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The measurement of success

Updated on September 30, 2012

How do you measure success?

If someone has a great job and has lots of money to buy almost all of the things he needs and wants, people will tend to look up to him and will consider him very successful. Moreover, lofty position at work, thriving business, real estate properties, posh homes, luxurious cars, branded accessories, clothes and jewelries and the likes have been considered hallmarks of success these days.

Let’s face it, we need to earn money in order to sustain our necessities and some luxuries in life, but sad to say, the vast majority of people nowadays are materialistic. For this group of people, they measure success with the wealth tone had accumulated over the years.

But what about the things that money cannot buy. The real list of true success that springs forth from the heart are:

  • You love and you are being loved
  • You have a very strong and happy family
  • You have great friends around you
  • You are accepted for what you are
  • You appreciate the things around you
  • You have the respect of people
  • You are debt free
  • Many people owe you debt of gratitude
  • You have nice relationships with the people around you (relatives, colleagues, superiors and friends)

You are so happy with your present situation (like your career, marriage, etc.)

True success can be in the form of success of the heart. So you need to work on this to make your life worthwhile further. Although many people consider money and wealth as their basis of success there are priceless things that can give you true success.

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