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You got it wrong!

Updated on October 12, 2012

Hey, your mind is already racing to predict what is this article going to be...., well its a very powerful tendency of human mind, predict what's coming ahead! We all do it. We meet people and just within a few moments we pretty much predict his nature, character, so on and so forth. So is it simple guessing business? No its not. I'll share with you the "PROCESS" your mind follows while prejudicing someone and how to NOT get it wrong!

A human mind is a trickster.....! Frankly speaking "Mr. Know It All" is the title our mind chases! How far one lets these tricks take toll on you is a completely different perception, however what I'm going to talk about is to use these tricks on others to know what they are thinking........... I'm sure you always wanted to know that.

I should not waste my time by telling you why is it so important for you to know some one else's thoughts.......................

The reason you found this is a good answer to that, besides everyone has their own reason for doing so!

I shall also like to put forth a disclaimer, this is no ultimate guide to judging people. rather having prejudices shall make life difficult for everyone. All I'm saying is thoughts and words are very powerful and anticipating shall help at times. I hope i have answered some raised eyebrows. For those who are not yet convinced with the thought will unfortunately have to read on for a while till we have a strike.

Lets see.......

You met some one for the first time, an acquaintance. Lets cut down all your reactions into parts.......

  1. You saw him/her.
  2. Exchanged a smile or a word or may be a hand shake or all.
  3. Now you have a sketch in your mind for this new person, you suddenly know whether he/she is friendly, rude, over smart, sweet, troublemaker blah blah blah...........
  4. And here you go, you already think what you know is right and shall stick to it unless proven otherwise.

Well I guess we have a big leap of faith from step 2 to 3............

Step 3 is what I shall focus on in this article, also sometimes around Step 3!

How is it that you decide about that person just so fast.............? Well don't bother its just like that, you probably grew up like that. In fact most of us did. You always will have a perception about this acquaintance, the 'First Impression' if I refer to it loosely!

Well the most probable question for a curious mind will be "Ya I know that, What about it? Can we get to the point....!" Don't worry we will. Lets ask your curious mind to hold on for this thought for a while and think about "WHY?", why is it that you have to have that prejudice always? why cant you let it be?

What could u answer to that.........

Your answer, 1. I Simply can't! (Pretty Honest)

Your answer, 2. Who said I can't, I can stay without thinking like that! (Mr, you can't stay without it, you prefer to think that ...........)

Your answer, 3. May be, I can try holding it back............ I can try next time....... (Well you my friend shall be gaining the most..........)

Now the first and foremost thing we do to "Think Like Him" is to stop this prejudice to materialize. Well you can't stop them all together. What we can do is silent them for a while!

Now when you meet some one.........

Part 1: Observe- The person in front of you intentionally or unintentionally has a way of presenting himself/herself to you.He is prepared to behave in away, or may be he has groomed him self to pretend things on a casual basis, or he gives a damn about you and sees no need to pretend in front of you.

Part 2: Look into the eyes- You looking into someone's eyes can give a hard time to his pretense. The eye contact that person establishes with you will give you a very strong sense of whether he means what he says.

Part 3: Talk to Trick- Expected questions are easy to dodge, questions that are framed differently receive answers from the true self. So trick them but don't make them very conscious that they start thinking before answering. Do it with a flair.

Part 4: Be Alert- Do not forget Part 1, 2 and 3 during the whole time. You observing this guy, looking through him from his eyes and tricking him to reveal something that does not fit in the image he is trying to portray. If you are smart enough to follow this article then you are smart enough to see the catch in this guy.

Wow I almost made a normal reader a spy! Don't worry, this is an art, a skill you will develop over time. There are many places for you to learn the actual sciences for predicting, this article is not a step wise guide to any thing, its just the tip of the ice-burg .

Knowing someone beyond what is shown, needs reading between the lines. More so why is it important in my life is because on the basis of this prejudice my mind decides a trust factor for him. Its bad, but its so in most cases. Mostly I never trust people soon,I tell you why....

See this thing of expected behavior is very tricky indeed, even after you master all above mentioned parts and much more, there is no guarantee that you get it 100% right. What if you trust someone relying on your expert analysis and it turns back to bite you.... However I'll want to know if someone is pretending to be someone in front of me, I'll want to be aware! I have met some about whom I have wrongly analyzed stuff and they did turn around to say....."You Got It Wrong".


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes, often first impressions are absolutely wrong. And eyes give away :)


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