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The gatekeepers

Updated on July 14, 2017

Who you are

Everything that takes place throughout any learning process is painted with impressions, culture, outlooks, fortes, needs, and wants. All part of why learners often like things better if they have a choice, if they have a voice. Both usually preferable to being told exactly what they need to do, when and how. “Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are.”

  • "Is personalized learning the future of school?" CNN.

Transcends rules

It happens quite often that learners perceive the content of a lesson - for instance - to be fragmented and not building blocks to a profounder understanding. Not able to recognize "real" purpose and significance behind it, they feel that they are only scanning what is to be learned so they can duplicate that content on a test. Yet, even when the content of a lesson is structured in a specific order, learner and teacher both - whether they are aware of it or not - re-construct the structure in the process. “A strong spirit transcends rules.”

  • "Six Things You Can Do to Deepen Student Learning." FACULTY FOCUS.

Must change

And it is because we are certain each one of us experiences what occurs throughout the learning process in our own, unique way that many of us envision a future system which rewards every kind of learning – from taking a course, to reading a book, to making a collage ... to completing a project at work. "The gatekeepers must change."

  • "A model for higher education where all learning counts." MARKETPLACE.

© 2016 Aydasara Ortega


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