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Thembani Joyce Ncala Physician Tlailane.

Updated on September 1, 2015

Thembani Joyce Ncala Physician Tlailane.

Thembani. ( Baby Joyce).

Let us Pray.
Tembani is on earth.
Joyce in the flesh.
May life be kind.
To health.
And the enhancement of our wealth.

To play.
Memories that are pleasant.
To growth.

May you walk in the light.
May darkness fade with your smile, and sunshine.
May you have a great relationship with God.
May you conquer your fears.
May your over come your insecurities.

May you excel in all you put your mind to.
May all your thoughts be pure.
May your choices protect and guide your heart.
May your soul blossom.

May you become all your mum and dad wish for
your divine exsistance on earth, in Jesus mighty name.

May you love knowledge.
May you hesitate before you think.
May sweetness embrace your words when you speak.
May your tears comfort you when you cry.

May you be close with those that cherished you.
May you distinguish between envy and true love.
May God and your inner wisdom and voice guide you.

I pray for your journey on this earth.
I worship your existence.
May grace be second nature.
May righteousness dwell in your deeds and desires.

To worship, pray and love.
May your days be filled with excitement and joy.
May you honour your promises.

May you be the shadow of your grandma Tembani.
May you reflect the glory and beauty of your mum
Dearest Dr. Bongiwe Ncala Tlailane .

Gods Poet Nkosi

Love Uncle Nathi


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