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Thesis Writing for Masters and Doctorate Research Students

Updated on October 8, 2015

Thesis Writing

Thesis writing is an important part of any masters or doctoral research. You are often "guided" by a supervisor who frequently is not competent in research methods. Enter AsterWrite - the virtual thesis writing assistant. AsterWrite is an online thesis writing software. AsterWrite is a breakthrough technique to manage research and write thesis. Although research is discipline dependent, AsterWrite can generate your thesis outline for MBA, MSc, MPhil, PhD in: Engineering and Science; Manufacturing and Service; Clinical, Medical and Healthcare; and Banking, Finance and Social Science.

Many researchers cannot Graduate On Time. This cause many problems to the researcher (extension, costs, etc.) and the research institutions (especially for overseas students). Can you Graduate On Time?

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If you really want to conduct original research, deeper research and still graduate on time, then this is for you ...

What is AsterWrite?

AsterWrite is not only a text editor ...

AsterWrite creates a Cascading Placeholder Method (CPM) that links the thesis statement to the research questions, which is linked to the hypothesis tests, which is linked to the research findings and conclusions. AsterWrite manipulates text as variables and uses
- Linguistic
- Logical,
- Numeric (mathematical)
- Statistical, and
- Logical, treatments.

AsterWrite manipulates a researcher's thesis title, statement, topics, issues and scope like logical data to build the hypothesis. At the hypothesis stage, AsterWrite translates logical data into numeric data formats. When experimental data is entered, AsterWrite can then make inferences on statistical data.

AsterWrite handles logical and statistical data

How can AsterWrite help YOU?

Why you should be concerned

Universities are fast becoming highly research oriented. Good research is the essence of all renowned universities around the world. Many ratings and rankings stress the importance of research. With AsterWrite you can conduct original research in a systematic way. AsterWrite helps you to manage your thesis progress and to graduate on time.

Academic Research Support

Although supervisors "guide" students in their research, supervisors are seldom "experts" in research methodologies. A year into the program and the thesis title is still debated. Student learning is highly "trial and error". When supervisors change, students have heart aches: the new supervisor invariably disagrees with the work done. Time and again students lament: "why did my supervisor not tell me earlier"?

Hypothesis knowledge

Many students use the wrong methods for hypothesis tests. Often, no hypothesis exists. Aims and Objectives are often unclear and disjointed at best. Students and supervisors are not conversant on when to use t-test or chi-square test. Consequently, erroneous conclusions are made.

Graduate On Time

How does AsterWrite work?

Here is a glimpse of how AsterWrite works logically and mathematically. AsterWrite manipulates your thesis title, statement, topics, issues and scope like logical data to build the hypothesis. At the hypothesis stage, AsterWrite translates logical data into numeric data formats. When experimental data is entered, AsterWrite can then make inferences on statistical data.

The heart of AsterWrite

Mind Map your thesis writing

Using Mind Map in AsterWrite, you can structure your thesis exactly the way you want. By moving the nodes in the Mind Map, you can move the sections and paragraph as you like. You can cut and paste sections from one to another - and the associated texts move with it. You can edit a particular node on the Mind Map and the editor opens only that paragraph. As you fill in more of the nodes with text the thesis builds up rapidly. This makes it easier for you to visualize your work as you build-up your thesis.

Thesis Mind Map - your track map

Chart your thesis writing

Using AsterWrite a researcher can create a flow chart of what activities need to be performed. Thesis Title, Title Page, Thesis Statement, Research Question, Research Findings, Conclusion. AsterWrite synthesizes a researcher's thesis writing in a logical way. Each step has a software applet that deals with that stage.

What is even more interesting: AsterWrite detects links automatically. For example, Names needed in Thesis Title are fetched from Candidate information Hypothesis and Aims are fetched from Research Questions Research Findings knows the exact number of Hypothesis set up Research Conclusion consolidates all information from the Hypothesis Tests.

Flow Chart of your thesis writing

Function of an applet

The Thesis Title applet evaluates several possible Topics, Issues and Scope on several criteria, e.g. feasibility, cost, etc. This enables the researcher to select the optimum or most important Topic, Issue and Scope - something seldom done by research candidates.

The Thesis Title applet then allows the researcher to synthesize the Thesis Title - in a way unlikely to be rejected by the Research Degrees Committee.

AsterWrite works with the Cascading Placeholder Method. AsterWrite identifies {topic}, {issue} and {scope} and works with these as variables. Then it uses other techniques to create your thesis title, thesis statement, etc. Once the thesis statement is created, AsterWrite prompts for {sub-topics}, {sub-issues} and {sub-scopes}. Combinations of these are then used to create research questions, e.g. {sub-topic_1} {reduces} {sub-issue_1}. AsterWrite the determines the appropriate statistical hypothesis test. The aims and objectives follow. The data template is created and data can be entered. AsterWrites make the appropriate calculations. If the results affirm the aim then AsterWrite displays that your statement holds.

