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There's No Such Thing As A "Former Teacher"

Updated on June 3, 2013

Who Am I Now?

Perhaps you feel that teaching’s been

The feature that’s defined you,

And if so, you might hesitate

To leave that place behind you

To enter a non-Brave New World

Where age is trumped by vigor,

And no one cares how much (or whom)

You know out there. (Go figure!)


Perhaps you wonder how you’ll fill

Those minutes, hours , weekdays

Without the classes, meetings, trips,

And yes- of course-the school plays.

You might be thinking, “What about

The kids next year?” It’s true:

There will be kids, but someone else

Will be in charge... not you.


But rest assured. One day you’ll find

It’s really not so bad.

Despite uplifting memories

Of all the fun you had,

There also were in-service days,

And parents, and the rest,

All topped off by the Ultimate:

The Teacher Torture Test

That’s known in academia

As “Standardized Whatever.”

(Just think: You’re done with teaching to

Those dreadful tests....FOREVER!)

Don’t ever think “retirement”

Means walking out the door

Away from all you did, and thought,

And who you were before.

For education isn’t just

The core that helps define you;

It also is the impetus

That serves to realign you.


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    • PatriciaTL profile image

      PatriciaTL 4 years ago from Lehigh Valley

      Thanks, PracticalMommy. I'll bet you can testify to the fact that you'll never be a "former teacher"!

    • ThePracticalMommy profile image

      Marissa 4 years ago from United States

      Love this! It captures exactly how I felt when I left teaching, even though I was no where near close to retirement.