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Tips for Avoiding the Campus Blues

Updated on August 3, 2015

College newcomers may become excited while starting a higher education, but they may also develop boredom. Some colleges are big enough to supply a range of on-campus events to participate; smaller colleges may feature less activities. However, colleges shouldn't be places designed just for learning. Any activity or recreation fun they provide should keep college students busy.

Participate in sporting events

A typical large state university ought to have a wide variety of activities that will keep students busy. Take sports, for instance. Many big colleges, regardless of whether they are public or private, sponsor field sports and other sources of athletics. Participating field games will be a great pleasure for those who strive to be entertained. Consider spending time outdoors while watching a football game. Basketball, which is another popular college sport, provides excellent entertainment as well. Even though you don't consider yourself an athlete, have the urge to experience the action from your home team that is playing in different sports games.

A University of Alabama team prepare to play football.
A University of Alabama team prepare to play football.

Watch performances

If your college has a theater or an auditorium, you may decide to make the most out of it by attending a play or movie. Concerts frequently welcome the local community and, of course, you are invited to participate. As a college student, you will usually receive a discount while paying for the performances.

Watching concerts is a good way to stay entertained by popular bands.
Watching concerts is a good way to stay entertained by popular bands.

Develop socialization ideas

Some college students may encounter a period of loneliness. Call your family and friends every once in a while. Tell them what is going on the campus and invite them for a friendly visit. You can join them for a meal at a campus food court. Does your college have a coffee shop as well? Bring your family or friends and enjoy the meals provided or sample a nice cup of hot chocolate in a cafe.

Engage in family time as you find a place to dine on campus.
Engage in family time as you find a place to dine on campus.

Find a job

To earn extra money and keep yourself busy, consider getting a campus job. Visit a student government office and ask if you could look at any opening jobs available. Some common student jobs include working at a library circulation desk, dish washing, and working as an assistant secretary. Find a job you like the most and apply for it as soon as possible.

Student jobs, such as working as a barista, are often available at many colleges.
Student jobs, such as working as a barista, are often available at many colleges.

There are a good range of college ideas that will keep you busy. After all, the goal is to make yourself at home. Once you take in part of the campus activities available, you'll enjoy the campus life more and discover you'll create friendship with other college students.


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