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These are the 5 important things you should discuss with your gynecologist

Updated on October 2, 2017

It is a very common thing among women to be baffled about what they should ask their gynecologist. But there is nothing to be shy about it. After all, it is for your own benefit. Just visit the best gynecologist in Bangalore and frame the questions beforehand that you want to ask her. And if you are not sure about what should you exactly ask here are some suggestions for you.

Why does my vagina smell so bad?

This is one of the very common problems that is faced by women and is yet neglected. Yes, it is true that every woman has her own smell but definitely not a bad one or a pungent one. To be sure whether it is normal or not, the best way is to visit a gynecologist and confirm the same from him or her. A smelly vagina can be due to a number of hormonal problems including yeast infections and STDs so it is better to visit the gynecologist and undergo a checkup.

Why does sex feel painful?

There is nothing to feel awkward about asking your gynecologist the reason why you are experiencing painful sex. Painful sex is obviously not normal and you should definitely visit your gynecologist at once. The pain may result from many things. It might be due to insufficient lubrication or it might also be a result of an infection. It may also happen that your vaginal walls have undergone a thinning or you are suffering from endometriosis. To diagnose the exact cause of the pain, you need to visit a gynecologist in Bangalore.

Is my vaginal discharge normal?

Every woman has vaginal discharge but whether it is normal or not is a question that intrigues several women. If you have a milky-looking clear discharge then it is normal but still if you have any doubt you must consult your gynecologist. But if your discharge has undergone some change in color or if it is occurring in more volume than before then a checkup is a must. A change in color of vaginal discharge is mostly because of yeast infection.

Why am I facing heavy periods?

The menstrual flow is different for every woman and it is quite difficult to judge it all by yourself as to what it actually normal. So the best person to consult on this matter is your gynecologist. But a heavy flow which requires you to change your tampons or sanitary pads more frequently and continues for more than a week is definitely abnormal. There might be some underlying problem which you might not be aware of.

Why don’t I feel like having sex?

The feeling of not being interested in sex is not normal but is absolutely normal to ask your gynecologist about what you can do about it. This may be due to a biological or emotional problem but whatever the reason is, your gynecologist is the right person to ask about it.

So, the next time you visit your gynecologist don’t feel shy and ask all your questions because you never know what is going on inside your body and if it is something grave it needs to be treated.

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