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The Journey From Ancient to Modern Life

Updated on June 10, 2020
Ahtesham soomro2187 profile image

Hey, my name is Ahtesham, I have completed my bachelor's study long ago, currently, I am full-time Banker and Part-time Freelancer writer.


Probably 1995, A friend of mine gave me the good news that a 3.5 MB hard disk has hit the market. I remember we all had tears in our eyes. Today, even a 100 GB disk looks small. Pentium 4, which was considered a status symbol, no one remembers today; although only six or seven years ago most of us had desktop computers, power failure was a normal routine. it was normal for CD-ROM to go bad. In those days, Computer repairer used to call “Engineers” today they are called “Mechanics”. If we go back a little further, the work would not have been possible without the floppy disk. The floppy was the owner of its own will. When it was gone, it was gone. Technology is changing rapidly. In the journey from mobile oil to mobile, we have gone from ancient to modern. Everything from clothes to food has changed, but if it hasn't changed, the taste of Flatbread has not changed. There are so many zinger burgers and fast food shops in the cities that if you want to eat boiled rice and greens, keep looking for it.

There is hardly a house in which everyone eats at the same time sitting at the dining table. Everything is in the fridge, which he takes out whenever he wants and heats it up in the oven and eats it; however, this tradition is still alive when it comes to eating out. The doors of the houses that used to be closed after eight o'clock at night now reopen after eleven o'clock at night and the whole family return home at one o'clock after dinner. There is no need to put ice in the water cooler for the whole day. Now every house has a fridge and a freezer, but ice is still not used because the water is cold. Loaves of bread are no longer sent to be baked in the shop oven from home. Children's bags are no longer sewn with an old cloth. Best designed school bags are available in the market. Children now address their parents more as 'friends' than as parents. Bulbs turned into energy savers and energy savers into LEDs. Sleeping on the roof has become a dream. Double beds and thick mattresses are available for sleep. Now children do not learn to ride a bicycle, because bicycles are available according to the size of a child of any age. The dust-blown Horse carriages have turned into a smoke emitting Vehicles.

What the era it was, when the doors of houses were open all day, there was a big curtain hanging in front of them. Now, even during the daytime, if there is a bell at the door, you have to look at the CCTV camera first. for calling outside of city You had to make a booking for it and wait for hours until it connects, Hours later the call gets connected and many times in between the call operator would intervene that it was going to be three minutes. A loved one from abroad used to come home and bring 'watches' as a gift. Walk-mans are obsoleted, no normal playing toys remain all toys are mostly converted to automated machine toys. When the custom of water tanks was followed, the hand pump of the house also went away.


When a cigarette came, the hookah was over. Now hardly any Hookah is fresh in a house. I always saw my mother collecting old clothes stuffing them in the pillows. Now pillows are made in various ways and they are also preferred. In the past, mothers used to sew their own children's clothes. They used to make jerseys all day long by wool balls. Not now, not at all. Now best designed Cheap and Expensive jerseys are available in the market. Before teachers were respected as a teacher, now they are just a Teacher. before everyone used to watch TV together, now, if there is a TV in the house, then the times of those who watch it are different. During the day, women watch dramas again in the repeat telecast. In the evenings, men enjoy the news channel. In the old days of innocence, newspapers were also kept in the cupboards that did not contain references to holy books. If salt or pepper fell on the ground, then the senses would fly away that on the Day of Judgment they would have to be lifted from their eyes. The beggars knew the whole neighborhood and their houses. People used to keep the money for beggars especially.

The local doctor used to inject fifty patients in one day with a single syringe, but no one used to get any infection. In the case of jaundice or severe headache, the local priest used to put his hand on his forehead and exorcise and his patients would get better. Letters used to come to the houses and those who did not know how to read used to ask the postman to read letters. The postman was considered a member of the family, he used to write letters, he used to read, and after drinking water, he used to roam around the city on bicycle. For examination, they used to go to the exam hall with confidence and used to pass it happily. This was the time when people would understand someone's words and don’t reply with "OK”. There was real laughter in the house. Every neighbor used to invite each other to dinner or lunch.


Milk packets and shops came into existence much later. People used to go to the milk shop for meeting their vicinity neighbors. Everyone had time for each other, topic to discuss to debate. If someone had brought the TV they used to keep their doors open for neighbors. The fan running under the mud-covered roof would keep you cool even in the scorching heat, but then suddenly everything changed. We've gone from ancient to modern. The kitchen is no longer under the stairs. The food is not cooked by sitting down on the floor. In the journey from Teeth cleaner twig to toothpaste, we have done everything best. But I don't know why after all these facilities we need to keep a box in our houses which has blood pressure, sleeping pills, and vitamin pills are present at all times.

© 2020 Ahtesham Soomro


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