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The missing link in human history

Updated on October 5, 2013

Is Evolution right. Some of the greatest minds on the planet seem to think they have it all figured out. How life started and progressed up to us. It seems all so simple and straight forward. But are they right.

Its not all that long ago that the greatest minds on our planet though the world was flat and you could fall of the edge. How wrong did they get it. So who really can say they got it right now.

There is a lot of different theory's about how we got here. What is right or wrong who is to say.

What do you believe in Religion - Evolution - Alien's


Well what can you say about God. Most people do believe in god they might not practice religion or anything but they do believe in god. Plus I do believe a very famous person once said you do not need to go anywhere or do anything to believe in god he is all around you no matter were you go.

So the missing link and everything else can be explained with god. But is that enough like most people we all want to know more, why & how. But this is not about god it's about were you think we came from, and how and which story you think if any is right.


First Religion & God or two different things. God is someone that you will find that almost everybody everywhere believes in. How they believe and how they choose to worship or not worship is totally there own business, and no one has the right to tell anyone that there way is right and another way is wrong everyone must find there own way.

But religion is a different thing altogether it was people who invented this and not god even today new religions are being formed around the world. Most religions seem to agree God created us the planet and everything we see. In fact religion can more or less explain everything. Religion has being around for a while now, it just branch's of into different directions when some people can't agree that god wanted us to pray this way or that way. A new religion would seem to get formed to suit the person against the other religion. But the trouble with some religions is they have being written many years ago and like any story it gets changed as time goes on. So does religion explain what we are or where we came from. Well there seem to be a lot of written documents about it but as far as I know. God did not write these, it was people wrote all of these and you will find most of them were written a long time ago. But you will also find a lot of religions seem to forget about the hundred and fifty thousand years of human history where a lot of people got on fine without modern day religions.

So does religion explain it all for you or do you find it just has to many stories that just don't seem to fit right.

Main reasons for religion

1 - It explains everything

Main reasons against religion

1 - Religion and the scripts are written by people and not god.

2 - Some of the scripts were written a hundred years or more after the event happened. Humans can get a story wrong a hundred minutes later never mind a hundred years.

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Most of us have heard about this one as well. All about life and how it evolved through the different species. Most of the top minds in the world seem to think this is how it all began. But what they seem to forget is that there is quite a few things that just don't seem to fit into this theory. The most important one is the missing link. We have found fossils from a million and more years ago, showing all types of different dinosaurs & animals. But the one set of bones or fossils that has never being found or even came close to finding is the different steps from animal to modern human. This is what's called the missing link. So what does this mean for the human race.

Well as far as we know about one hundred an eighty thousand years ago. Give or take a few thousand years or more. Modern humans started walking this planet but yet we can find fossils of the people before modern humans and fossils of the earliest modern humans. But nothing of the steps in between. So does this mean the story of evolution for humans is just not what we think it is. Why is it that we just can not find these missing steps of human evolution. Plus when a species evolves it usually all evolves, but they tell us that half the species decided to stay stupid and keep swinging in the trees. So as far as I can see this story of evolution is not as straight forward as it might seem, yes it is for some species but not the human race.

Main reasons for evolution

1 - It seems to be right for some species

2 - Explains why we are getting smarter

Main reasons against evolution

1 - The missing link ( no sign of it anywhere )

2 - When a species evolves it gets better and stronger but we are more prone to bugs and diseases than any other species.

3 - We are the only species that need to cook most of our food. When all the rest of the species have evolved to eat there food naturally.

4 - Evolution does not explain were it all began. If you keep going back in time it must start some were


Now this is the one with a thousand and more different stories going with it. But is there any truth in any of them. Here is one that I came across which seemed to make more sense than most of the others.

About one hundred and eighty thousand years ago give or take a few thousand years or more again. Aliens mated with early humans this than resulted in modern man which than leads to us. This is why the missing link cannot be found because there is none. Plus if you look at the human body we are the only species that just don't seem to belong on this planet. To much sunlight can give us cancer and kill us. Night time we just can't see. Our lower back give's most humans problems its like we just were not designed for the strong gravity on this planet. It seems the human back is more suited to a planet with a lower gravity like mars or something. Plus we are the only species on this planet that is affected by a million different types of bugs and diseases. Any other species on this planet that have evolved, have learned to build an immune system against all this but not us.

Than there is the way that we eat our food. We changed all of a sudden from eating all raw food to cooking our food, because our systems could not handle raw food anymore. This change happened a long time ago when we are just not sure.

And one of the main things that make us different from all the other species on this planet is the way that we are able to kill. All other species just kill for food to survive. But us the human race just look at the way we kill torture murder. In fact if you think about it humans are capable of things that would just scare you to think about. But there does seem to be more good people than bad in the world. And this is the main reason behind the alien theory is that we were cast out from some were else because of the way we fight and kill, and we were sent to earth until we learn to get it right and stop this senseless killing. Well if this is right than we are going to be here a hell of a long time.

Main points for aliens

1 - Explains why we can't find the missing link

2 - Explains why our bodies don't seem 100% suited to this planet and we seem to be getting more skin allergies and more different types of cancers than ever before. Its like the planet is rejecting us.

3 - Explains why we can be such killers

4 - Explains why we have to cook most of our food, because our systems cannot handle raw food like every other species on this planet

5 - Explains why we are on this planet

Main points against aliens

1 - There is no proof what so ever to prove this


Well that is the 3 main theory's as to how we got here. But you must also remember that everyday new things are being discovered. So who knows what may turn up in the future. Just because you can't see or hear something it does not mean it don't exist.

So how do you believe we ended up on this planet. Could it be something like this.

About one hundred and seventy thousand years ago. Two aliens were cast out from there own planet for crimes we could not even imagine. They were sent to a planet called earth and will have to remain there until they, and all there decedents learn how to get along without killing each other. The aliens names that were sent here are Adam & Eve. As time went on our planet was visited to check on our development and seeing that we are still only killing each other. They sent people down to walk amongst us to try and guide us. This is were religion was born. Now as we can all see it did not seem to work, we are killing each other now more than ever before.

Yes there is a lot of good people around but it does not seem to stop us from killing each other for almost no reason at all. We start a war and millions die plus we have no problem in using weapons that can cause unreal pain and suffering even on young children.

So were are we heading. Who knows but as we get smarter and learn how to travel into outer space more. Will the people who cast out our species to earth in the first place let us travel back into space to spread our wars and senseless killing.

So what do you think?

What do you think?

Which story best describes how we got here

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    • Electro-Denizen profile image


      5 years ago from UK

      One of the most interesting subjects... it's extraordinary that we really have no real 100% conclusive idea of how we came to be on earth... The alien Adam/Eve possibility is an interesting notion. Interesting hub!

    • HeatherH104 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      I love this topic because it's such a mystery. It does seem we were dumped here without explanation and forgotten.

      Interesting points in your hub! :)


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