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Thoughts on Learning and Knowledge

Updated on October 18, 2012

Thoughts on Learning and Knowledge

Learn all that you can.

Learn as much as possible.

Do not stop learning.

Keep learning.

There is something you need to learn.

There is more to learn.

Of learning, there is no end.

The more you learn, the more you learn there is more to learn.

It is not certain learning stops at death; but it is certain one starts dying when learning stops; if not the whole body, the mind.

I am of the opinion that there is no mastering of learning, but we are all mastered by the volumes of what we are yet to learn.

Learn a little bit more, and be a little freer.

It is a sign of wisdom to want to learn; acting on knowledge is the wisdom.

The more of the world you learn, the more of the world you conquer. Conquering the world at large, or your own.

Alexander the Great conquered the then known world not the whole world. You see, you cannot conquer what you are ignorant of not to talk of mastering it. Actually, what you are ignorant of now might be your master.

You are as free as how much you know; as bound as your ignorance.

It can be depressing to learn that one cannot stop learning about oneself and how impossible it is to fully learn another, especially, someone one loves.

It is the usual to learn listening, but it is amazing how much more one can learn of himself, speaking.

Despite the volumes we can learn by observation, it is shocking that blind people are more observant than most people with sight. (Bottom line: observation is not restricted to sight)

Sight might lend to insight, it is not insight.

Learning is a lifetime activity. It requires life to learn, but one must keep learning to keep living.

Sometimes to learn, we must unlearn. Unlearning is learning.

There is little you can learn by yourself. For instance, you need me to know at least something about me.

There is this unwritten code that knowledge follows: 'the more you know and people learn from your knowledge, the more the world will know about you'

The more the world knows about you the better. But only if you know more about something and let the world know you know what you know, by saying it I suppose. (juxtapose this with an existing relevant law, or you call it Adegboye's law or hypothesis *smiles*)

The problem I have with learning is that; you cannot come to a point where you need nothing more to learn. I think it is because there is nothing now secret, which will not be revealed. This knowledge that everything will be plain is enough to make one learn to live an open life.

You can only learn as much as you want to learn; therefore, desire is important in learning.

People can be forced to learn. But if you will force me to learn, it rather be worth the while.

The more you learn, the more you can love; the more you love the more you can learn. Although, hate teaches too, you would rather not be her student.

It is a learner that sees challenges as fun. Actually, more challenges equals more fun plus a lot of learning. (‘Actually' for learners)

A learned person is rich… in his soul.

There is no believing without learning. A non-learning believer is no believer. One needs to learn a belief to be a believer. Tell him that says he is a believer but knows nothing of his beliefs, that he is only kidding, he is no believer.

Learning is believing.

A passionate learner will soon be the most needed leader.

You will soon be living what you are learning. I can only pray that what you are learning is beneficial and not harmful to humanity.

The more you learn the correct things, the more likely you will lead a correct live. You see, learning is life.

Learning is ongoing. Each moment is filled with lessons to be learnt.

Someone is speaking, will you hear? Something is teaching, will you learn? Wisdom is always calling. Wisdom calls in nature; in things obvious and felt, wisdom calls in people; even calling from young and old. Wisdom is calling "who wants knowledge, who wills to learn?” alas! Everyone appear to be full. Ask me what they are full of, they are full of themselves. No wonder, there are so much fools!

It is amazing how little one needs to know to be proud, and how much one learns to be humble. A little lesson, well learnt is enough to be humbling.

"Those who love knowledge will succeed at anything" -- Destin

Destin said "the more you know the more you can do", and I say "the more you know the more you can know".

Learning is a choice we may not make; ignorance is an outcome we will not choose.

"Life is not about success or failure, it is all about learning."

OAK THORNE, environmental educator

Learners are flexible. If there is anything to learn from being rigid, it is most likely to be friction, because that is what happens when something moves over or about a stationary object. The more flexible you are the more you learn.

Learners do not only stalk ideas, they are or will be innovative.

"One of the first things we need to learn is - that we need to learn!... what we don't know, we don't know that we don't know"

A person who has learnt the art of seeing the invisible is a person with a vision.

Learning only give way for more learning.

When you intend to learn, the learning starts. What matters now is how intense the intension is.

It is easier for an ignoramus to learn if he wants to, than it is for an intellectual who keeps telling himself how much he knows. Empty yourself first and it will amaze you how much more you can learn with what you already know.

Grace is everywhere, it takes a mind for learning to perceive and receive the abundance.

After learning that opportunities are everywhere, you must also learn patience to experience one. Amusingly, your experience oftentimes is your opportunity.

It takes the eyes of faith to learn to see abundance.

It is expected that the more one knows the wider one's reasoning; it is awkward to see an intellectual with a myopic view of reality.


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    • Tunde Adegboye profile image

      Adegboye Joseph Babatunde 5 years ago from Osogbo

      Thoughtful of you to leave a comment. You are welcome.

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      kevinbrown55 5 years ago

      Excellent and helpful words, thank you.