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There's Hope for Those New Year Resolutions

Updated on December 26, 2012

It's the day after Boxing Day and...

It’s the day after Boxing Day and we’re coming up to that time when so many of us decide we must make some New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, out come the goals, many of which we’ve articulated in earlier years and have let drop within days or weeks of their being originally proclaimed just prior to year’s end. “I’m giving up smoking,” “I’m going to jog three times a week,” “This time I’m serious about being overweight” – these are some of the more mundane and usual resolutions.

The only moment we own and can do anything with is NOW

There are others, sometimes quite drastic and life changing ones: “This year I’m resigning no matter what happens – I’m going for a new job, any job! “ “I’m leaving him – or her – and going to start life anew.” “I’m going to sell the property and start my own business.” “I’m going into the Church to become a priest or a nun.” Whatever the proposed changes big or small, the ‘Moment of Power’ is always now. If you’ve made the decision to start on New Year’s Day rather than the moment the idea occurred then the chances are the resolve will melt. For, as stated, the Moment of Power – the only moment we can ever feel, think or take action in is Now, so if you’re putting something off so that its start date will fit into memorable time slot, such as the 1st of January, the chances are the resolve isn’t quite there yet. Will it be there on the 1st?

A Resolution does mean 'set in concrete.'

If it isn’t here now it won’t be in the future because the future is always ‘in the future.’ Sure, you can decide to start a course of action on a certain date, but the decision must be made and the resolve to act on it firmly entrenched in your thinking now. It it isn’t your just vascillating. Simply thinking about it and then laying it aside might not plant the seed deep enough. The subconscious mind doesn’t act on wishes about the future. It acts on what is put into it as being In the Now. This is why affirmations must be put in the present tense and in a way that affirms that you have already got what you want to see manifested in your life.

An Affirmation means affirming you've GOT it, not that you WANT it

“I want to be earning twice the wage I get today by December 2012” will get a response from the subconscious mind. It will respond with “Yes, you do.” And nothing will happen. However, if you state: “I am now in receipt of twice my monetary income of December last.” You are stating it as if you already possess it. Your subconscious mind will say, “Yes, you do.” Same answer but much different result. Why? Because the Law of Mind is such that the subconscious cannot lie, cannot put forward a falsehood. If you proclaim that you have the money long enough and frequently enough it will, to use Dr. Joseph Murphy’s words, “Move heaven and earth to see that this is achieved.

Once planted, the seed will grow if you don't disturb it

‘The long enough and often enough’ are to ensure that the seed is accepted into the rich soil of the subconscious. Once accepted, it must grow. The growing and what that entails by way of “Moving heaven and earth,” is unknown to us. We do not need to know how it comes about. We only need trust that it will.

Remember, the Law of Mind is the Law of Belief. It is not the thing believed in but the belief itself that brings about the change or changes. Lay down the belief in a scientific manner. Once it is established, don’t fiddle with it. Just make a note on that calendar but don’t turn over the page to look at it until that actual month comes around. Then, look back. Then look at your situation as it was then as compared to as it is now.

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  • Monis Mas profile image


    5 years ago

    Very interesting hub, Tom. Thanks for the good read!


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