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Tips On How To Raise Your GPA

Updated on June 19, 2011
Don't Get Rejected. Raise Your GPA!
Don't Get Rejected. Raise Your GPA!

Imagine yourself applying for a job. You walk into the interview room proud of your degree and with a hopeful smile on your face, you submit your credentials to the interviewer. After skimming through your resume, he makes eye contact with you and nods approvingly. “You got this!” you whisper to yourself.

Then, the interviewer starts reading your transcript. After 30 seconds, he bursts out a condescending laugh, and then feeds your resume to the paper shredder. As your resume slowly shreds its way into the waste basket, so too are your dreams of landing a decent job. Then, somehow, a mild breeze manages to find its way through the room’s slightly-opened window and blows some parts of your shredded resume straight to your face.

After countless failed job applications, you start to resent life and fall into deep depression. You look back into your college years with regret -- if only you studied harder instead of drinking excessive amounts alcohol, things would have been different. But it’s too late now. Your GPA is too low that it disqualifies itself out of the job market. It is worthless and you are buried neck deep in student loans. Next thing you know, you are dead.

This is a very common scenario for job applicants who have low GPA’s. If you are still in school right now, and you want to raise your GPA to avoid being in the same predicament, here are some useful tips on how you can do so.

Figure Out Where You Stand

Before you can start raising your GPA, you first have to figure out what your current GPA is. You can do this by consulting your institution’s records or admissions department or you can calculate your GPA yourself. There are a lot of GPA calculators online that can help you do this effortlessly.

After knowing your GPA, set a target GPA for you to work on. You can utilize online GPA calculators to help you determine the grade(s) you need to achieve to obtain your target GPA.

Repeat The Subjects That Are Pulling Your GPA Down

Most institutions allow you to retake courses in which you acquired D or F grades. Doing so will allow you to increase your GPA. Make sure to check your institutions policy regarding retakes. It is best to first find out whether or not you will receive credit for retaking a course. Earning a higher grade on retaken courses will raise your GPA significantly.

Always Attend Classes And Avoid Tardiness

There might be lessons discussed in class that are not covered in your books, assigned readings or notes. Also, make sure that you take notes, so that you can easily remember key concepts.

Do All Assigned Readings, Projects, Homeworks and In-Class Assignments

By doing so, you get to review your lessons while you earn points for the course. In some courses, this can give your GPA a huge boost.

Look For A Tutor Or Join A Study Group

Try asking your classmates if they would be interested in forming a study group. Also, you can try asking a person who has already passed the course if he or she would be willing to tutor you.

Question Your Instructor About Any Material That Confuses You

Most instructors want their students to succeed. They will appreciate your extra effort to do better. Consult your instructors during office hours if there is any material that you don’t understand.

Prepare For Your Exams

Review all your study guides and attend all the study sessions that your instructor might conduct. Organize more study sessions with your study group as well. Exams play a major role in determining your final grade. If you want to raise your GPA, see to it that you get high scores in your exams.

Ask Your Instructor For An Extra-Credit Project

Most instructors do not allow this. However, there is no harm is asking. And if extra-credit projects are allowed, they could help you raise your GPA.


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