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The real cause of climate change. The secret Illuminati weather control connection. Illuminati causing global warming

Updated on February 14, 2016

The causes of global warming, and the failing politicians.

They know the real cause of climate change. Are they in league with the forces of destruction?
They know the real cause of climate change. Are they in league with the forces of destruction?

The Illuminati and their evil allies. The drivers of climate change/global warming.

A topic that has been the subject of much debate in recent years is the belief that the climate of the planet is gradually undergoing a change, the so called global warming. Many in the scientific community have been saying that the temperature of the atmosphere has been steadily warming over the past couple of decades, with a resultant melting of the polar icecaps and increase in sea level that will lead to the inundation of many low level areas of our countries if the process is not halted. The Himalayan glaciers are also said to be affected; and the rain belts in Africa plus the monsoons in India have shifted, thus causing increasing problems for agricultural production in those parts of the world.

The blame for much of this climate change/global warming is being put on humankind, and most particularly on the burning of fossil fuels, and the emissions from most forms of oil driven vehicles.

There are however many who are of the contrary view. These are characterised as "climate change deniers". They claim among other things that any change is much exaggerated, or that it is naturally occurring, down to sunspot activity etc. These people tend, in large measure, to come from the oil company lobbyists, or, for some odd reason from the religious right.

I have to place myself firmly on the side of those who believe in climate change. The evidence that something big is happening is just too great to ignore. Global temperatures are rising, and they are being driven by artificial forces. But the scientists and climatologists are fatally wrong in one important particular. It is not down to the motor car, or to carbon from our factories, or even to the methane exhalations of all our cows. The real cause of climate change/global warming is a very large, and growing, belt of magnifying lenses that is orbiting our planet just beyond the edge of our atmosphere. This is constructed from billions of reading glasses lenses and discarded or stolen contact lenses. It has been placed in orbit around The Earth by an alliance of The Illuminati and those malevolent greed mongers the Lilliputians of Gulliver's Travels fame

The climate change truth is in here


The plot to cause climate change/global warming.

As The President of The Ancient Society of Secret Historians I am privy to all the secrets. I don’t want to start a general panic, so I only release information to the general public when I feel that the interest of the people urgently dictates it. Successive governments throughout the world have been given the details. Even The General Secretary of The United Nations has been briefed. But they have all chosen to sit on the revelations. I don’t know why. Perhaps you should question them next time they come round seeking votes.

Anyway, the time is now right for the world to be advised about what is really going on, so if you care to read on I shall put you in the loop, and dammnation to the politicians.

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