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The kingdom wITH iN

Updated on April 12, 2014


LUKE 17:21 The Kingdom of GOD is with in YOU!

Daniel 2:31 describes to us the heart of man and the intense place of worship that it truly is. The idols of man made kingdoms that exalt themselves high and proud yet built on the shifting sands of bronze and clay. Easily corrupted these many mixtures of idols, material matters, concerns and all the yokes that ensnare and blind.

Jesus continually called the religious leaders of HIS day blind and in Isaiah 26:10 GOD spoke that grace would be shown to the wicked and yet they would not see. What is wickedness but as JESUS spoke unbelief. These blind ones would not learn righteousness JESUS said “if you had known “ Math 12:7-8. The LORD continues HIS exhortation that in “the land of uprightness” which is the holy place, the land which is the dominion of GOD. Since we are formed of the dust of the earth. The blind will deal unjustly.

The blind will pervert and distort and not learn. This stiffneckedness, this hardness of heart, as JESUS went setting the people free of slavery, sickness and disease still today denies HIS hand of majesty (Isaiah 26:11). When HIS hand and sword of majesty is lifted high they would not see.

Math 12:25-28 shows this true because they denied GOD and were ashamed of themselves and JESUS' popularity and the truth that came from HIM. Verse 11 of Isaiah 26 continues on that the envy of people and the high places exalted in our hearts for position, prominence, and dominance open the door to HIS enemies who walk in the destruction and devouring of all things because they are in death and darkness and light is not in them. This eternal fire of hell and the abyss constructed for HIS enemies will consume even the objects of worship for HIS enemies.

But hope is not lost because the word of GOD is sown and all it takes is a mustard seed to destroy these idols and alters and watch HIS kingdom come in a life. Yet through many trials we enter in because of the chastening and so we go through the birthing pains and woes yet to birth the wind for things appear the same yet are completely different.

Isaiah 26:7-9 That in the way of HIS judgments we have waited for HIM. As HE destroyed the altars and the idols with in to give birth to the wind for the children of Light are like the wind. Not knowing where they come from or where they are going all we can do is feel HIS goodness, HIS love through them in a place where eternity soaked time and place and the flesh profits nothing.

The seed, the rock that grows into a tree or a mountain that is in all is the Kingdom of GOD that infiltrates all area's of a man's heart, his/her work, finances, relationships the becoming of a alien in a strange world is this process of transformations.

Verse 12 in Isaiah 26 carries to show that GOD will establish HIS peace in us for Isaiah 26:13 The deceleration of the idols that were over us, that we in our time have had other masters over us. This figure from Daniel 2:34:35 in verse 12 in Isaiah 26 GOD did all our work in us which is to have HIS Kingdom come and that only by HIS spirit and power do we even make mention or know or draw near to HIS person because only those who draw near draw near because of HIM.

Verse 14 Isaiah 26 They are utterly destroyed.

Daniel 2:34-35 The great images turns to dust.

Math 21:44 who ever the rock falls on will be turned to dust.

So the power of GOD has made us free and we are free indeed. Whoever is in CHRIST is a new creation old things have passed away and behold all things are new.

Living as a alien in the world but not of the world. The trials and struggles, the birthing of the new birth yet things appear the same. Birthing of the wind. The power to be, to do, become yoked with the perfect peace established in your heart, unity of the faith in mind, will and emotion.

This Kingdom does not own the things of matter yet all these things are entwined and made of eternal things and are governed by things made of eternal things and are governed by things not of this world. This kingdom of GOD that is not of this world has preeminence because it has the rule over the laws that rule the kingdoms of matter.

Such as gravity.

Peter walking on the water at the word and call of JESUS. Yet the idols of care and concern that made Peter subservient or as Isaiah 26:10 says he dealt unjustly in the land of uprightness, not beholding the majesty of the LORD but the fears of the immediate. Forgetting the fact that he was walking on the water.

Now we being aliens to this world and joint heirs with CHRIST must learn to be culturally relevant and intelligent. This applied science of actions and languages of love are universal and transcend cultural bias. To be sensitive to those around us is to yield to the great honor of this position with humility and impact.

