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A Kingdom Perspective on Understanding Crisis – Part 1

Updated on November 20, 2009

The Ancient House

The House of God is more ancient than, the House of Windsor
The House of God is more ancient than, the House of Windsor

The House of God

Haggai 2:6, For thus says the Lord God of hosts; Once more I will shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and will fill this temple with glory, says the Lord of hosts. The silver is mine and the gold is mine says the Lord of hosts.  The glory of the latter House shall be greater than the glory of the former House, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, says the Lord of hosts.

The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing onto the Earth and the World and its systems are feeling the pressure of this thrust. This is creating Global Crisis in every aspect of human society to the degree that man is unable to neither cope nor understand the magnitude of the change being imposed.  The prayers of the sons of the Kingdom, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, is being answered by the Father and we must conclude, “that the heavens and the earth are being shaken”(Haggai 2:8). During this time of crisis and shaking it is only the Kingdom that will stand in midst of all this turmoil, because you have not come to a mountain that can be shaken but you have come to Mt. Zion, (Heb 12:22-28), and we have received Kingdom that cannot be shaken, we are in a place of immunity, a place of Unshakeable Peace.

Now we all know that Kingdom is not a geographical location but is invisible and is within you, but is very real. This is a positional understanding in your identity and your identity is reinforced by your activity, because it is not what we do that determines who we are, it is who we are that determines what we do.  Even as each of you depart from forms of religious activity conforming your mind to that of the culture of the Kingdom and righteous rule, rest assure that our enemy will be relentless in his pursuit to keep us in a place of soul life. The soul life is low, it is the life that is from below this life is reserved for all the nations of the world and the Religious Church not of the Kingdom. 

There are three dimensions to the makeup of a human being. He has a flesh or body, a soul and a spirit. Here is an important note; there were three parts to the Tabernacle of Moses, the Outer Court which is a representation of our flesh, the Holy Place which is a representation of our souls and the Most Holy Place which is representation of our Spirits.  In each court there were different priests, the outer court priests wore wool and worked daily in the heat of the sun, to slaughter the sacrifice and lay it on the Brazen Laver, they sweated all day and were never allowed to enter into the Most Holy Place.  The priests in the Holy Place toiled in maintenance of the Candlestick and the Table of Show Bread, they wore linen so that they will remain dry and all sweat will be absorbed, they were not allowed to enter the Most Holy Pace. Both outer court priest and holy place priests came from the Tribe of Levi ministering to the Covenant of Law, under the servant Moses. It was only the Chief High Priest that was able to enter the Most Holy Place once a year and sprinkle the blood on the furniture in the Holies of Holies.  Christ Jesus the Son, is our Great High Priest after the order of Melchisedek, from the Tribe of Judah, ministering to the Eternal Covenant of Sonship. He gave Himself as a sacrifice once and for all and sits in rest on the Mercy seat, his garments are light (Mt. Transfiguration) that means light originates from Him and radiates into your souls and bringing the soul into subjection to the Will of the Father.  Darkness is ignorance, ignorance of your identity.  Church culture keeps you in the dark and never allows the Father of Lights to reveal to you who you are. The priesthood has changed. If God performed such miracles for his servant Moses under the Covenant of Law and we were astounded by His acts, then how much more will He do for his sons, you and me, under the Covenant of Sonship. Selah.(means, pause and consider that)

This understanding is built on apostolic doctrine, spiritual fathers bring this revelation to you and make you aware that there is only ONE BODY, it is not divided. The Body of Christ is made up of mature sons and once the Holy Spirit has accomplished this through the Baptism of Fire, you become refined pure as gold, not depending on the World for your provision and your protection.  When you become a son in the house of your Father, He suppliers your needs.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. What we need to understand then is that we are not the Recipients of Crisis but rather we are the ones imposing the Purpose of the Kingdom.  To the World it is crisis but to the sons of God it is purpose that will cause us to rise and shine for our light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon YOU. YOUR BEST DAYS ARE YET TO COME. 

