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Thrivalism and Global Economics

Updated on February 15, 2016

Power of Money

Does Money Have Power?

Money today is the vehicle used to create the illusion of power. It is the "love of power," that is the root cause of all the mess the world is in today. Politically, economically as well as environmentally.

As I said in Thrivalism - “The current monetary system is upside down. Money is made out of thin air, and doled out to the wealthy to maintain the position of power that they hold now over the entire world.”

Money itself is nothing more than a means of barter. It is the means in which trade is established whereby goods and services rendered can be exchanged. Money itself has no power what so ever. The illusion that money is power has been fostered in the minds of people by power hungry individuals who have instilled a lie into the mass mind of humanity.

To further explain the illusion lets refer back to what I shared in “Thrivalism.” One Billion Dollars in $100.00 bills in Canadian Currency, makes a pile 3000 feet high and a Trillion dollars makes a pile 568.2 miles high. And as I noted – one group of Billionaires have an estimated net worth of 100 Trillion Dollars. Although no-one knows for sure just how much that group is worth because there is a spider web of cloaked companies, that own companies, that share in other companies stocks, in a quagmire of secrecy and illusions.

If money itself did have power, then it is plain to see even individual billionaires, who are “not a part of that group,” are afraid of them. A stack of $100.00 bills high enough to make 100 Trillion dollars is 23% of the average distance between the earth and the moon. A Billionaire worth only One Billion, with his pile only just a little taller than twice as high as Toronto's CN tower, will feel as small as an ant beside a pile reaching beyond the earths atmosphere.

But lets remember the truth – “Money itself has no power what so ever. Money is nothing more than a means of exchange for goods and services.” The power of money is a lie we have too long believed. We are a society that has for too long coward down before those in that artificial position or power. We've surrendered our individual power to a lie. Just think - seven billion sheep against that small group. It is hilarious.

What would Love do?
I say “Love” knows better.

The Current Model Is Upside Down

The trickle down notion.

As stated in “Thrivalism,” our monetary system is upside down. Money is created out of thin air and doled out to the wealthy. Because of their (the wealthy) belief in their own self importance, rules are established to protect their position and the illusion of “the trickle down effect” has been promoted through media, Government and Mega Business.

The trickle down effect is pure Bull Shit. It is an illusion created by those with the love of power. Wealth (meaning wealth in money) is a mindset the rich have, that the poor do not have. I wrote a complete article on that principle. (See here)

To easily show how the trickle down is an illusion, I encourage you to research the lives of broke people who have won lotteries. Ten years later, those who developed a little of the mindset required to retain wealth in dollars have retained some, if not all, and even prospered. The majority of broke people who have won sizable amounts of money, in ten years are once again near broke. Many you will find are totally broke.

Cream Rises To The Top

Cream Rises To The Top.

I grew up on a tiny farm in Saskatchewan, and as a boy I milked cows by hand. We ran what we did not need through a separator and sold the cream. The fresh cows milk we needed for our use was taken into the house and placed in the fridge. Within 24 hours the cream in the milk rose to the top leaving skim milk at the bottom. Same principle can be seen mixing oil in water... the oil will float to the surface.

Money is the same. By my lotto example you can see what happens. Thrivalism states that all money printed out of thin air should be doled out to those in need as well as to places in need. Namely 1- A guaranteed income to all people on the planet 2- money to upgrade infrastructure 3- money to education and healthcare 4- plus environmental and wildlife care. Our planet is in our hands to care for.

To state it clearly "Left vs Right - until we flip the monetary system right side up it will remain a battle of polarity. Two wings on the same bird."

The current mixed up situation of fractional reserves is pure hog wash. Complicated on purpose so once again “power hungry” individuals maintain the illusion of power and control. Money, like cream, will rise to the top. It is Natural Law. Compassion is needed, not a bunch of rules and regulations. Keep it simple. Thrivalism is simple.... it is just a paradigm shift in thinking... thinking with compassion. Heart.


“Be a compassionate human being”

A cashless society?

There is a lot of talk about somehow establishing a cashless society. Thrivalism does not believe that is possible. There must be a means of exchange for goods and services. By turning the monetary system right side up, feeding and caring for people, upgrading our infrastructure and cleaning up our planet... all by printing money out of thin air, would create so many happy workers and a buzz of activity that would lead mankind far ahead in creating heaven on earth.

Removing the belief that people with money have power, and re-establishing true compassion for the individual while caring for our home (the planet) would move mankind leaps ahead. Truly we can build a better man, from the inside out. "Self Importance" would be replaced with the Importance Of Self. Compassion.

When the Dalai Lama speaks about compassion, he means being acompassionate human. He does not mean develop compassionate business practices. He does not mean become compassionate towards the planet. He means exactly what he says. “Be a compassionate human being.” Become a compassionate human being, and that compassion will be the natural result in "every area of our lives."

Flip the monetary system right side up. Watch the joy and benefits of contentment change for the people who are now at the bottom of the economic scale. Replace fear tactics that are the result of the current system and replace that with love. True compassion for the individual.

Realize the biggest and most important truth – Money in itself is nothing more then a means of exchange. We can use it for fear based applications, power and control.... or we can use it as compassionate human beings, appreciating our place on this beautiful planet, in the universe and beyond.

The choice is ours!
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

© Neil Raymond Sperling

Let's Flip It

Cream Rises To The Top

What Would Love Do?


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    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 2 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Suhail - Thank you - I appreciate you taking time to say so. Wishing you the best.

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 2 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Hi Neil,

      This is beautifully written and it makes sense.