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There was No Beginning, There Was Only IS

Updated on February 11, 2012

Rambling unto Infinity

There was no beginning. There always was... is... An eternal dance between dark and darkness.

Until a sparkle came by. Back then, in the no beginning, there were only three things and three things only: Father Time, Light and Dark. Just like it ever is.

Until a speck came by, forced by the magnitude of the games Light and Dark used to play. Tiny specks of rubble became great and massive planets.

Rhea, or Flow, Mother's name, mother of it all ever since there is no beginning, loved to see her children play and be happy in their Universe playground. Of course in their games, in their passion for winning, there were times when games turn pretty serious, and some games end in war.

One day/night the whole playground exploded. The planets played a bit too rough. KABOOM!

For everything that was created everything that it wasn't. Everything we touch and see came from what it was never visible.

Everything then is a Huge Idea. We, you, I are a stupendous Idea! After Father Chronos saw the light, Helios, and the dark, Hades were not at peace any longer, he declared an eternal truce and confined Light at one end of the playground and Dark at the other. Where they are forever to dance in an eternal merry-go-round around their specks.

Always Is
Always Is | Source

Nothing stays put, even the Sun moves across the Universe

Or is it the specks around them? All the same to the specks as they live happily floating around the playground. So far, Rhea contemplates Helios and Hades. But what about those specks floating by the Universe, ahem, playground, don't they get names too? Don't they get to become an IS?

As Helios passed by him, or one day, Father Chronos decided to name his specks, the planets.

The first that came at hand was red-haired Mercury. Agile and quarrelsome, Mercury is quite belligerent. He took of the most non-playful dust of Light and Dark, from back in the days that were not.

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. The Gods? Where did all them came from? We all are but big ideas. Gods are too.

Story goes that Mercury was too good at conveying messages and communicating ideas. He was actually good at having someone actually understand what was in the mind of another. Pretty good trick this one of communication. Some magic.

Sometimes, Mercury abused this power. Power have always was, is abused. He manipulated and deceived people. Like all gods, there was some light in him but there was some dark too.

That is why we will always have gods that kill for many reasons, including love, anger and mercy.

Was There Light and Dark in Father Time?

But wait, there was no beginning... What was there before Chronos? The beginning and the end and the middle are all one and the same from a light year distance. For now, before Chronos was, Gaia and Uranus or so this story goes. But aren't they specks?

Light year distance Atoms and Universes, all but the same and still we have barely discovered the true magnificence of neither.

Come Gaia's turn, Mother Earth.

Why is Earth called Earth

The original name was Eros or Gaia. Evolution can indeed be funny. Eros means spirit, or better yet the energy that conforms the spirit. What spirit is made of. Which is the same thing, or the substance that sustains every single living and non living thing in the Universe playground.

Everything is nothing but energy.

Since energy only transforms, nothing is really dead. Like the beginning that never was, energy always will. Always will. And that will is what keeps us playing in this playground.

Nothing is dead. Scientists found it easier to classify things as "living" or "dead" if they fit certain characteristics. Truth be told, nothing is truly dead, as everything coexists and keeps the constant evolving cycle of changing and recycling and transforming its energy onto one another.

Bouncing off the Universe

Some say animals can't communicate, only humans are capable of talking. True, but then again, talking is such a small fragment of communication... and communication theories establish that everything communicates, including dogs and rocks.

All living things are part of every other living thing, the brick mortar, the steel in the building, all of a human being. The words that I say, and those that I write, are also alive and transmit energy.

The Universe, You and I are One

Why is this so important to know? For starters, it makes for a colossal you. It eliminates the need for wanting or possessing. You are already one with the Universe and one with the particles that amount for you being present. You will know that in fact you are the owner of each said moment (along with all your surrounding). When it comes to social interactions no social introductions or warm-ups will be required. Since you always was, are, is with one another, it makes for a happy to see you again.

And that which you are, the Earth always is. Can't understand why some vouch for eliminating the human race for the betterment of planet Earth when humans, birds, flowers all are part of Earth creatures.

To be Continued...

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    • CrazyGata profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Thank you, well... this is as you can see a work in progress, wanted to let it out somehow to avoid procrastinating. Funny I found the video, made me felt less alone in this sort of meditation. Thank you!

    • Jaspal profile image


      6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Some really interesting ideas you've put across here, CrazyGata. And many of them are about stuff that one has often contemplated at length. And the mind boggles every time one goes into such contemplation ... I enjoyed the part about Mercury as both, the messenger of Gods and the planet have special significance in my life. Loved the YouTube video too!

      Voted up and amazing. :)

    • f_hruz profile image


      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Dear Gata,

      thanks for a very thought provoking hub!

      You are touching a number of issues here which require some solid grounding in natural science before they can be discussed in a serious manor.

      I'm quite sure the problem is not related to knowing when a new universe comes into existence but with understanding the natural processes which must take place before one thing can change into some thing else leading up to a completely new entity.

      Let's look as an analogy at the process of your birth. Your parents were only able to create a climactic moment of fertilizing some biological matter which was first hosted inside your mom and then born into the known world of ours to grow over many years into this smart lady which you are now, because nature provided your parents with a well tested reproductive system, which in itself developed over millions of years of natural evolution.

      Humans had no direct part in forming and advancing this reproductive process other than use it for procreating the species until very recently when we started to try using artificial methods.

      Looking at other reproductive processes in nature, things are even more complex. Take a look at all the various forms of biological change through metamorphosis here ...

      and tell me if nature is not awesome in her own ways ...

      For me the big question is this: Since we are a product of nature, having evolved to the point where we can apply reason and examine our thoughts in rational ways to see if some thing is part of the factual, real world or just some artistic imagination or dream, we can now pose questions in scientific terms, do research and discover amazing things which always existed in nature - like the periodic table of elements or more recently, the radio magnetic spectrum.

      Since we have developed this level of intelligence now as a life form, the potential for it to surface must have existed in nature all along, we just didn't see it.

      It maybe reasonable to conclude, human intelligence is just one form of it. There maybe many more ... I'm waiting for the day when we can bridge the intellectual confines between other life forms and exchange clear thoughts with whales and dolphins as a major starting point of real fundamental change in the human outlook for the discovery of higher forms of intelligence in this universe of ours.

      Franto in Toronto

    • CrazyGata profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I deeply appreciate that you can understand and relate.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 

      6 years ago from Uruguay

      you have articulated so well something i have thought for a long time but had never been able to put together in a coherent way.


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