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The Mystery of Area 51 - Mysterious History

Updated on June 1, 2020

Here are a few names to start with today, see if you've ever heard or read - Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, and Watertown. What? Have you ever heard these names? At least by looking at the names, We can guess that these are the names of places, not people. So where is it?

Well, have you heard of a place in the United States called Area 51? If you have heard, then I will say that the four names mentioned above are actually another name of this Area 51.

The US Air Force's top-secret facility is located in the southern US state of Nevada. There is no way to know exactly what is currently being researched here. However, history says that various aircraft and weapon systems were tested in this place.

The mystery surrounding Area 51 has intensified day by day as it has been wrapped in an impenetrable sheet of privacy from the very beginning. Over time, a number of conspiracy theories have been born out of this mystery. The main purpose of our writing today is to highlight those conspiracy theories. Today we will try to find answers to how those theories came about and what is going on there now.

Let's get acquainted with the conspiracy theories about aliens, UFOs, landings on the moon, etc. without delay.

Alien spacecraft was built by reverse engineering

In 1989. A man named Bob Lazar claims that he worked for a while in a part of Area 51 called S-4. The place was so secretive that the windows of the bus he and his colleagues took on the project were closed so they could not remember the road.

In the S-4 airfield, Lazarus saw all the flying saucers that Lazarus claimed could never be made on Earth. They were powered by antimatter reactors, and a reddish-orange substance called 'Element-115' was used as fuel. The saucer was making such a strong gravitational wave that if he threw a golf ball for that purpose, it would come back!

According to Lazarus, the U.S. government was creating UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) through reverse engineering for military use! Lazarus is unfortunate. Once, he hid with his friends and went to see the test flight of saucer and got caught. Then he left his job.

The aliens were interrogated

When it comes to UFOs, inevitably another entity that comes to mind is aliens. And these alien creatures are interrogated in Area-51 in the same way as in prison! That's what Bob Lazar, a proponent of UFO theory, claims.

Once, as he was walking down a hallway of the S-4, he peeked through the small window of a nearby room for a moment. Then he saw a small, gray animal standing between two people in a white coat inside the house! Later, however, the poor man was forced to leave after eating the bush of the guard who came after him.

Image Source - Google | Image by - Muhaiminul Islam Antik

In 1998, another man named Victor made such a claim. He claimed to be employed in Area 51. He also said that he saw the interrogation of the aliens. He even made a blurry video showing an Area 51 officer trying to communicate via telepathy with an extraterrestrial pilot shot by the U.S. military.

Autopsy of aliens

Believers in the conspiracy theory of Area 51 probably did not want the aliens to live in peace. So, in the beginning, they stole their spacecraft, then after the trouble of interrogation, they gave them an autopsy and left!

It was in the mid-nineties of the last century. Suddenly a seventeen-minute videotape was leaked showing a group of people in bio-hazard protection suits researching the body of a small alien. However, many people are skeptical about the video, saying that the research team's surgical instrument movement was quite inexperienced, which proves it to be fake!

A year later, the director of the video made another documentary. There he claims that their team actually performed an autopsy on the alien. However, the original video clip was lost, so they made another fake video and released it!

But if you still want to believe in the autopsy theory of aliens, don't despair. This is because, in 2012, a DVD titled 'Alien from Area 51:The Alien Autopsy Footage Revealed' was released, which again reads as a warning - 'Graphic Material'! Another such video was last seen in 2014. The video showed the partially severed head of an alien about 4 feet long.

Landing on the moon is just an arranged event

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

Astronaut Neil Armstrong's words have made history after he first set foot on the moon. However, according to Area 51 conspiracy theorists, the landing on the moon with Apollo 11 is nothing more than a hoax!

Conspiracy writer Bill Casing is the proponent of this idea. According to him, in the late sixties, NASA scientists realized that a man who landed on the moon's chest due to intense radioactivity would never be able to survive again! But even this long-running program could not be canceled. So they took refuge in one of the best frauds in history!

That's why after the Apollo 11 went out of sight of the people, the crew was taken in a secret military aircraft to a pre-arranged movie stage! A few days later, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin starred in front of all the cameras set up there. The video was then broadcast worldwide by NASA.

It goes without saying that the speed of the imagination of conspiracy theorists also beat Usain Bolt in this case.

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40 floors or bunker on the ground floor

People have very little idea about what is actually in Area 51. From this low idea, later branches of various imaginations were born.

This is the case with the underground bunker. According to some conspiracy theorists, the US government has built huge underground bunkers in Area 51. And there is also the travel of aircraft blessed with state-of-the-art technology. Those planes are hidden there so that no one can find any trace of them even through satellite. According to some, those bunkers are as high as a 40-floors building!

Once again, Bob Lazarus took refuge in Bunker's words. According to him, the aliens' spacecraft was hidden under the mountain. At the entrance of that bunker, there is a huge door with a design similar to the surrounding soil. As a result, anyone who sees it from a distance will think it is part of the mountain!

Man-alien hybrid

The conspiracy theory that I am going to talk about now should be surprising as well as quite fun. According to some, the US government and alien creatures are actually working together in Area 51.