So take heart in your personal lives, when the crisis is impacting you, it is actually impacting everything that is not the Kingdom.  Relationships and lifestyles are being tested in the furnace, just remain on the coals and let the work of the Holy Spirit be completed, so that you can become a vessel of honour fit for the masters service. Put down your soul that wants to run the show, it is devilish, it’s fleshly and it is sensual focused on the natural. You are not from this world you are from above, the eternal, the realm of immortality, the place of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Die to your soul, die to the dictates of the flesh, walk away from acts that lead to dead works and put your faith towards God the Father, the higher call.  The Father is faithful to supply you everything pertaining to life and godliness, only be strong and very courageous. Therefore count it all joy when you are going through various testing, knowing that the trials are producing in you a greater weight of Glory, for we fix our eyes not on the temporal but on the eternal. For your light afflictions is but for a moment but joy comes in the morning.

We are looking at the impact of global crisis and have come to realise that if you adopt the right perspective then you are immune from crisis, according to Haggai, there is a particular place that inoculates you from the perils of crisis. It is clearly evident that it’s the House of God that provides a fortress against such crisis.  Then the question remains what is House of God and I do I access the Grace of His House? Let me explain the first part and proceed to unpack the second part in another article.

So it comes as a great surprise that the Scriptures themselves say that God does not dwell in a temple made with human hands. If God does not dwell in a temple made with human hands and if human history in relationship to the gods - whoever they worshiped as God or whatever idea they had as to who God was - if that were keenly associated and routinely attached to the notion of a building, then how does a person have a different view of this when history is so plainly in favour of the term “House of God” meaning a temple in which a deity of that particular people or civilization is worshiped? That poses a very interesting question to me because if God doesn't dwell in temples made with hands then what is the house of God or does He even have a house? Now some would say, “The house of God is actually God dwelling in us,” and they're very proud of the fact that they're understanding of the house of God is that it's not made of brick and mortar but it's made of people. But they limit the understanding of the house of God, to God dwelling in individuals by His Spirit. That represents a more advanced view than the house of God from antiquity where buildings were dedicated to the worship of a deity but even that notion falls short, the idea that God lives in us though true, it falls short of the proper definition of the house of God. It is in fact an aspect of the house of God but it is not indeed what the house of God is, in it's more complete understanding.

The word “house” you see is more like an old or ancient family that lives in an area for many generations. For example, in Germany one of the ancient houses of Germany is the House of Hanover. In England, a similar ancient family is the House of Windsor. People in the American Southwest and in Latin America are familiar with the ancient houses or Aragon or Castile. So people with last names like “Castile” and “Aragon” are from very famous, ancient, Spanish houses. So what then is a house? A house is an ancient family, it may actually have castles and land but that's not what the house is, that's what the house has, it's not who the house is. A house then is a family that is multi-generational. So what establishes noble houses is the fact that for many generations they may collect wealth of various kinds. We speak for example of the “crown jewels” of the House of Windsor, rare and beautiful jewels acquired over the many centuries by the ruling monarchs who have sat upon the throne. And we speak also of large amounts of money and land and possessions, fine collections of art and the like associated with these ancient noble houses. Some of these houses of course shape history and have produced monarchs and nobles of great significance in the history of entire nations, indeed entire continents.

The house of God is the most ancient of all houses; the house of God is the family of God in time and space. It was the original family, it was the original house. How did the house of God get to be in the earth? And in what sense is the family of God in the earth? Well a family of course presupposes, at a minimum, a father and children of that father.

