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Three Great Romance Languages

Updated on November 27, 2017
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Alex has a history of teaching language, which includes one middle school. He has published multiple dictionaries for language learners.

I will herein explore three great Romance languages. I will only cover three, but I am aware that they are all great.


I don't think it is any mystery to those who know me that I completely love the Spanish language. One of the wonderful things about this language is how it can be compared in many ways to the English language and the Latin from which it is largely derived. Spanish is neat and organized, and as people like me like that in life. For example, all plural words end in an "s". Sure, sometimes there will be an "es" and sometimes a "z" will turn into a "ces", but all plural words end with an "s" nevertheless. My native language is English, and we do not share this in common. "Nova" becomes "novae", "foot" becomes "feet", and "stratum" becomes "strata"!


Spanish also conveys much more emotion than does a Germanic language like English. English is spoken more from the back of the throat, with far less change in tone. By contrast, Spanish is spoken more from the frontal areas of the mouth, and it conveys large fluctuations in tone for better communication of any subject. This is important, because we already communicate with much more than our vocabularies. Therefore, being able to transfer to others what we mean to say as well as possible - this only becomes more important with all due considerations.

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French is another wonderful Romance language. My loved ones know that I take some issue with the French language. Like English (and, unlike Spanish), written French has many silent - almost silent letters. However, this is all part of what makes the language so appealing. Much of the French language is very softly spoken, and it has become a token of romance among the Romantic languages.

I also thoroughly enjoy French, because its plurals end in "s"s too! Well, at least plural words in their written forms end in "s". Keep in mind that Latin plural endings were much more complicated. To be sure; they were much more organized than modern English, but languages such as French keep the organization without all of the complications of Latin. French doesn't have the same extreme tone dilation as Spanish, but it makes up for it with melodic phonetic expression.

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I will end here with Portuguese. I am not sure I can put my finger on it, but Portuguese has an amazing charm in the air surrounding it. Portuguese is, in many ways, nearly identical to Spanish with minor changes. The Spanish "no" becomes the Portuguese "não", and "habla" becomes "fala". One item that is charming about the language is that many words contain the "ow" sound, as in "owl". To put our former example to use, "não" is pronounced "now". My readers will probably have already noticed that written Portuguese is a bit different from French, Spanish, and English. On the bright side, it is not different by much! And, the few unique symbols surrounding the graphemes are easy enough to learn - one just needs to adjust the keyboard!

Portuguese has two main forms; European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. These are the two most well know manifestations of Portuguese. To put that into perspective, think about the English language. There's Standard American English, Standard Canadian English, African American Vernacular English, Canadian Common Vernacular English, and so on. I am not stating that Portuguese doesn't have many sub-divisions. However, I am stating that languages such as English and Spanish have spread very far and have thus adapted to their local environments to a relatively much more diverse degree. Regardless, who knows if Portuguese may be the next language to spread the globe?

In conclusion, I love these languages! I love the emotions of Spanish, the sounds of French, and the charms of Portuguese. I hope that you will decide to study these languages in the future. Help keep these gorgeous languages alive and healthy. Below, please leave a comment. Which of these languages is your favorite? What's your favorite language? Do you agree with my points of view? Do you disagree with me? What is your favorite language to read? To speak in? To listen to?

© 2017 Alexander James Guckenberger


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    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 3 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      Thank you so much hun. Just give it a try. If you ever want to start learning, I can point you in the right direction.

    • naturalife profile image

      O William 3 months ago

      I really love the Spanish language and how it is spoken. I wish I could speak that. Great article.