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The Dream Team?

Updated on March 8, 2014
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Do you find yourself in these scenarios?

Do you dread doing schoolwork in groups because some classmates are hard to get along with? Here are some tips on how to drop that fear and breeze through any group project!


  • THE DILEMMA: She's the self appointed leader who designates tasks among members of the group without asking for anyone consent . However, she ends up doing just that - bossing everyone around without actually doing anything herself. Group maktes like her are hard to deal with because the only opinion that matters to them is their own.
  • THE FIX: Explain to her kindly that a good leader should keep everyone motivated to make significant contributions to the group. Tell her that while it's all right for her to give orders and steer the wheel for your group, it would be better if she could help out in the little details also. And when you don't agree with her ideas, be assertive enough to share your suggestion.


  • THE DILEMMA: She participates actively in group meetings held during class hours. But in those held outside the classroom, she's nowhere to be found. She said she had to run errands for her parents, but your best friend just saw here in the mall with a new guy. And when she runs out of excuses for her non-appearance, she can still appear unapologetic for her lack of effort in your group project.
  • THE FIX: It's normal for you to cry "Unfair!" but you have to do something about the situation. Tell her that if she continues riding on your group's hard work, you may have to bring the matters to your teacher. On the other hand, it might be better to give her positive encouragement. Tell her that her talents are important to the group. That way she will realize that her participation is indeed necessary.


  • THE DILEMMA: The group has agreed that you will be in charge of researching for a Biology project while she will take care of writing the topic outline. The next day, she has already come up with both! The only thing left for you to do is attend succeeding group meetings. She's the group mate who takes everything upon herself because she feels no one can perform the tasks better than her.
  • THE FIX: Remind her that there is no "I" in the word "TEAM" and that the project will turn out better if everyone is allowed to participate. While you appreciate her efforts in going the extra mile, tell her that the project is supposed to be a learning experience for everyone and that you're just as interested in sharing the responsibility. Show her that you can do the job just well as she does!


  • THE DILEMMA: You're assigned to compile the groups analysis on Romeo and Juliet. The night before submission, everyone's contributions are in - expect hers. You stay up all night waiting for her to submit her summary, only to get it a few hours before the headline. Requirements in other subjects are also piling up, and the last thing you need are group mates who submit their work at the last minute.
  • THE FIX: Confront her nicely by saying she has to be fair to your other group mates who sent their contributions on time. Help her realize that her actions will affect not just her grade, but the other group members' as well. If she's having a hard time coping with schoolwork and is constantly delayed in her submissions, why don't you try being study buddies so you can help her manage time better?


  • THE DILEMMA: You're excited to team up with friends for a History group presentation, but your teacher announces that the groupings will be done randomly. Chances are, you will be teamed with others you are not comfortable working with. And when the group chemistry is not good, you might end up fighting about what to do. In this scenario, you run the risk of coming out with crappy work.
  • THE FIX: Instead of complaining that you should be paired with your friends, look at this as a new learning opportunity. Find time to bond more with your group mates in non-academic activities so you will learn to feel at ease with them. Make an effort to resolve your differences and avoid the "every man for himself" mentality.


  • THE DILEMMA: You and your friends always deliver the best presentation, projects, and papers. No wonder your bunch is always hailed as the model group! All of you have great chemistry, so whenever a task is done by groups, you consider one another group mates by default. There's nothing wrong with this situation, except that it could prevent you ftom adapting to working environment without your friends.
  • THE FIX: Spread out once in a while so you can help others, especially struggling groups. Do not keep your talents to yourselves, and learn how to share your skills with other classmates too. Not only will you gain more friends, you'll also help others become their best selves.

We're All in This Together

The four essentials every dream team have

  • Equal division of work. You need to divided any group work according to your member's skills and talents. You may want to leave the planning aspect to the analytical ones and the fleshing out of the project to the creative ones.
  • Organized schedule. You need a group mate who is keen on reminding everyone to attend group meetings and meet deadlines so you can submit your work on time.
  • Common goal. You have to set your eyes on a similar goal for you to move in a unified direction.
  • Passion. Of course, all the others essentials would be nothing if your group does'nt have the drive to do things with excellence.

* Source: Pia Dedace, Candy July 2009 ...


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