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The importance of an educational field trip

Updated on August 10, 2012

While a child goes to school, he will sooner or later experience something that will expand his knowledge and wisdom about his surroundings and how things work. This worthwhile experience may take the form of an educational field trip.

Keep in mind that field trip may provide a lot of things to your child which is vital to growth and allow him to acquire necessary skills that are important later in life to be successful and become a productive and responsible citizen of our society.

Here are some important questions to consider whether you will allow your child to participate in an educational field trip or not:

Is the itinerary of the trip substantial and related to his subject? If the undertaking will not answer this question then it is better not to allow your child.

Is the waiver sent to you is well-written and fully detailed? If the field trip will not guarantee the safety of your child then do not allow your child to participate. There must be enough school personnel to look after the participants including your child.

If you want to be sure about the safety further you may have a background check of the bus provider. Accidents happen here and there especially during field trips and it is wise idea not to let your kid participate if the bus provider has a bad history in moving people from one place to another.

If the field trip allows a guardian as a chaperone, why not miss the chance of accompanying your child to have built bond with your child. Go ahead have fun with your child and learn something new together.

If ever you will join your kid or not in the field trip, see to it that your child brings with him the things he needs like extra clothes, ample enough snacks to keep him filled during the trip and the like.

You may also let your kid take a medication that will not cause him to vomit or have nausea.

To be sure that all is well, you can have a checklist before the trip.

What not to bring during an educational field trip:

It is not a good idea to bring stuffs that will let him use his sight during the trip like PSP, books, etc. These things will rub off the fun and at the same time not good for the eyes of your child. You may not also let your kid bring expensive stuffs and jewelries as these things will surely invite trouble.

Rest assured that if you allow your child for a hassle-free and worthwhile field trip he will have a lot of things to gain.

Here is why an educational field trip is so important:

  • An educational field trip will foster camaraderie and rapport among the students and teachers.
  • It develops your child’s socialization skills.
  • It allows you child to explore new things he hasn’t faced before.
  • It gives him an idea on how to travel safely.
  • It will help him travel back in time and appreciate things that materialized many moons ago if the itineraries are museum, historical places, landmarks, etc.
  • Your kid will able to appreciate nature and will instill awareness about his surroundings if one of the itineraries the field trip is about environment.
  • The endeavor will certainly help him pile-up knowledge, wisdom and ideas.

Here are the reasons why educational field trip is essential.Feel free to like this article and make a feedback with regard to this hub in the comment box below...

Thanks a lot for the read!

My second entry in the HubChallenge this August.

Is an educational field trip important to your child?

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    • profile image

      styler 4 years ago

      its good for people to join some educational tours because it will help them to value their life... ^_~..