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Tips for a Greener Office

Updated on February 16, 2018

It’s not always apparent how to go about improving your environmental footprint at the office. Some companies take it upon themselves to make dramatic changes in the workplace and sometimes individual employees will make an effort. In reality, if both employer and employee make an effort, you can have a greener workplace which equals to saving energy.

If you are an employee, you could help in the following way.

Here are some tips for employees:

  • Don’t print unless you really need to. Be conservative in the products you use, having a good filing system on your computer can help to save on using a lot of paper just print it when you need it. Printing and photocopying are using energy that sometimes is not necessary to do so.
  • Waste paper should always be put in the recycle bin along with bottles and aluminium drink cans.
  • Turn out the lights. A lot of employees are guilty of leaving desk lamps on.
  • Lead by example. You might even suggest to your employer that you help head up a new task force that implements more environmentally friendly office policies.

If you are a company owner, you too can implement ways to get your employees to focus on having a greener workplace. Small amount of effort can lead to a large amount of saving.

Here are some tips for employers:

  • Develop policies for being more environmentally friendly. If necessary, create an task force that can help identify and implement a new greener office policy. Be supportive in helping to implement those policies.
  • Put gentle reminders up around the office about turning lights off, recycling, and so forth.
  • Purchase products that contribute to improved sustainability. You might partially convert your office to greener energy by leveraging solar products, for instance.
  • Be as environmentally responsible as possible in all your business dealings. Recycle your paper, refill ink cartridges, and use greener products internally wherever possible. If you are a manufacturer, closely look at your policies and practices regularly. There are new products and services created on an ongoing basis that could help you continually boost your company’s reputation in the green space.
  • Align with greener partners in terms of vendors / suppliers, etc. If you show preference to environmentally conscious companies, you’ll help be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. This can translate to a boost in your company’s reputation as well.

Greener business practices such as using solar energy will pay dividends in numerous ways. Not only will being more environmentally friendly at work help you with your energy costs but you’ll become known as a greener company and in business, this is often something potential customers consider when creating strategic new partnerships. A good environmental reputation could serve you well in business.


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