Self-Existent ...

      Why, a Rose is Red, and the other, Pink ... is my Question ... and do not give me the Rose Genome's chart ...

      Tell me exactly How, and Why ... in a rationally explained, thus, Acceptable manner, not Applied Philosophy's rudimentary understanding ... What makes one Rose Red, and the other same ... Pink ?

    • profile image

      Vernon 7 years ago

      To Sandra,I think that there is so much that has to be perfect at all times for us (and everything around us) to exhist. That it is impossible to be just chaos!

    • profile image

      jharies01 7 years ago

      thank for this informations...

      it helps me a lots. esp. to my projects and assign.

      all i can say is...

      as long as there are unknown things that really exist

      only god knows why they really exist...!

      thanks lots..... c",)

    • profile image

      gags 9 years ago


    • dutch84 profile image

      dutch84 9 years ago

      interesting post...

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 9 years ago

      I think of the Universe and our existence as our Universe being just another Atomic bubble ready to burst into something new. When the Universe finally meets it's capicity, boom, a whole new Universe is formed, all things that existed then, now, and then again happens again and again and again, then we sit here, probabaly have sat here same place another time. Thats it.

      I don't think there is an answer, it's just chaos.