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Cheap Things To Do In Miami With Kids

Updated on December 31, 2014

What Do You Think of When You Think of Miami?

What do you think of when you think of Miami? Heat, sun, teeny bikinis, starlets strolling South Beach, martinis in hand, makeup miraculously not melting? Yeah, well... for those of us who live in the REAL world.... we may think, "Where is the nearest playground or bathroom?”, as we peer out from under our sunglasses and search desperately in our purses for sunscreen and hand sanitizer for our kids.

Wait a minute! Did you just say kids?

Yeah, that's right. I just said kids. It just so happens that nearly one fifth of the population in Miami is under eighteen years old. Add to that the fact that there are over 150,000 children under the age of five years old. The bottom line is that twenty percent of the population in Miami are children and young adults.

So, what's a parent to do? Turns out, there's a lot to do in Miami, even for kids!

So, let's count down five things to do in Miami, with kids in mind, that won't break the bank.

West Dade Regional Library
West Dade Regional Library

Number 5: West Dade Regional Library

This sprawling 54,000-square-foot West Dade Regional Library, located at 9445 Coral Way, in Westchester is probably not the first place you would think to go. But this place will make you rethink the library.

Of course there's the obvious books, but this place also boasts an outdoor playground, an art gallery with ongoing exhibits, an auditorium and a huge upstairs children’s area with its own computers. There is free story-telling and crafts programs.

By the way, did you hear what I said? It’s all free!

The library is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and 1 p.m. tp 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. Please visit the website for up to date information.

Cape Florida Lighthouse, Bill Baggs State Park, Key Biscayne
Cape Florida Lighthouse, Bill Baggs State Park, Key Biscayne | Source

Number 4: Cape Florida Lighthouse, Bill Baggs State Park

Located in Key Biscayne, this is a great place to take the kids. You have it all, beautiful beaches, a scenic lighthouse with keeper grounds, and picnic tables where you can relax with the whole family. There is an entrance fee to get into Bill Baggs State Park, where the lighthouse is located. It is $8 per car currently, but you can always check for the latest information at their website at Bill Baggs State Park. It's a small price to pay here in South Florida for an entire day of fun for the whole family. It's open sunrise to sunset every day, with guided tours of the lighthouse Monday through Thursday.

Matheson Hammock Park
Matheson Hammock Park

Number 3: Matheson Hammock Park

Another beach you can go to with the whole family is Matheson Hammock Park. This park features bike trails, picnic tables, lifeguards, plenty of shade for summertime shelter and even a pool! There's even a restaurant on site to make mom's life MUCH simpler!

Cool de Sac
Cool de Sac

Number 2: Cool de Sac

This is a great fun place to let kids be kids! Think of Chuck E. Cheese meets the local children's museum. It's clean, safe, fun and combines affordable food with loads of fun. Children can play and parents can take a break. What's better than that? There is an extensive array of creative things to do for the kids that will make the parents feel proud.

Find out more at Cool de Sac.

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Pinecrest Gardens Wild Animal DemoPinecrest Gardens Map
Pinecrest Gardens Wild Animal Demo
Pinecrest Gardens Wild Animal Demo
Pinecrest Gardens Map
Pinecrest Gardens Map

Number 1: Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens is a popular destination for parents. With koi ponds, a playground, petting zoo, water play area, and even events for the adults like jazz concerts, farmer's markets, and outdoor movies, it would be challenging to find another place like this to take the kids.

Want to hear the best part? Admission is only $3 for adults and $3 for children 2-12 which includes the Splash n' Play pass.

There are many other parks in Miami that offer quite a variety of things to do for the whole family and most are free during the week, with just parking fees on holidays and weekends. Check out Greynolds Park, Amelia Earhart Park, and Key Biscayne’s Crandon Park Beach.

Get Out There!

So there you have it! It looks like this city does have a lot to offer parents and children alike after all.

Now, parents, it's up to you. Show your kids what Miami is all about. Visit one of these places today and find out what you've been missing.

Get out there and start making memories that will last a lifetime!


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