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Tips For Taking A Test for Yourself Or To Help Others

Updated on February 27, 2012

Whether you are in school or have kids in school, learning how to do well is important. Succeeding in school will not only help out in increasing knowledge and boosting moral, but it will also help out in finding the perfect formula to succeed in other areas of life.

Tests, which with school systems today, are argued by many to be the most important part of any class and weigh most into a final grade. However, a simple mixture of taking your time, repetition and thinking positively will bring an A to the test paper, making learning easy and bringing success to any class. This method can also be helpful in any future endeavors, such as any work situation.

Sound Like a Broken Record

The best way to study is to repeat the information so your brain learns it. Do this by re-writing the information you think is going to be on the test, read it over aloud, then have someone ask you questions on them without looking at any materials. This way you are learning the information five times; in class, re-writing it over, reading it and saying it aloud and reciting it, making it easier to remember it each time. It is like riding a bike; each time you do it you get better.

According to Contemporary Educational Psychology by Aimee Callender and Mark McDaniel, “re-reading your textbook has little or no benefit" when you are studying for a test. Jeffery Kapricke in Memory agrees, saying most students don’t remember material they studied by just re-reading notes and texts because they have an “illusion of competence.” This means that students think they know the material better than they do and have trouble reciting it back after a couple of hours. Repeating, reciting and repeating again will be more effective than just re-reading.

Study for Details

Either for yourself or for your loved ones it is important to utilize study time in short bursts every day for about a week in advance. Without overloading the studier this method helps with memory of the subject quickly. In these short bursts, pick out key facts, important dates and bolded key terms in texts.

In addition, helping someone to study is easy. Treat it kind of like a spelling test. Look over their material and when you see something in the text that is bold or a key matter ask the person about it. When they can’t remember they can look it up and because they took the time to re-read that important fact that is a high-probable test question, they will remember it more vividly when it comes to a test.

Also thinking about the topic and seeing how much you can remember at times when you have time, like in the shower, during a morning routine or driving, will help you or your kid on a test. This is because, without any material in front of the person, they are thinking about it and seeing what they remember. This will really tell them what they know and if a question was asked about it how much they would actually be able to answer. Then either go back and read over the parts yourself or encourage the studier to, repeating the facts aloud and writing them down. It will now be harder to forget.

Careful Test Taking

When the test is in front of you or your children it is important remind them or yourself to remain calm. It is easy to get wrapped up in thoughts about how much its worth or if you fail it how you won’t be doing well in the class. Instead take the attitude that you know all of the information. With this positive attitude it will be easier to read over each question completely and make sure you don’t miss anything.

The best thing is to start with the questions you definitely know and skip the questions you are unsure of because something further in the test may jog your memory. Save the hardest for last, this way you don’t waste time thinking, when you could be answering the questions you know.

Think Positive

Always remember, for yourself and others, take the test with a smile. The feeling of confidence is very powerful and will produce results. It is also important to stick to stating the point, don’t ramble on and hand in your test with a smile!


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    • profile image

      EvansP 6 years ago

      Some great advice Kimberly. I guess the study process is similar to using mnemonics to attain to lists of facts. The more you re-read followed by re-writing of key facts and figures in different ways, the more frames of reference you have to recall the information from memory. I used a very similar method when studying for my degree.