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Tips and advice to keep Swine Flu at bay

Updated on July 21, 2014

Sneeze and Cough into a Tissue Which Can Be Disposed.

Symptoms,Do's and Don'ts for swine flu

Swine flu a viral which takes a toll over many lives ,,Experts from preventive medicine have certain precautionary warnings for the public ,so that they can keep save from the deadly virus .

The symptoms of swine flu :-

After experiencing fever from one to seven days of being infected by the virus you could experience fever ,headache extreme lethargy ,sore throat ,dry cough running or stuffy nose ,muscle ache vomiting ,nausea and even diarrhea .,one may feel difficulty in breathing feeling heavy or pain in the chest ,one may feel confused.It is seen that severe symptoms improve initially but return latter with severe fever and horrible cough .

It has been noticed that complications can arise in kids under the age of five and to the older people above the age of 65 .it has also been a prime attack to people with chronic diseases pregnant women and those with weak immunity system .some preventive measures against flu may help to keep one self safe from its attack .


Wash your hands with soap and water regularly ,especially after coughing and sneezing you may carry a hand sanitizer with you .Try your best to stay away from a person who has flu kind symptoms ,.aged may wear mask and others may carry tissues or a handkerchief to sneeze or cough .try your best to avoid crowded places .keep your home and workplace well ventilated and sanitized .Clean used stuff properly every day eg: computers, keyboards and phones ,clean your hands well after using door knobs,lift buttons ,and phones at public places .

Eat nutritious food and take enough sleep , drink plenty of water to remove toxins .,cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with tissue ,.in case you do not have either ,then use crook of your elbow to sneeze or cough ,sanitize your elbow if you do that ,try and flush the tissues .Stay away from crowded places if there is an out break of flu .do not wait until your condition worsens ,just go to the doctor and get yourself medicated ,Do not let every one walk into your room ,let one person look after you from the family and take precautionary care of him or her .

Don't as a precaution :

Do not shake hands or hug anybody ,you may never know who is a carrier of the disease .avoid touching your eyes nose mouth without washing your hands .do not spit here or there .avoid sharing personal belongings ,the biggest mistake a person makes is self medication ,never do self medication if you have flu like symptoms ,you can use alternative medicine after visiting the doctor along with prescribed medicines to heal faster .please do not panic try to catch hold of the disease the early .

vaccine for flu is available in the Indian drug stores :--is Vaxiflu--s (its a new single dose Indian vaccine to prevent the flu ,also Nasovac is a nasal spray which could be used to check this virus .talk to your doctor and get treated .

Herbal medicine is a mixture of tulsi black pepper and ginger if taken regularly will work to combat the disease ,even giloy helps to control this disease .


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