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Thoughts to Keep Before the Class Ends

Updated on March 23, 2018
manunulat profile image

He is a junior high school teacher and a class adviser. As much as possible, he wants to inspire his students and reach their dreams

Classes are almost over. I know students are excited about their summer vacation and so as the teachers. But before you take your break, I want to share with you some thoughts on the soon-to-end school year.


I want you to congratulate yourself for a job well done. You have made it until the end of the school year. You have overcome every challenge. And, you have completed a stage in the game of life.

I know the road to the end was not easy. There were rocky and winding ways. Others were an uphill climb. At some point, you wanted to give up, but you chose to go on. And, you exceeded your strength level. You have become stronger than you were. It was an achievement. A great one.

So as you close this school year, remember that you are a fighter. You are a winner. You are a champion. And, you will always be. Just choose to be. And, nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams.

A bit of faith, a bit of hope, a bit of perseverance, a bit of patience, a bit of hard work. You can conquer.


We all have a choice and, it is what makes life fair. Regardless of our social status, we have the option to grab every opportunity. We have unique talents and skills to use in that opportunity to make it beneficial for us and the society.

It may sound cliche but, I still would say poverty is never a hindrance for you to succeed. Instead, it should be an inspiration for you to take everything all the way. Financially, you have a deficiency but, in skills and ability, you are gifted with it anyway.

Discover it, hone it and use it. All the happenings in life were learning and character building. So, never compare and complain. Just check what best you can do. And, do it. Like a Math problem, it looked difficult. But, as you filter out the given and begin the process of solution, you will arrive at the answer. You would realize that it was never difficult at all. It only takes to make the first move.


You may complete the school year but, it does not mean you stop dreaming. A man begins to die when he stops dreaming. So continue to aspire something. It will be your energy in the morning, your strength in the afternoon and your pillow at night.

It will be your life, one of your reasons for living. May it be for yourself but, it could be better if it is also for others. It keeps us all awake.

Let your actions be towards to realization of your dreams. Never get tempted to follow others; instead, see the depth of your heart and follow it. Never let the fun and popularity of technology steal it. Divert your focus onto your dreams.

If you are doubtful about it, then pray for it. Ask God's guidance. And, remind yourself that you can conquer and you have the skills and ability to achieve it. You only have to make the first move.


The whole year round, it was not only a smooth sail. There were adversities mid-way. But, you never halted. You continued. Indeed, it was the reason why you reached this far and see a relaxing break.

Everything shall come to pass. You just have to deal with it a bit and continue moving. Never too worried about the future. Keep in mind that God's plan for us is not to harm us but to prosper us. It means HE has prepared something great for us. We only need to hang on. Adversities are HIS ways of getting us ready, transforming us to become the person HE wants us to be.

If you encountered a problem, try asking yourself what lesson God wants you to learn. In that way, you are more on making yourself feel better instead of bitter. In that way, you have the determination to go on instead of complaining and drowning yourself with the troubles.

True faith is making a step forward to the uncertainty believing that everything will be okay. So, trust HIM and just GO ON. I know you are STRONGER enough to make it.


For sure you have made a lot of memories to keep this school year. You had countless laughter and overflowing tears. You had stressful days and sleepless nights. And, all these are about to end and be a part of history.

As you close this chapter of your life, never forget to be grateful for all the happenings. As being written in the scriptures, be thankful in all circumstances for it is the will of God. It was meant to transform YOU. It was to develop YOU and, your potentials into kinetics. It was made to teach you a significant lesson of life. It was not to bring you down. It was to make you a great version of you.

Moreover, never forget to say thank you for all your friends. They have been with you all through the journey. They have been your resources of any kind. It could be of strength, fun and even answers. Give thanks to them for the time when they listened to your sentiments. Also, give thanks for the time when they laugh together with you. Indeed, you had something to cherish.

To add, never forget to say thank you for all your teachers and mentors. They have been very patient and understanding for your wrong answers and lame excuses. Give thanks for their care and constant reminder. Give thanks for their knowledge they imparted to you. And, most of all give thanks for letting you pass this school. It was not out of mercy but, it was out of the belief that you can make a difference someday. So never waste that opportunity to become better.

Then, never forget to hug and kiss your parents as your whisper the words of gratitude. They deserve it for the love, care, understand and support. You could not ask for more. So, be thankful and be a good child.

Lastly, never forget to say thanksgiving prayer to God. He gives you breath. He guides. He strengthens you. He molds you. He is the one who sets all the opportunities and arranged all the events of your life. So, if you have been happy for reaching this far, HE is as much happier as your parents. So, glorify and give praise to the ultimate source of LOVE and providence, our GOD.

So, now you are ready to enjoy. Have fun while you can. Travel while you can. Swim while you can. Dance while you can. Sing while you can. Spend time with your family. Visit a friend. Watch a movie. Read books. Do some chores. And, a lot more. Do what can make your heart happy.


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© 2018 Jason M Quinapondan


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    • manunulat profile image

      Jason M Quinapondan 4 weeks ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thank you, Ms. Mary. Oh really? You were also a class adviser? That's good to hear. Did u teach in Phils.?Anyway, I agree, it was cooler in Baguio but Bantayan has nice beach especially in Santa Fe.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 weeks ago from Ontario, Canada

      Ah, reminded me of those end of school in March. It's always exciting as vacation is welcome. As a child, we used to go to Bantayan but in later life, Baguio, as it is cooler there. I was once a class adviser, too. Great article.