So let us begin with the question how did the family of God get into the earth, how did it come to be here in the earth? God is a Spirit, how could God have children who are spirit and why would they be put in the earth? Why would they be His offspring, enjoying His same nature and what are they doing in the earth? Well let's begin with the fact that God had a family in the earth. In the book of Luke the third chapter, the genealogy of Christ is presented and at verse 37 the following is said, that, “Noah was the son of Lamech, who was the son of Methuselah, who was the son of Enoch, who was the son of Jared, who was the son of Mahalalel, who was the son of Kenan, who was the son of Enosh, who was the son of Seth, who was the son of Adam, who was the son of God.” Adam was the son of God. When God created Adam, God was creating a son. Now a son of God, to truly be a son of God, must be of the same kind and nature as God himself, otherwise sonship there is not an actual sonship, it is more of an imputed sonship or a notion of sonship that is not real. When you look at it closely, it does not amount to a real sonship. So one of the things that must be true is if God is Spirit, for Adam to be a son of God, Adam also must be of spirit, the same kind and nature as God.

So when God made man in the book of Genesis the second chapter God said that He was making man quote “In His own image and in His own likeness”. That means that if God is Spirit then man is spirit and if God's nature is of a particular kind, for example if God is good then the nature of man is also a reflection of the nature of God. So man in nature and in character, how he is and how he behaves, are mirrors of his Father. So God made man in the image of God, God made man in the likeness of God. In image and in likeness, in spirit and in character, man was meant to be the son of God. And that's exactly what the Scriptures say was the purpose of the forming of man, the nature of the forming of man. So in Genesis where this record is presented the following is said. The Lord said concerning the making of man, He gave us His particular intent in Genesis chapter 1 at verse 26, “Then God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, in Our likeness,” so God was going to make man in His image and in His likeness. It goes on to say, “And let them rule over the fish of the sea, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” Now that was the expressed intent of God and then verse 27 it says that God in fact did what God said He was going to do. “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” So God was intending to create someone in the image and in the likeness of God. That is, God was going to make a person; spirit like God is Spirit and one who would mirror or model the character of God. So if God is good, then the character of man was meant to be a reflection of the nature of God.

So when God made Adam it is clear from the Scriptures God was making a son because Adam was the son of God. And furthermore when you make a son, that son in practical terms needs to be in your image and in your likeness. Whatever you are by your nature, if you are spirit, he'll be spirit; if you're flesh, he'll be flesh. And in likeness, that is, he, in his character resembles you because as is the case here, since God is Spirit, likeness could not possibly mean that he has the same physical features as you. Why? Because a spirit is invisible, God has always been the invisible God but the character of God has been on display in creation. It is not the physical representation of God that is the likeness of God, it is the character of God, the invisible attributes, His invisible being, His divine nature, His invisible power, might be seen in that which is created. So that's what Romans 1 tells us, “The invisible God may be clearly seen in what has been created,” meaning that man, when he puts on display the character of God, resembles God in that. So though God is invisible, His divine nature may be clearly seen in what has been created. This is in fact worth our attention. Let us quickly take a look at the first chapter of the book of Romans which tells us that precise thing. When Paul was speaking to the Romans he speaks of how the invisible God was meant to be seen in that which is created. So in the first chapter of Romans, verse 18 he explains it this way, he says, “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the Godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and His divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so men are without excuse.”

Now this is not speaking merely of the physical creation, because the context here is one in which Paul the writer is commenting first on the wickedness of men and the response of God, that is that God's wrath is being revealed against Godless and wicked men because they suppress the truth by their wickedness. Now the argument is rather simple. He's saying, “The invisible God may be clearly seen by what is created, so that when He judges the wickedness and the ungodliness of men it is because His judgment is right and proper.” But then the question would be: Why is God so hard on wicked and unjust men if God himself is invisible? Clearly the answer to that is not simply that, “Well they could look up in the night sky and see the order of the heavens.” One of the problems with wickedness and ungodliness is that men have seared their consciences and so whatever they see, they see through the prism of their own debauchery and wickedness.

