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Power of smile we all have...

Updated on June 10, 2014
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Asif has been a teacher in the past, now project manager working on multiple projects. Life is a great teacher. We always learn new things.

Kids are always cute with a smile
Kids are always cute with a smile

By definition, a smile is an expression of facial muscles characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth. Is this all it is? Not at all. A smile is a great thing and of great power, we all have and we seldom realize the strength it has. When we smile, the first impression that the next person looking at us gets, is a positive one. He feels that we are in a happy and joyous mode. Smiles are always beautiful and are shared with everyone without any cost. This is one of the easiest charities possible for everyone. A smile is never out of style and is the best thing to wear on your face. Smiles create an indefinite impact on life. A smile given to the right person at the right time can do wonders. It is one of the most constructive weapons of the world that you can use for your own benefit. It is also one of the successful strategies that can be used to different group of people for our own individual as well as social benefits.

Our social life is created by the attitude we have with others. Our enjoyment depends on how we connect to the people. A smile can play a great role in that. It helps to befriend people very simply. It also helps to find people of our own type. We strengthen our relationship with people with a sincere smile. It maintains their attention, helps them open up to us to discuss things of mutual interest. If you are the first one to smile, it will help you a lot in life. So don’t wait for others, go ahead and be the first to give a pleasant smile.

A bad mode is never welcomed anywhere. The best way to change it into a good mode is a mere smile on your face. This smile does impact your attitude and that no more remains bad.

The most important aspect of a smile is that it has equal effects throughout the world without any discrimination of gender, race, location or creed. The only important ingredient is the sincerity and that is easily judged by the other person in those initial moments of the company. Thus, it always helps to break down the walls of indifference and irrelevance. We all have our own preferences about life. Our smiles help us decrease the difference among people by actually connecting with them.

Smile is good. Keep on smiling
Smile is good. Keep on smiling

A smile is the first mode of communication that we use while dealing with a stranger. Even before saying a ‘hello’ to a stranger, we have an eye contact and a smile is passed to him. This is actually the first step in conveying ‘hello’ before actually saying it. And if we get the same smile back, it shows our wireless message has been welcomed and has been returned with the same tone. Now the next step is quite easy. We are no more strangers now but quite acquainted. Saying ‘hello’ is thus not the first word we have used. The communication has started far before that.

A smile has a lot of benefits for us and we can use it for different purposes. Everyone around us including even the animals behave based on our attitude. Their attitude is a kind of reaction to how we treat with them. If we deal everyone with a pleasant smile, even the pets would feel happy and energized. A smile actually conveys a message of love, kindness, gentleness, goodness and compassion.

We can use our smile to give hope to someone who is broken inside and has developed a negative attitude due to the circumstances he faced. A smile before we actually start talking to him works as a sign of hope for him and he is inclined to listen to us. The negativity gradually disappears and a positive attitude develops and that all started just with a smile.

The effect of our attitude with others spreads like a virus. If it is good and we are dealing everyone with a smile and good gesture, a positive wave starts and reaches all audience. On the other hand, if we meet everyone with a grinning expression on our face, a negative wave is communicated and reaches even the people we are not in direct contact with.

Have you ever tried to use the power of smile?

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To sum up, we can say that a simple helps in many ways including:

  • It makes us attractive and we try to find what is there that is making someone smile.
  • It can change the mode if we are feeling down.
  • Smiling brings happiness and people are attracted.
  • It relieves stress and we feel relaxed.
  • Immune system of the body works better when we are in a happy mode, possibly because we are relaxed.
  • It makes us look younger by lifting the face. So if you are thinking to go for a face-lift, don’t do that; instead, try smiling and it would definitely work.
  • A smile always develops confidence in us. We can cover up a lot of things with a smile.
  • It always helps us stay positive.
  • Smiling affects emotions and positive emotions have an influence on stress.
  • It can make us and others happy.
  • It can heal emotional pain as well as reduce physical pain.
  • Something wonderful happens in our body and we feel happier.
  • A smile sends a message to brain to further send positive messages to the whole body to all feel good.

Everyone talks about conserving energy these days. We need to follow that one too. Forty-three muscles of the face are involved when we are showing anger on our face. This takes a lot of effort and energy. A smile merely involves seventeen muscles and this is quite natural too. So save energy just with a smile.

There are yet a few things that need to be kept in mind while using the great expression of smile.

  • Smiling is not a 24/7 job. Don’t smile constantly. There are good and bad times and we need to differentiate when to smile. Otherwise, you might be considered crazy.
  • A smile is sweet only when it is coming from a neat and clean face. We need to take care of the hygiene when smiling. A smile with yellow teeth or with something stuck in between your incisors wouldn’t be that impressive at all.

We need to be sensitive and decisive when flushing a smile. If someone is hurting you and you are smiling in response that would not do any good to you.

Smile is the simplest makeup you can wear
Smile is the simplest makeup you can wear


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