JESUS said the greatest of them all is servant to all and this in essence is the heart and language of our actions. That we serve. Paul did it while being in jail in Acts. Paul became liquid and confessed this in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 he was free yet became slave to all. Those under the law became under the law, those lawless he became lawless but always yoked to the law of CHRIST that his witness and testimony remained powerful and influential.

“Able to respond confidently, in both words and physical actions in a way authentic but also sensitive to his host.” cultural Intelligence pg 20 and on pg 17 of this same book the authors say “much of culture operates invisibly.”

As ambassadors of that which reigns supreme we are called to humility. Like the precious ones in a marriage. The greater is called to serve the lesser hence women yield to their men of their choice. As with strength and power comes the need to walk responsibly. Those given much, much is required.

Paul revoked his cultural dominance and became as he said “a slave to all”. Paul converged with the orbits of the invisible culture in every person, group and collective of people with the stewardship of his witness and knowing the power that the seed of GOD had at tearing down strongholds and liberated those prisoners of the invisible.

The demand is on the alien to be liquid and adaptable. Since we are of love we yield first. Since the greater one lives in us we yield and serve all the more knowing the power of a true witness, the power of GOD compels us to genuinely love. This allows the seed of GOD to get that good soil deep in the hearts of men(the species).

This rock that strikes the shifting sand and feet of the statue, and as Isaiah spoke in 26:13-15 describes the utter destruction and overcoming power of a faithful witness, good seed and good soil.

This language of action as described by JESUS in John 10:25 and 1 Peter 2:12 let our good works be known. That we would be known by our love and not our hatred or envy. Ecclesiastes 4:4 is a present reality and the desire to be envied and honored over shadows and exalts itself like the statue in king Nebuchadnezzar's dream and the blindness of the hearts of those in position. Over shadowed GOD's honor which JESUS had done when HE healed the leper in Luke 5:12-14 and told the man to be quiet and honor GOD and the current culture. Even JESUS called the Pharisee's righteous. Jesus said “I have not come to call the righteous but the unrighteous.”

Here JESUS called them righteous and all they heard was envy, jealousy and hatred. Luke 8:18 explains that how we hear will be measured to us and they heard with envy and what they had was taken away. This envy, this rottenness in the bones stole everything their righteousness, their peace and all the work of GOD in them.

Envy is the reason cultural convergence is scary and deadly. Like the police confronting a line of protestors, or one army marching out against another. The only difference is the invisible. The culture of thought and the difference.

This is what we see and the forcing of dominance on another from one division of CHRIST's body to the grocery spacer. Boundaries are good and the word of GOD states in Proverbs not move the landmarks established by our forefathers yet the dominance of envy must be killed.

There will be a moment in time when two cultures converge due to relationship and interaction. This convergence can be visualized through the lenses of evolution. As one is effected and another is affected and hence change is born. Or marriage where two come together become one yet still remain individuals.

JESUS came to bring the culture of the FATHER(kingdom of GOD) to man's culture. The rock in Daniel 2:34-35. Since this time JESUS' influence and impact on the world around HIM generations later, the proof that HIS culture is the dominant one and the stages of convergence are the leaps of revival which ultimately transform the future.

Successful navigation is to take into consideration the holy of holies of those around us and to draw forth the kingdom of GOD has already written HIS law in our hearts and we need no longer teach each each other to know HIM but to walk on the waters of the culture, looking past the dimensions cultural care and concern and cultural differences. To draw forth the kingdom of GOD with in our species.

Paul did this under house arrest. In Acts 24:23-27 Paul's success to navigate his dimensions of care and continue in liberty is revealed and his witness was powerful enough to be influential. He was the seed sown to bring forth the universal church established in Rome. For two years he was called on to preach and sow the seeds of the kingdom. Luke 8:11.

Joseph, Nehemiah, David in Palestine, Esther, and Daniel all examples of cultural intelligence.

We as aliens in this land must consider where we are and the realities of the kingdom. That truly the greater one lives in us and it is HIS majesty that changes everything. Colossians 1:15-18 Everything all powers, dominions, rulers, authorities, principalities visible or invisible exist are sustained and consist in HIM, through HIM, and for HIM.

YOU LORD have preeminence.


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