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"10 Things to Learn While in college"and Why

Updated on July 26, 2014

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After finishing my graduation this year, I am sure of one thing, "I am a different person, from what I was, before coming to college" And I sure most of you will feel the same way

So what do I have to share with you ?

Well here 10 important Lesson after finishing my college and wish I knew them at early stage of my college life.

1. Connect With Right People

You will notice your friends circle reducing as you progress, and by the end of your college life you will be left with only with few of them.

Therefore it's important to prefer Quality over quantity, from the beginning. Try to build quality relationship with people, especially with those you would love to have even after 10 years of college.

Just because your friend is dating doesn't mean you have to date too, having the right person by your side is more important than having a girlfriend/boyfriend. Always Remember, beauty fades but the heart remains.

Also Stay connect to your parents and loved ones, do surprise them with a random call once in while. They will love it.

2. Discover Yourself

Spent your time to meet long-term goals. If you like programming learn a new language. If you want to have a relationship, look for long-term relationships.

Explore new things, take part in every activity. If you have never dance, enroll yourself in dance group. If you don't read, try a novel, if you don't sing, try singing for the first time. Even if you suck at this, you won't regret it in future.

If you haven't discover yourself, read book take personality test. I tried random things, when I was a fresher-man and finally I discover myself when I was sophomore.

3. Life is Not a Fairly Tail

College is best time to embrace the bitter truth of life. Not everybody will like you, don't expect everyone to support you and life is not fair[ period ]

Nothing is right or wrong in this world. Everything is a matter of perception. What may seem right to you is not necessary be right to others. Learn to live with grey shades of life.

It's important to see the bright side, find out good in people but if something goes wrong don't cry, instead try to come up with a solution.

4. Manage Your Time

With no parents to watch over, you will turn lazy in your hostels. But instead try to become better version of yourself everyday you wake up from the bed.

There is much more in life than Facebook, Twitter, Game of Thrones etc. Don't waste your precious college life into something that doesn't make you a better person.

Find out what you want to do with your life and optimize your day accordingly.Trust me, you never want yourself saying "I should have use my time better".

Smoking doesn't make you cool
Smoking doesn't make you cool

5. Stay Healty

College is the best place to discover yourself than defining yourself. So keep following and exploring whatever you like. But Young students often get distracted with their newly found freedom and indulge themselves in unhealthy activity.

No,I am not taking about late night movies, sleeping/ waking up late, celebrating with friends etc. These are perfectly natural and memorable part of college. But do it under a certain limits.

Listen to everyone, Talk to everyone, and be respectful to everyone. But at the end of the day be careful with theadvise you take.So who will define those limits, ONLY YOU.

6. Don't Worry Too Much

Maybe you will get a job, maybe not. Maybe you will find the right person, maybe not. Maybe you will be successful, maybe not.

So you see worry about future is of no use. Nobody can predict the future. But what we can do is Take action. Work hard enough to shape your future. Have confidence that you can overcome obstacle and do what you want.

7. Travel

Travel a lot. If you don't have much money, travel cheap (Who say you have to stay at 5 star hotel) but never miss an opportunity.

While working you will have enough money to go almost any part of the world. But not the free mind that you once have, when you were in the college.

I did travel a lot (10+ states) but still wish, I would have traveled more.

8. Share your knowledge

You may have seen students not willing to share their knowledge for the fear of competition.

Don't be that person. Once you have enough knowledge share with others when asked. The only competitor that you are ever going to have in your life is YOU.

Help others. Give and take model don't work in college, save it for your professional life.

Don't trust every rule

Just because your parents, teacher or friend says so, doesn't mean that it had to true. Try to think about them critically.

9. Forgive often

After Few years out of college you will know how stupid those gruges, jelousy that you have for someone would feel like.

If somebody insults you, take this as a challenge rather than responding negativly. Use your actions to proof them wrong.

Remeber people are not bad, its the circumstance that make them what they are. Life is to short for having grudges, Forgive them and move on.

10. You are Here to Study

In life, Academics are like the 1's and Extra-curricular are like the 0's,
There's no point in going on adding 0s to a number if there is not a 1 at the very start.

Source: Quora

College is great place to meet and interact with new people.Take it as an opportunity to learn as much as you can but NEVER forget why you are here in the first place. Work hard, Maintain a Good CPI and be humble to others.

If you think you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.

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