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Tips on Cracking the HSC English Test and Role of Tutorials

Updated on June 1, 2014

Given the fierce competition and high percentage cut-offs for university entrance, your score in HSC or Higher Secondary Certificate related courses makes a huge difference to the course of your future education. Though the students have a plethora of subjects to choose from depending on their personal interests and bent of mind, English is a compulsory. Considering that English is the first language of Australians, this seems like an obvious conclusion.

However, despite the wide array of choices in HSC English curriculum that allows students to choose between English standard, English advanced, English Life Skills or English as a second language, results indicate that cracking the HSC English test in no mean feat for most students.

Common Mistakes

Ironic as it may sound, a large number of students fail to fare well in their Higher Secondary Certificate English Tests. Leading academicians believe the difficulty level of these tests is to blame for this dwindling success rate. Some of the common mistakes that can cost you your Higher Secondary Certificate include:

Not Comprehending the Questions: Be it due to stress of limited time or attention being divided between reading, comprehending and formulating answers, a lot of students fail to comprehend the real essence of a question. Therefore, more often than not the answers are not in line with the questions asked.

Not Being Able to Organise Thoughts: Most students fail to recognise the importance of making brief notes of all relevant points they intend to put across before putting pen to paper. As a result, a lot of students end up filling their answers with fluff on not being able to recall substantial points to support their argument.

Losing Track of Time: A lot of students tend to get so engrossed in questions pertaining to an interesting extract that they lose track to time. This results in shoddy writing in order to cover up for the lost time and finish the entire test.

Being Stressed: Being under stress or not getting a good night’s sleep can come in the way of efficient handling of the test irrespective of your level of preparation. Making a mess on your answer booklet or forgetting the basics such as writing your student number are common mistake that result due to stress.

Can Tutorials Help?

Though a sizeable number of students may not require outside help to sail through their HSC English exam, others may find it difficult to cope with the pressures single-handed. The reasons for seeking help from English tutorials for HSC exams can be varied – while some students may find it hard to keep pace with the curriculum due to a weak basic foundation, others may seek additional assistance to fulfil their aspirations of acing the tests. Whatever be your reasons, tutorials can be of great assistance in improving your HSC test score.

With specific stress on essay writing and literary analysis skills through regular tests and assignments, tutorial services can help a student get to know the test pattern up-close. Besides, regular evaluation gives tutors a realistic view on a students intellectual standing, thereby helping them to student-specific plan to enhance their core abilities.

Tutorials also serve as a platform for healthy yet intense competition between students on the same intellectual wavelength, motivating them to push the envelope and perform better.

Before enlisting in an English tutorial programme, it is best to explore your options by enrolling for trial classes to be able to identify a tutorial service best suited to your needs.


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