Generating the thesis title - systematically

Sample Title page

Based on the Thesis Title, AsterWrite prompts the Title Page automatically as shown left. In fact, using the Candidate Information and the Thesis Title AsterWrite prompts many pages automatically, including: Approval, Permission, Declaration, Acknowledgement and Dedication.

Sample Title page

Sample Acknowledgment page

AsterWrite provides an elegant way of writing acknowledgements. By using the menu driven method, research candidates can create very authentic acknowledgments like this. This method is particularly helpful for students whose first language is not the English language.

Sample Acknowledgement page

Sample Thesis Statement page

The Thesis Statement applet is then used to synthesize the thesis statement using a flexible menu based method.

Topic, Issue, Scope and relevant variables are: treated not merely as words but premises in a logical analysis amenable to building further mathematical computations and statistical analysis.

Sample Thesis Statement

Research Questions

From the Thesis Statement, Sub-Research Questions are formed. AsterWrite uses the relationship between appropriate Independent or Dependent variables to form a Statistical Test. Except for very complicated cases, AsterWrite can even propose the Null and Alternate hypotheses! Suppose a simplified example: Drinking Green Tea {reduces} Weight. Using a novel approach AsterWrite detects that the researcher needs a test for means. The researcher can then choose to conduct a 1-sample, 2-sample or Paired t-test.

Generating Research Questions

Hypothesis Testing

AsterWrite follows a systematic method of hypothesis test. What's very beautiful is that AsterWrite cascades your Research Question into the hypothesis applet. The hypothesis applet recognizes this and creates the appropriate Null and Alternate hypothesis taking account of even one- or two-sided tests.


Even better, AsterWrite takes the conclusion from the data analysis and determines if the Null hypothesis is rejected. If it is, then it states "Enough statistical evidence to ..." or else "Not enough statistical evidence ...".


Not finished yet. If the Null hypothesis is rejected AsterWrite back tracks to the aim and claims support for the aim. Such a procedure is executed for all the aims. When all the aims are supported by suitable data, AsterWrite deems that the Thesis Statement is proven.

Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Tests

AsterWrite can manage several Hypotheses Tests efficiently. It will track each test and its corresponding data most cohesively.

Generating the test templates

Data Analysis

Once the data is entered, AsterWrite automatically conducts the appropriate analyses for the test. For directional data AsterWrite handles
Left tail e.g. Ho: mean %u2265 m; Ha: mean is < m
Both tails e.g. Ho: mean = m; Ha: mean is %u2260 m
Right tail e.g. Ho: mean %u2264 Ha: mean is > m

Output includes numerical values, Test results e.g. Ho is Rejected or Ho is not Rejected, and Conclusions e.g. Enough Statistical evidence that the true mean is < than 3.00 and Very interesting graphs as shown on the left. For other data types, e.g. association, AsterWrite knows exactly how to handle the data.

Typical Data Analysis by AsterWrite

Research Finding Collation

The results from several tests can be collated by the Research Findings applet. Automatically!

Statistical tests include:
- Tests of mean
- Tests of variance
- Tests of association
- Likert Scale, Etc.

More tests are being added periodically.

AsterWrite handles several statistical tests

Research Findings

AsterWrite consolidates the Research Findings in an amazing way. It detects all the statistical tests conducted and summarizes
- the Sub-Research Statement
- Null and Alternate Hypotheses
- Statistical Decisions
- Conclusions

AsterWrite can detect if
- If the researcher has not added a statistical test where intended, and prompt "Test applet not available" or,
- If the Statistical test is not populated with data, and prompt "Test data not available."

AsterWrite collates your Research Findings


Cascading from the Research Findings, AsterWrite compares the Aims and the Results for each Research (or Sub-Research) Statement.

- If the test result Rejects Ho then AsterWrite substantiates this by "Enough statistical evidence" that the Statement is proven.
- If the test result does not Reject Ho then AsterWrite notifies this by "Not enough statistical evidence" for the Statement.

The researcher may then need to revisit the statistical test all the way from the Research (or Sub-Research) Statement.

AsterWrite collates your Thesis Conclusion

Other features: Questionnaire Validity and Reliability

AsterWrite has other features including Reliability and Validity tests of questionnaires. For Reliability tests, AsterWrite can conduct: Cronbach Alpha, Internal Consistency, Stability tests. For Validity tests, AsterWrite can conduct Concurrent, Predictive, Convergent, and Divergent tests.

AsterWrite has other features

Other features: Thesis Progress

This is yet another interesting aspect of AsterWrite. The Thesis Progress allows you to track "what needs to be done" and "what has been done". A graph then displays the percentage of work completed. Different graphs display the "work to be done" and "work completed" in different ways. The Thesis Progress is very helpful to researchers in avoiding the "I am almost complete" feeling when in fact much needs to be done.

AsterWrite and Thesis Progress

Want to know more about AsterWrite?

AsterWrite is currently under testing and will be available for subscription soon. In the meantime please see our other media on AsterWrite.

Please comment on what you think of AsterWrite.

What you think of AsterWrite is very important to us.

Thank you.


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