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The great scientist

Updated on January 23, 2017

People like Stephen Hawkins
Though it seems life at them is mocking
But they are the ones who's life's are actually rocking
His body deteriorated beyond repair
His mind totally free beyond its snare
Of his bodies limitations doesn't even seem to be aware
His mind travelling freely in the Universe
Nothing can deter it or make it reverse
Bringing back information from the world's diverse
He says there's no God
This theory of his to most seems odd
But to this my head I do nodd
Even Mahavir and Buddha the great one's
Never proclaimed to be God's son's
On God they remained silent and this idea they shun
Theory of God originated from fear
So God and religion to mankind became dear
Then came in the saint and the seer
Made God all great and man simply mere
To free man from clutches of fear
Comes in a great mind which we all must revere !!


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