In their view, the two sides are working together to create hybrid species of humans and aliens that look like humans. But physically and mentally they will be like those aliens! Or they will lead the world of the future. Many again extend the wings of imagination to say that the hybrid species that are being born here are actually alien-controlled. If in the future an organ transplant is needed for any reason, the aliens will use the organs of these hybrid animals that grow in the laboratory!

Climate change experimentation

According to the National Science Foundation of the United States, in the late 1940s, the US military experimented with changing the clouds to see if rain could be used as a weapon. Between 1982 and 1983, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration worked to reduce the speed of cyclones, although their research was less effective.

From this, many people have the idea that there are various tests to change the weather in Area 51.

One World Government

There is a term well known as 'Majestic 12', which refers to a secret group in America. That team of scientists and members of the military has been working tirelessly for the last six decades to make sure that our planet is managed by humans and elite aliens at the same time!

Majestic 12 has already been able to communicate with the aliens. Conspiracy theorists claim that the United States gained access to various alien technologies through this project, which began in 1948. In return, the aliens got the right to conduct scientific experiments on various animals, even humans!

Time navigation and teleportation

Sometimes we want to go back to the past and see that childhood entity, to go back to the colorful times of adolescence or to change the wrong decisions we have made in life. Some people also want to meet famous people of the past face to face or to witness any famous event of the past. Just talking about the past or why? People who are very worried about the present sometimes want to know what their future holds. All this would have been possible if the matter called time travel had been possible.

Now let's talk about teleportation. Science fiction stories and movie lunatics have been familiar with this subject for a long time. Teleportation is the act of moving from one place to another in a matter of moments. Through this, it is believed that the transfer of both matter and energy is possible. Many people think that work is going on in Area 51 with these two issues of human imagination.

After reading so much, the question arises in one's mind, "What really happens in a place where so much conspiracy theory surrounds?" And how did so many mysteries arise?” It is very normal to have such questions. Now let's find the answers to these two questions. Let's start with the first question.

That is why we have to leave in the aftermath of World War-2. At that time, the minds of the American politicians were very hot on various issues like the speed of the Soviet Union, what they were researching, whether they would launch a surprise attack, and so on. In the early 1950s, the United States sent low-flying aircraft to gather information on various aspects of the Soviet Union. But they were in danger of being overthrown by Soviet forces.

Finally, in 1954, the then President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower approved a secret project. The goal of that project was to build aircraft that would be able to monitor enemy positions from a great height. As a result of this program, they later built a U-2 spy plane.

In order to train and test the operation of these planes, a secret place far from the locality was needed. In the end, the area near Groom Lake, south of the Nevada Desert, is the preferred destination. This place is known to everyone today as Area 51.

The test flight of the U-2 spy plane started in July 1955. Interestingly, within a few days, people from different parts of the United States started demanding to see UFOs. The reason behind this is quite interesting.

Most of the people claiming to have seen UFOs were commercial airline pilots. Back then, airplanes usually flew at altitudes of 10,000 to 20,000 feet. Military airplanes flew higher, about 40,000 feet. Many thought that no man-made airplane could fly so high! And this is exactly the place where the noise. Because the U-2 plane could fly at an altitude of more than 60,000 feet!

Diameter, this is where disbelief entered people's minds. "It simply came to our notice then. It's definitely a UFO made by aliens! ”

Senior Air Force officials, however, knew that the items claimed by the UFO were, in fact, U-2 spy planes from their secret project. But it was forbidden for them to tell this truth in public. Because it was a top-secret project. As a result, those baseless claims of seeing UFOs continue to spread among the people.

Even after the U-2's operation was suspended in the late fifties, the research continued in Area-51, research on other Stealth aircraft. These were among the A-12, Bird of Prey, F-117A, and Tacit Blue.

As a result, the expansion of rumor branches did not stop. Then, in 1989, Bob Lazar's explosive comment that many of the engineers working there were not well. The scientists have been forced to tell the psychiatrist and writer Peter Marlin, researching about the mental state of scientists for nearly three decades, "Some Are Even Mad Because They Worked on These Things And This is the earth technology. You Got Folks Claiming It's Extratererrestrial When IT's' Really Good Old American Know-How.

"Now let's end this long writing today's long writing through finding the answer to the first question. Area 51 is still going on in force. Now its expansion is working. But it is very difficult to assume that the work of doing exactly what the work is going on in the outer world. There is no way to verify whether it is correct but it is right.

According to Peter Marlin, Area 51 is currently working on advanced stealth technology, advanced weapons, electronic warfare and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). According to the U-2 historian Chris Polk, there is now a special type of aircraft, research on the sophisticated energy, director of radio communications, directed energy weapons, and lasers.

Like conspiracy theorists, do you think UFOs, aliens, one-world governments are working in Area 51? Or is it true that historians like Marilyn and Polk are the ones who frustrate the UFOs and aliens of many dreams? Is it possible to get the right answer at all?

© 2020 Ridwan Ahammed Rana


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