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Time and Place can Change Anyone

Updated on June 17, 2012

“Time and Place can bring about a change in anyone or anything”.

Varahamihira, a great Indian astrologer said this.

One of those nine precious gems in the court of Vikramaditya:

Astrologer, astronomer and mathematician, Mihira or Daivajna Mihira, became famous as Varaha Mihira (499-587 CE).

He was amongst the Navarathnas(nine jewels) in the court of King Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II - Gupta dynasty)of Ujjain.

Accuracy in predictions:

Mihira was accurate in his astrological predictions and predicted that King Vikramditya’s 18 year old son would be killed by a Varaha or a wild boar. He had also predicted the time as 5pm in the evening. Upon hearing these predictions from Mihira, King Vikramaditya gave orders to construct a special and secure palace for the royal prince.

After the construction , as many as 10,000 troops were on high alert to meet any eventuality within and outside the palace area. Not even a rat was allowed to sneak in. Such was the security.

On the fateful day, Mihira was told to rethink of his predictions. People started doubting Mihira’s ability of foretelling. But he was firm in his words. Prince was seen happily playing with other children on the seventh floor of the palace where he used to be like a person under house arrest. But when the fateful time came, he went upstairs and to the open terrace. Meanwhile everyone thought Mihira would soon lose his recognition as astrologer. Mihira told the King that the prince had died and was lying in a pool of blood.

Everyone rushed to the terrace when the time was 6pm, only to see the prince lying in a pool of blood. No one knew why the boy went there to play. Prince was disfigured by the iron hooves of the artificial metal boar, the Royal Emblem attached to the flag staff. King honored and gave him the title Varahamihira for his accuracy in astrology.


Varaha or Wild boar

Pancha Siddhanthika:

His main work Pancha Siddhanthika is a treatise on mathematical astronomy and it summarises five earlier astronomical treatises, namely the Surya Siddhantha, Romaka Siddhantha, Paulisa Siddhantha, Vasishtha Siddhantha and Paitamaha Siddhanthas.

Brihath Jataka:

Varahamihira also made important contributions to the field of mathematics. He wrote on all the three main branches of astrology:

Brihath Jataka - is considered as one the five main treatises on Hindu astrology on horoscopy.
Daivaigya Vallabha
Laghu Jataka
Yoga Yatra
Vivaha Patal

His son Prithuyasas was also a famous astrologer. His contribution was "Hora Saara," a famous book on horoscopy.

Varahamihira lived for 80 years and contributed greatly with his supremacy in astrology and mathematics.


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