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The Largest Educational System in the World

Updated on January 16, 2020

China's education system consists of infant education, primary, middle, and university levels. It introduces a free education system from primary to middle, up to nine years. Currently more than 90 percent of the country's children receive free education for nine years, while the Chinese government is trying to raise the rate to 100 percent after some time.
In recent times, the number of non-governmental educational institutions in China has increased substantially, but most of the country's educational institutions are government-owned.

Infant education
In China, education for young children under the age of six is ​​called infant education. At present, the number of children in China is close to 10 million and they are taught through kindergarten. Chinese educational institutions have established different levels of education based on the age, ability and psychology of these children.
Currently, the number of kindergarten schools in China is close to 100,000. Usually Chinese children aged three to six can study in kindergarten. However, currently the admission rate is close to only fifty percent.
There are two types of institutions at the level of kindergarten in China - public and non-governmental - government kindergarten institutions have lower fees. These institutions have rich experiences and educational resources, while sixty percent of Chinese kindergartens are non-governmental in nature, and the fees are relatively high.

Primary education
Primary education in China begins at the age of six, which is provided free of charge. The parents of the child pay only the miscellaneous fees in addition to the book fees, while the poor and unmarried children are not charged. Apart from this, other financial matters are also financed in life.
The primary school education period is six years. Cores include Chinese language, mathematics, science, foreign language, ethics, music and physical health education. According to the latest data, the total number of primary schools in China is two million and those schools are under. The number of educated students is around 10 million, meaning that more than eighteen percent of Chinese children of this age have adequate educational facilities.
Most of China's primary schools are governed by the government. There has been a problem in China that there is a clear difference in the quality of education for schools in the developed and backward regions, which is the cause of the problem of unfair education. The Chinese government is trying to improve the distribution of educational resources so that all children get equal opportunities for education.

Junior High School Education
Even education is provided free of cost to junior high school in China. Every year the student has to pay a few hundred yuan miscellaneous fees. In this regard, the poor and uneducated students will be exempted by the government. Have access to relief money.
The duration of junior high school education in China is three years. The core subjects include Chinese language, mathematics, foreign language, ethics, IT science, alchemy and physics. According to the latest data, the total number of junior high schools in China is around 5,000 and the number of students in these schools is close to five million. That means more than ninety percent of Chinese children of this age have adequate educational facilities. Most Chinese junior high schools are state-owned.
Junior high school education is free, so admission to primary school junior school is not required. Generally, students choose a school near their home. Some good schools in these areas also provide housing facilities to the students so that children living in remote areas can get a good education. In addition, the Chinese government is establishing a system of education through the Internet so that all children can access the educational resources in general.

Senior High School Education
China's senior high school education system includes the usual senior high school, plus adult high school, vocational high school and middle level vocational school. Senior high school education is not free. Each student has to pay thousands of yuan a year.
The duration of senior high school education is also three years. Courses include Chinese language, mathematics, foreign language, IT science, alchemy and physics. According to the latest data, the total number of senior high schools in China is 30,000 at present and the number of students in these schools is close to 40 million, meaning that more than 80% of Chinese youth of this age have adequate educational facilities. Most Chinese senior high schools are state-of-the-art. Examination is compulsory for admission to senior high school.

Higher Education
China's higher education system includes some level of education, including junior college, undergraduate, master's and doctorate. Higher education institutions include general universities as well as higher vocational schools, distance system education and higher education institutions for adults.
The history of higher education in China is over a hundred years old. According to the latest data, there are a total of 2,000 higher education institutions in China at present, with more than 200 million students. Examination for admission to higher education institutions is given. The students choose the school of their choice according to the points obtained in the examination. The Ministry of Education of China and the Education Departments of different provinces jointly arrange the examination. Then different universities and colleges set the standard for admission to their own institution. Most Chinese educational institutions at the moment are state-of-the-art. However, in recent years, non-governmental higher education institutions in the country have made good progress which has led to competition with government institutions. On the other hand more and more Chinese students are seeking higher education in developed countries. Therefore, China's higher educational institutions are facing serious challenges. At the moment, some Chinese universities are establishing higher educational institutions in cooperation with China's leading higher education institutions in developed countries, so that Chinese students can develop their own country in the world. Take advantage of the best educational resources.

Other community educational institutions
In addition to the aforementioned formal education system, there are different types of specialized educational institutions in China that provide specific education and training to people of different ages of their choice. These institutions include Cultural Center for Children and Internet-based educational courses etc. Chinese children can get music training, music, dance and painting, etc. in these cultural senators and participate in science and technology studies and research activities.

Senior High School Admissions Test
Senior high school entrance exams include Chinese language as well as foreign language, mathematics, physics and alchemy exams. This exam is usually held in June. Only after getting the maximum number of exams can one get a chance to enter a good senior high school. It also increases the chances of passing the university entrance exam. That's why Chinese students give this exam a great deal. Ninety percent of Chinese students pass this exam and go to high school.

Admission to Universities
All papers and queries for admission tests in universities are set up by the Ministry of Education and the Departments of different provinces. The exam starts from June 7 every year and lasts two to three days. Chinese, language, mathematics and foreign language exams are mandatory in this exam, as well as examinations in different areas. Such as art exams, science exams etc.


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