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The lost sense

Updated on October 7, 2012

When we allow ourselves to feel rather than simply react to things we are strengthening a part of our soul and building upon a bridge of knowledge & experience

What has technology done to enhance the way architecture functions today? I say “functions” because in that I refer to the systematic side of any building; technology has contributed in easing our way across and through spaces. Without technology most of today’s skyscrapers would cease to exist. Our continuous study of science and technology has enabled us to open into fields we couldn't have imagined would exist before. It has also created safer and more sustainable buildings; buildings that automate on their own (switching off and on in the presence or absence of people). That simple luxury didn't exist 10 years ago, today it does.

But technology has also brought upon us some bad habits. We have become so dependent on technology we no longer allow ourselves to experience space the way we used to. Once upon a time we walked with our heads looking straight to every little thing that surrounded us… we noticed things come and go, we moved through spaces without the need of any advanced technology to show us through…you could say that our heart was present as well as our brains. But today that is missing. There is no one to blame for that, it is only that we forgot the very essence of enjoying the simple luxury of living. Have we really lost a sense in the process? Have you ever felt that you were missing something and looked around to see that it was a part in you that was lost? When we allow ourselves to feel rather than simply react to things we are strengthening a part of our soul and building upon a bridge of knowledge and experience.

I always wondered what it would be like to own a smart-phone… as a teenager these things mattered and I grew to be passionate about it. But when I actually got one, I felt I was losing myself. There were so many things that opened up to me that did not exist in my life before, it forgot me who I was. Slowly that glimpse and wish became the terror I was living, I no longer felt the things the same way I used to and I realized I had lost a sense. At times like these you would ask me why I wouldn't give it up and live the same way I did before… I will tell you that it’s not as easy as we all make it sound like. In a generation that lives on technology and networks it’s quite difficult to keep yourself attached to the people who surround you without owning a smart-phone yourself. Everyone communicates digitally now, in going digital we communicate. This is quite a disaster for those of us who don’t like technology. Families no longer find direct communication with each other as easy as it was some time ago. The things that were made to ease our lives have caused us a dilemma that most of us don’t sense the existence of it yet. Then we question what shall come next?


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    • Safaa Gul Taher profile image

      Safaanur Taher 5 years ago from Bahrain

      realistic walahi . Words fail to let you know how much I liked it

      well observations

      I totally agree

      strange ,, I didnt receive any email tells me that you have published one though I am following you