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The Importance of being Grateful

Updated on March 25, 2012
Life is made of different experiences- of peaks and troughs...accept it.
Life is made of different experiences- of peaks and troughs...accept it. | Source

Defining defines Gratitude as follows -

grat·i·tude [grat-i-tood, -tyood]


the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful: He expressed his gratitude to everyone on the staff.

1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin grātitūdin- (stem of grātitūdō ) thankfulness, equivalent to grāt ( us ) pleasing + -i- -i- + -tūdin- -tude

I believe it is a very important trait to have. It is hard not to acknowledge that there must exist an unknown reason why life doles out various joys, tears, opportunities, losses etc in the manner it does.



Right from the time we are born, one wonders... Why are some of us born in rich and some in poor families? Some in Europe and some in Africa? Some in troubled families and some in loving ones? There are many different beliefs and philosophies which explain the diverseness of life’s incidents and what governs why certain things happen to certain people.

Every individual tries to adopt a belief that makes the most sense to them and matches their faith and beliefs. At the core of all of these beliefs is the acknowledgement that gratitude is of utmost importance in our lives. One cannot take for granted what one has or gets in this life. Rather one should not be. Pride comes before a fall.

Get perspective

It is easy to go along with the flow of events when times are good and just accept what is happening as normal and forget to say your thanks. We all do this. This is how my life has been and always has and will be. We easily forget or rather choose to forget the hard times or the lows. That is a natural mechanism we use to carry on with our lives, yet we need to remember them not for the pain or disappointment but for the gratefulness we ought to feel when times are good and frolicking!

..each one to his own

There are different ways people express their gratitude. Some do it silently in their minds and just stop for a moment and say in their head “thank you for this”. Some express their thanks by giving up their favourites – may it be a food or a habit or an extravagance for a short period of time, something like sacrificing what you love for the sake of what you got. Some others write it down, some express it in their daily prayers etc.

Try it..

The key thing is ‘be grateful’ never know what turn life will bring tomorrow, remember the only constant is change and be sure that life will delve out ups and downs. Be thankful for love, for friends, for good health, for the job you have...for simple things in life. Don’t be thankful only when you get those ‘big’ things you’ve be desiring or waiting to come’ll only be left feeling empty and experiencing bursts of happiness and long bouts of unhappiness. It can be life changing when one fully understands this concept.

Try it, its simple.

How often are you thankful?

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    • Riverfish24 profile image

      Riverfish24 5 years ago from United States

      Thank you- tirelesstraveler

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Grateful people are pleasant to be around. Like the layout of you hub. Very attractive hub.

    • profile image

      reeltaulk 5 years ago

      so glad I ran across this as I am about to logout! A topic that will go down in the books of time. I am glad that you put a definition next to that word, although I wish it was thoroughly defined down to its last letter. Recently I encountered (once again) the insanity of people when concerning gratitude. I had to sit and listen to someone try to explain, why another individual need be grateful for something that wasn't done out of kindness, concern or with GOOD intention. People that are genuine are usually grateful. Some people figure...give a dog a bone and they need be happy. just in case you didn't know there are still some people left with integrity and actually respect themselves. This deed was done in order for someone to monetarily gain while another experienced pain. It's repulsively sad how people are so twisted. Although they know what they have offered is in no way passingly good or healthly, they expect another to be grateful just because. Forget about your integrity..... You should never have to tell someone to be grateful, if they are not then they don't deserve whatever it is you have to offer. (hint) If they are desrving you will experience their greatfulness first hand as well as karma...first hand! Jumping on a high horse serves no purpose because there are various ways that one can suffer. But due to pride and a false sense of power people lose sight and end up in the same positions that they put others in. Your intergrity, health and self respect should no longer be worth anything to you. Just be grateful fool!