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All of Mankind fits into 3 basic categories. A Psychological profile of Humanity today.

Updated on March 24, 2018

The three groups

There are 3 [three] specific psychoanalytical groupings that mankind fits into.

They are basic, distinct, psychological groups that separate, and categorize all of mankind.

These "classes", or "groups" are 'simple' and yet 'complex' within themselves; with each affecting the others in some way.

They are each visibly and uniquely distinguishable using the simple method of logical analysis.

They personify what man "needs" versus what man "wants"; and the excessiveness of what man 'wants' creates a 3rd "dis-eased" group of humanity. This diseased (or psychologically damaged) group is easily recognized by their excessive , or reprehensible, acquisitiveness, otherwise known as the "sin" of avarice, or avariciousness..

This 3rd group is not only recognized as a 'sin' by all 'religions' of the world, but even more notably by its deleterious effects on society as a whole, as well.

This 'third' group (must) be re-evaluated and placed in the category with "major crimes against humanity. For that is precisely what it is.

The three classes

The poor. those with their needs not met
The poor. those with their needs not met | Source
The average American.  Needs fulfilled and enjoying their wants
The average American. Needs fulfilled and enjoying their wants
The castle dwellers. The lavishly wealthy who cannot possibly relate to the needs, or wants, of others beneath them
The castle dwellers. The lavishly wealthy who cannot possibly relate to the needs, or wants, of others beneath them

The Needs

This is the first of the three basic groups in the psychological growth and development of mankind.

From birth we [as a species] start our lives within this basic 'need's group.

It is what is ''necessary'' to survive and thrive in life.

It encompasses such things as food, air, water, nurturing (training, upbringing, protection, teaching, etc..)

The Wants

When we reach an age of independence and all "needs" can be met by the "self" without external assistance, we move on to develop and provide ourselves with our "wants".
This is another basic concept but with more complexities than simple "needs".
Our 'wants' go beyond 'need' as they begin to envelop "likes" and "dislikes" as individual and personal preferences.

Then "desire" enters the picture. A desire for personal comfort and/or enjoyment.

"Wants" are greater than basic 'needs', but soon become part of our over all psychological makeup, i.e. { wanting to own a home, a nice car, the best of all the extraneous commodities surrounding us, etc....}.

Beyond basic desire

The first two categories are essential to man's survival.

The third, and final, of the psychoanalytical groups is the "dis-ease", or the social disorder, derived from the lack of personal restraint, or lack of responsibility to anyone but the "self".

It is also know as the 'elevated ego' syndrome, egoism, or egotism.

This is an exaggerated psychological condition in which one develops an extreme sense of self worthiness to the point of destruction of both self and/or others around the egoist.

This point of no return (the 'event horizon' of psychological destruction) is known as: "Avarice".
It is truly a psychological disease and should be treated as such instead of lauded as an elevated status in any society as we seem to have done today.

Avariciousness goes way beyond the normal "needs" and "wants" of the self awareness of the logical and rational human being, and far beyond simple greed associated with self serving.

The Ego effect

The driving force of avarice is the elevated psychological state of egoism.

Ego defines itself as: the "self" as contrasted with another 'self', or the world. Especially so, when considering, or correlating, the needs of the self, while considering the needs of another person, or while considering the needs the people of the world.

Ego is one of the three divisions of the psyche, in psychoanalytic theory, that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person (the self) and reality.

Especially when functioning both, in the perception of, and the adaption to, reality.

The Conclusion

A society that is ruled by these {"dis-eased"} few is one destined to failure from its beginning.

When the ruling factors of any nation, country, state, community, or family unit, have a psychological malfunctioning leadership, humanitarianism is lost by example.

The masses (the people) must rule by majority based on what is fair and equitable for every single individual that makes up any society, not just for the select few, or even for the majority.

Without that basic and requisite "need" for survival, humanity is lost to extinction.

Avarice (greed gone wild) is a true "sin" and a "crime against humanity'', in its most basic form.

We imprison 'murderers', and allow 'avarice' to rule, when these two are on the same level, and equal in status, when considering the evilness in this world.

The only difference between the two is that they just kill other people by different methods..

by: d.william 12/09/2013

And i rest my case --


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Bishop55. thanks for reading and commenting. It is well appreciated.

    • Bishop55 profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago from USA

      I loved this. Very true, and very well put.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      biz: thanks for reading and commenting. We all know that greed is bad, and yet, this government keeps promoting it as if it had no effects at all on our economy or basic way of life as it should be.

      As long as the majority of people simply accept the crumbs dropped by the wealthy, there can be no hope of any meaningful changes in the near future. Any hope for the betterment of this world will be inherited by the children, but unfortunately , those wealthy brats will still have the upper hand.

    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      Interesting, and you're right, a society like this is doomed to failure. Greed only leads to bad things.