So there has to be an objective, alternative standard to this wickedness that is quote “clearly seen in what has been created”. And what is “clearly seen” is not just that God can create or A) there is a God, B) He creates and that what He creates is orderly. That's not what Paul is saying. What he's saying is, “The invisible nature of God relative to His character, that is, “His divine nature, His invisible quality, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen and it's understood from what has been made so that men are without excuse.” That means that in creation certain people must behave in a fashion that models or mirrors the divine nature of God – the holiness of God, the goodness of God, the mercy of God the compassion of God, the loving kindness of God, the understanding of God, the wisdom of God, the counsel of God. All these things are the opposites of wickedness and ungodliness and you cannot simply infer the existence of these qualities by looking at nature.

He's making the point that in creation God has put His own children as a sign and a token to the world. And in fact this is the essence of the intent of God because at the end of the age the Scriptures tell us in the book of Isaiah chapter 2 and in the book of Micah chapter 4, same prophecy, tells us that, “In the last days the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains and exalted above the hills and men will say, 'Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob that He may teach us His ways that we may walk in His paths because they have beaten their swords into plowshares, they have formed their spears into pruning hooks.” Nation shall not rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom.” Why? Because in the house of God, as contrasted to the houses of mankind, the nations of mankind, in the house of God the nations will have come to such a place of rest, peace and well being and harmony that the problems that are dividing and destroying the nations around them, have no effect in the house of God and is of no consequence to those who dwell in the house of God.

So clearly when God put a son into the earth from the beginning, when He said, “Let Us make man in Our own image, after Our own likeness,” He fully intended not just that man would be spirit as God is Spirit but He also intended that man, created as the son of God, would put on display in creation the very nature and the character of God. So that at every point where the creation becomes so wicked, so debauched, God can in fact correct that civilization, however forcefully, however thoroughly He needs to correct and adjust it because God will always have His house in the earth even if it were just Noah and his household, even if it was just Abraham and Isaac, even if it was just Lot and his wife. God has always had a remnant in the earth because the invisible God may be clearly seen in creation by that which He has created.

So I posit to you this thought, when God said, “Let Us make man in Our own image and after Our own likeness,” He was not just positing some esoteric notion, He was actually going to make a son who was spirit like He is Spirit and whose nature would be the model of the very nature of God because if God were ever to judge of the many examples of the need to have your sons in creation to be as you are, if God were ever going to judge man - even in those days of mans greatest debauchery and departure from God - God will still have to have someone in the earth whose nature, whose character was like God. So Noah could judge the world in his day, in the day of unrighteousness Noah was the righteous; in the day of faithlessness, Abraham was the man of faith and so on and so forth.

How did the house of God then, actually come to be in the earth? It is true that God placed Adam in the earth and Adam is a son of God but how does that work exactly? And this is important if we're going to understand not just the how, how does the house of God come to be in the earth, but more to the point: why does God put His house in the earth? We have partially begun to address that by suggesting at a minimum the house of God needs to present in the earth when men are sinful and lawless because that's the only way you could properly judge them inasmuch as the sons of God become the template for righteousness in the earth.We will continue this discussion in subsequent articles, may the House of God the Father become His dwelling place in you.

Grace, Peace, Mercy & Love


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    • profile image

      Trudy Cox 

      5 years ago

      Soooo Rich.

    • Leon Elijah profile imageAUTHOR

      The Elijah Tribe 

      7 years ago from The Household of Sam Soleyn - Durban - South Africa

      Hi Mohammad

      Glad to see you here, continue to rest in your Father, during this time, you are loved by the Father and your right is to do His Will as a son of the House of your Father.

      Leon Elijah

    • profile image

      mohammad nikoo 

      7 years ago

      God always intended to brings us forth as a holy nation, not an individualism but a corporate man to represent God in His full splendour in the Earth. Also God always intended to present Himself through Nation. As Jesus was born in the Nation so for Christ to be born there has to be a nation again. Because of the the Prayer of Jesus in John 17 for the oneness of His people would come to reality through Joining and the birthing of the Nation which is the HOUSE OF GOD in the Earth. The intend of God is to be seen in an assembled people which corporate Man.


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